Hey Guys, this is Reaccon! I made this Video, because i came across with something, during my Playtime in Revelation, that i wanted to share with you, before the Game is getting released in NA and EU. This video is about the character customization. While playing my Vanguard, on the Chinese Server, i noticed that Stance-Weapons, Shields and so on, do not always have the same size. And I was wondering why, so i tried to find it out… I created a new character, to test different settings on the creation. And found out, that the Weapon size, of Stance-Weapons, are changing according to the hand size. With this Video I gonna show you, how much size matters!! ;P But first of all, I truely need to show you, how to change the size of your hands.

And after that, I am going to show you some Screenshots. So everyone can see how big my Stance-Weapon can be! Back to the serious Business As you can see here, I am moving the slider of the first “hand” option, This slider increases, or decreases the size of our hands. And that’s exactly what we want! There is a range from minus 20 to plus20. While -20 stands for the smallest, +20 stands for the biggest option. The smaller your hands, the smaller the weapon, and vice versa. On following screenshots you can see the difference between the weapon-sizes in Stance-Mode. Lets start with: Minus 20 minus 10: zero: The difference is already noticeable at Zero. The Stance shield is grown, and pierces the ground. plus 10: plus 20: 20 is the best example. The shield is bigger than the character AND piercing the ground. This is the end, of my first Video, about Revelation online. I hope you enjoyed it! Wish you guys best luck with your new characters! And hopefully we can see us soon ingame THANKS for watching!.

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