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This guide was written by Lindely for Codex and shared to the community so everyone can benefit from it. Thank you to Deioth for editing the guide. If you want to re-post or translate this guide, please give the credits to Codex. Please note that most of these names

are unofficial and will change in EU/NA.

Quick access:

1. Experience and new levels.
2. Guild Bonuses; Development Options (builds); Talents for each of the skills.
3. Special Skills.
4. Milestones.
5. Soul Grid.

Disclaimer: I took an official thread about Character Development as a base and I added further explanations and details on each topic.

Players can expect a fascinating journey from level one to the maximum level. Complete quests, watch storyline cut scenes, explore dungeons and battle against other players — all of this will gain your hero valuable experience and progression to the next level. Soaking it in at the Hot Springs or training with a mentor are also great ways to rack up experience points.
In Revelation Online, you have total control of the speed of your hero’s development. Starting from level 40, your character will not automatically move to the next level. Instead, when your experience is sufficient you can decide for yourself when to move to the next level and when to wait, collecting suitable weapons & equipment or improving battle skills.

Every 10 levels you enter a new bracket, therefore it is recommended to stop on x9 levels (starting at 39 or 49) to upgrade your passives (morphing / talents), equipment and Exo / PvP rank so you don’t end up falling behind on those. Stopping at these levels does not result in you losing the experience as it’s being stored and can be used for leveling once you decide to proceed.

Your main sources of experience:

1. EXP (Trial) dungeon
(there are 2 dungeons of this type that share the same cooldown, so you need to chose which one you do, gives solid EXP).

Spider Queen
(min. level 25 > was changed from 35 in one of the recent patches)

Summary of the dungeon

Amount of people in group: 1 ~ 5
Level restrictions: 25 (35) ~ 79
Runs per day: 0 / 1
Time limit: 100 mins
Objective: Defend the base and defeat the Spider Queen
Possible rewards (from left to right): EXP, quenching stones, Exo credits, skill book pages, lvl 35-40 purple grade equipment, lvl 40-45 purple grade equipment.


(second one was added in the patch that reduced minimum instance level to 25)

Explanation: Defend your base from timed waves of monsters. Each wave must be killed within a certain amount of time and there is a mini-boss fight each 5th wave (total of 4 bosses). You gain experience after defeating every wave, and a chest with some loot after every boss.

Demon Tower
(min. level 59 > was changed from 55 (?) in one of the recent patches)

Summary of the dungeon

Amount of people in group: 1 ~ 5
Level restrictions: 59 (55) ~ 79
Runs per day: 0 / 1
Time limit: 120 mins
Objective: defeat all the bosses
Possible rewards (from left to right): EXP, quenching stones, Exo credits.

Explanation: Go from floor to floor fighting increasingly difficult bosses (total of 6 bosses). You gain experience after defeating each boss.

2. Solo Tower Dungeon 
(20+, Decent EXP)

Summary of the dungeon

Amount of people in group: 1
Level restrictions: 20 ~ 79; 49 ~ 79; 65 ~ 79
Runs per day: 0 / 99 (used to be 0 / 1, but after one of the recent updates you can enter up to 99 times per day, reward will be granted for the first completion of each floor on that day)
Time limit: 120 mins
Objective: Go from floor to floor fighting increasingly difficult bosses or bonus events. You gain experience for completing each first 6 floors.
Possible rewards (from left to right): Cloud coupons (Asterion Taels?), EXP, skill book pages.


3. Monster grind
(Solid EXP)

Underground #1 ~ Shipwreck (recommended level 25 ~ 40)

Underground #2 ~ Illusion (recommended level 40 ~ 79)

Underground #3 ~ Machinarium (recommended level 55 ~ 79)

Explanation: These 3 undergrounds are basically the grinding zones, but you have a limit of how many monsters you can kill per day and receive the reward for them (200 monsters per day). You can save up to 250 monster kills (400 starting at level 59).

Double EXP
This is the only place, where your double EXP buff will be useful. Everyone gets 1h of double EXP every week for free. You can add more by using the specific potions that will add +30 mins per potion.

If you don’t have Premium active, you can activate this buff on your way to the grinding area. Walk into a portal, and you will see this guy:

The first option in the dialog will allow you to claim 1h that you get for free, if it’s available:

The second option will allow you to freeze / unfreeze the double EXP time. Note: if your EXP bar is purple, your double EXP is active.
After you done with the grind, make sure to deactivate your double EXP to save the remaining amount of time for the next grind.

Premium users can claim and activate their double EXP anywhere through your privileges:



4. Questing
(Decent EXP)

Quest types (from left to right):

Orange – guiding and advancement quests. Highest priority.
Yellow – main story quest.
Green – daily and weekly quests.
Purple – guiding quests (to teach you about the basics of the game).
Blue – main reputation quests.
Ember – daily reputation quests.

5. Hot Springs 

Guide by Lauffie.

6. EXP stones

Give you raw EXP on use, amount of EXP depends on your current level. These stones can be used if your character is level 20 or higher.
These stones can be purchased from various merchants, dropped in the dungeons and awarded for various activities. They can also be synthesized from 25 shards (tradable version of the shards on the left, untradable on the right).

Shards are acquired through various in-game activities and events.

Developing your guild base also develops your character. In exchange for special guild resources, you can train your character’s special skills and upgrade their stats: defenses, resistances, maximum health, maximum mana, attack power, spell power and healing power.
To this end, the guild leader creates a special building. Apart from upgrading character stats, it also provides access to various other opportunities. For example, it enables you to explore skills that your character can use to move around the world.

More information will be added later on.

Level up to unlock new skills. By investing development points into each of them, you can create unique builds for different situations. The game allows you to save several builds at the same time and switch between them as necessary. For example, you can invest your points in different skills, some more suitable for PvP and others for PvE, then simply save both combinations and use them interchangeably.

This applies to both skill and stat builds. Additional pages for your builds for 7 or 30 days can be purchased from the city reputation vendor (Cloud hanging points in unofficial translation) or through the cash shop (you can buy cash credits from other players with in-game money).

You can switch between the builds any time as long as they are not expired and you’re not in fight. All your builds have the same amount of stat and skill points that you had unlocked previously for the main build.

You can reset your stat and skill points within a selected build freely up to level 58 (included), on 59+ you will require special item to reset.
You get some of them from questing, but don’t use them just to experiment, you might end up needing one of them later on when you realise that your stat or skill distribution is not optimal to your play style.

All skills have their own development tree — a range of additional modifying talents. These talents can increase inflicted damage, reduce mana consumption, burn or freeze targets, and more, allowing you to create a truly unique build, selecting the most effective combinations. The higher your character’s level and the more milestones you unlock — the more talent points become available to you. You can get them by spending experience points and Asterion Taels (cloud coupons?), earned by completing quests and killing monsters.

Talent builds are tied together with your skill build pages. Talents, unlike skill points, can be changed any time outside of combat, for free.

Some talents are available for use right from the start, some will require you to use a talent book to unlock them. Books can be acquired through various ways:

  • Buy from a merchant for coupons + God pages (this NPC has all of them, but it gets expensive).
  • Buy from PvP / PvE (Exo) merchants (cheaper as you use reputation credits instead of money, but requires a certain rank to become buyable, and only limited selection of books available in each case).
  • Drop in dungeons of corresponding level range (hard versions and God modes typically). Those books are tradable and can be bought / sold through the market.
  • Drop from world bosses. Those books are tradable and can be bought / sold through the market.

It is pretty simple.

1 – Buy/unlock 1 talent point (grey on screenshot as this character already has 10 out of 10 bought, and it is the max for it’s current level). Click on that button and it will tell you how much you need to pay in order to unlock 1 talent point. The more you have unlocked, the more expensive it gets.
2 – Distributed points/available (bought) points. The menu cuts off with the English patch, but it’s 0/10 in this example as I have 10 bought and none of them distributed.
3 – Talent that is available for leveling. Left click to put a point in, right click to remove.
4 – Talent that needs a book activated in order to become available.
5 – Talent that needs a higher character level to become available.

Special skills are super abilities unique to each class that become available as a fight progresses.
The more often your character uses their special skills, the more powerful they become. Use these skills at every opportunity and their level and efficiency will grow. You can also spend points earned from guild quests to hone your special skills at the guild base via a special NPC. In this case your special skills level will grow passively, sparing you a few visits to the base.

#1: Press K (by default) and select second tab to access this window.
#2: Area that indicates which Special skills you have selected at the moment and their order on your skill bar (along with keybinds).
#3: Area that indicates which skill development upgrades you selected.
#4: Icon to access the development tree for the corresponding skill.
#5: Special energy limit (increased through leveling your special skills).
#6: Icon to access the detailed skill leveling progress.

Each special skill has a development tree. Activate a branch to imbue your skills with special properties. For example, you can modify one of the Spirit Shaper healing skills to also confer an armor boost. To modify special skills, you will need special items from PvP, PvE, or completing dungeons.

#1: Reset current upgrades.
#2: Tree with selected upgrades. Orbs with exclamation mark are the ones that are not unlocked, empty grey ones are unlocked ones, but not used for the upgrade yet. Activated orbs take the color and symbol of the upgrade chosen.
#3: You can add experience to the orbs by using a special item that can be purchased through NPC (general merchant and cloud hanging merchant, for example).
#4: Guidelines of how much orb experience you can receive through various ways.
#5: Select the bonus and press this button in order to confirm and activate it.

Items needed to activate the upgrades:

You can get them as a drop, from other players or buy from PvE / PvP reputation vendors.

All characters have 6 milestones, each of which provides a whole range of bonuses: Stat boosts, aerial skills, an increase in maximum health and attack power, unique class mounts, and much more. There are different requirements for achieving each milestone, but most are linked to character development: Reaching a certain level, using talent points and stats, improving your special skills, and so on. Those who carefully progress through plot quests can obtain a special item that they can use to activate each milestone.

The milestone menu can be found on the second tab of your character information.

Milestones are available for unlocking at levels 29, 39, 49, 59, 69 and 79 with a corresponding orange quest that will become available when you reach the required character level.

Level 29 milestone


  • Character level 29.

Effects / Bonuses:

  • Physical and magical attack +4%.
  • Additional stat points +48.

Level 39 milestone


  • Character level 39.
  • At least 86 skill points activated.
  • At least one special skill at level 4.

Effects / Bonuses:

  • Physical and magical defence +4%.
  • Additional stat points +64.
  • Special skills development trees are now available.
  • Up to 3 orbs are available for each skill.
  • Flight skills are now available.

Level 49 milestone


  • Character level 49.
  • At least 169 skill points activated.
  • At least one orb activated for any of the special skills.
  • At least one flight skill is learnt.

Effects / Bonuses:

  • Max HP +4%.
  • Additional stat points +80.
  • Beginner morphing (level 49 talents) is now available.
  • Up to 10 (+10 for breakthrough) talent points can be unlocked.
  • Up to 6 (+3 for breakthrough) orbs are available for each skill.
  • Additional slots (+2 for breakthrough) for flight skills are unlocked.
  • You receive a beginner class outfit.

Level 59 milestone


  • Character level 59.
  • At least 266 skill points activated.
  • At least 20 talent points unlocked.
  • At least 3 orbs activated for 3 different special skills.
  • At least one 2-star Special skill is learnt.

Effects / Bonuses:

  • Max HP +7%.
  • Additional stat points +128.
  • Intermediate morphing (level 59 talents) is now available.
  • Up to 30 (+10 for breakthrough) talent points can be unlocked.
  • Up to 9 (+3 for breakthrough) orbs are available for each skill.
  • Additional slots (+2 for breakthrough) for flight skills are unlocked.
  • +150 kills to the monster grind limit (400 total now).

Level 69 milestone


  • Character level 69.
  • At least 350 skill points activated.
  • At least 30 talent points unlocked.
  • At least 5 Intermediate morphing skill unlocked.

Effects / Bonuses:

  • Max HP +10%.
  • Additional stat points +192.
  • Advanced morphing (level 69 talents) is now available.
  • Up to 60 (+10 for breakthrough) passive points can be unlocked.
  • Up to 10 (+1 for breakthrough) orbs are available for each skill.
  • Additional slots (+2 for breakthrough) for flight skills are unlocked.
  • You receive an advanced class outfit.
  • You receive an advanced class mount.

Level 79 milestone


  • Character level 79.
  • At least 448 skill points activated.
  • At least 50 talent points unlocked.
  • At least 3 Advanced morphing skill unlocked.
  • At least 1 Advanced flight skill is unlocked.

Effects / Bonuses:

  • Max HP +7%.
  • Physical and magical attack +7%.
  • Additional stat points +256.
  • Up to 90 (+10 for breakthrough) talent points can be unlocked.
  • You can now save an additional equipment set.

The Soul Grid is a special disc, into the center of which you can insert magic crystals. The better the quality of the disc, the more slots it has. By inserting different combinations of precious stones, you can activate passive bonuses that boost character stats, increase resistances, or bolster your healing capabilities. Change the combination of crystals to achieve different objectives when required.

Soul Grid first unlocks at level 39. You receive the first (basic) version and few magic crystals for it after completing the corresponding orange questline, it teaches you where to find the Soul Grid, how to socket and combine crystals along the line.

Around level 55 you should receive the top-tier Soul Grid with the maximum amount of sockets available (same orange questline, just higher level). It will look like this (the disk bonus may differ depending on the disk you choose as the reward):

As you can see from the image above, you can get passive bonuses by achieving a certain element combination through your disk. There are 8 basic types of crystals (one for each element) and class-specific precious crystals. Basic crystals level 1 will give you +1 point to corresponding element, level 2 and 3 – +2, level 4 and 5 – +3 and so on up to 6 points at level 9. If you want to unlock desired passive bonuses, you will need to synthesize crystals of the certain element (3 crystals of the same level and element can be combined with additional reagent to make a higher level crystal of the same element. Crystals of different elements can be combined as long as they have the same shape – round or hexagonal – but the element of the resulting crystal will be random. Additional ingredients needed for synthesis can be purchased from Exo NPC or cash-shop) as the amount of slots on the disk is limited. You can see the element points you currently have under corresponding element icons at the top of window with bonuses.

Apart from giving element values, crystals also give you secondary stats, like damage or defence. Basic crystals with corresponding elements and stats in one picture:

Round crystals can be only placed in the outer circle of soul grid (8 slots total); hexagonal crystals in the inner circle (4 slots total) and class crystal takes the slot in the very middle.

Class-specific crystals give +2 points to elements at level one, and gain +1 element point per level, up to 7 points at level 6. Instead of secondary stat bonus, class crystals will give CD reduction to one specific skill depending on your class.



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