Weapon Crafting Revelation Online

Hello Guys, this is Reaccon. Welcome to another Video about character-customization. A few days ago I posted my first Video-Guide about Revelation Online. And you guys gave me lots of good feedback, which made me think about creating a new one! Well, to be honest… The idea about this Video, came from two members on the official forum. As some of you might know, Im a real selfless person! And that’s why i try to take credit for it… OH, by the way, Thanks guys! my last video was about, how much the stance-weapon size, gets affected, by the hand size. Now since we know that, i made a summary for you guys! In this Video, I gonna show you a comparison, for each single class! I had to spend hours of playtime, for this video, to level up all six classes, Which shall not be a complaint about wasting time, since it had some really nice pros… Let me show you a few examples: beautiful landscapes! handsome characters, and of course, I earned lots of experience, but not just ingame while playing all those different classes, I noticed, that the stance-modes are different aswell For example: the Vanguard is using a skill for switching into attack- or defense-stance, while the spiritshaper doesn’t really have a stance-mode.

But luckily that doesn’t really affect the purpose of my video! Right now, there are six different classes. The Blademaster, the Gunslinger, the Occultist, the Spiritshaper, the SwordMage, and last but not least the Vanguard. Since theres different Modes on each Class, i tried to make the comparison on the best Point of view. At this part, I will show you the comparison-pictures So you can see the difference and how much the hand-size affects the weaponsize, of your character. Lets get into it: First one is the Blademaster: It was pretty hard, to catch a good view on this char. But I guess the picture is talking for itself. On the normal view, there seems to be no change of the weapon-size, while there is a noticeable change, in active mode.

Next one, the Gunslinger: In the inactive-mode you wont really notice any change. While your weaponsize changes a lot, in stance mode. I would like to have such a huge gun. Just imagine those shots. The Occultist: Like on the Gunner, in inactive-mode, the change of the size is almost not noticible. But in stance- or active-mode, you definitely will! For the spiritshaper it’s the same, as on the two before. As soon as you´re in active-mode, you´ll notica a change. SwordMage: Here we can see, that the weapon-size gets affected in “stance-mode“ aswell as in the inactive-mode. Even if it doesn’t look like a huge change, its still noticible. Theres not much to say about Vanguard. If you want more details about this class, feel free to watch my first video about character-customization. One more thing you should keep in mind: Those all are low-level weapons, and likewise they are not as big as high-level weapons. You should especially keep this in mind, before chosing max-handsize, except if you play gunslinger. in summary, all classes get affected in kind of different ways. Because of the variety of their modes. But no matter how different those classes are, the weapon size always gets affected by the chosen hand size.

And that’s what we wanted to find out, right? So at the end, Im happy that I can guarantee that, with this video. I really hope, that this video will help you with your character-creation. If you guys have any suggestions, questions, or just want to discuss about the Video, feel free to write it in the comment-section below the video! I hope you enjoyed my video! and see ya soon guys 😉 Thanks for watching!!

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