Revelation Online Blademaster Skills

Disclaimer: This is based on Revelation CN. Changes may occur for NA. All information are personally translated by me unless stated otherwise. Information provided are not just any copy pasta from everywhere without verification. They have been verified personally to be as accurate as possible. In case you are wondering if I can understand Chinese, yes – I grew up learning the Chinese language. If there are any mistakes or you wish to contact me, you may contact me by messaging me on my Facebook Page, PM – @Einzo or look for me in my Guild‘s Discord at

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Blademaster (光刃) Class Information

Work with the main tank at the front lines to attack the enemies followed by slaughtering the weakened enemies. At the appropriate moments, can help to off-tank.

Class Role:
Primary – DPS
Secondary – Tank

•Strongest burst damage class, slaughtering the masses with ease.

•Can only release full potential when getting close to enemies, often landing own self in danger.

Main Weapon: Dual Blades
Secondary Weapon: Big Sword

Class Overview:

Playing Difficulty: ★★★★★

-More info to be added-


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