Revelation Online Crafting Instructions

Update – By Zamarz – All information from 3 guide threads compiled into 1 thread at the request of The Enchantress.
All information is still present as originally, but was also copied into the first post so players do not have to read 7 pages worth of comments to get all the information.
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Hey guys,
So I decided to make this thread for those of you who like to craft.

Here some info (Thanks to our beloved cookies lover Zamarz <3)

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“From what I could gather from CN with my limited ability to understand the text.
The crafting system is multifaceted.It works around having these “gathering” stats separate from your regular stats. Eg endurance etc. Which you can increase by progressing through the crafting tree. These are required to gather particular resources (eg mining hard rock which can contain iron ore might need an endurance of at least 8).
As you progress through the tree you can also unlock recipies, additional social bonuses (eg ability to open personal shop etc) and the ability to gather new resources.To progress through the crafting tree you require (I’m not sure of the english term) but basically overall “crafting” experience which can be obtained by performing crafting and gathering activities. Obtaining this gives you points to spend in the tree on any branch. There are also “ages” which require you to have reached an overall amount of crafting xp gained before you can advance to the next set of nodes containing skills stats and unlocks.

In addition, particular crafting/gathering skills have their own levels. Each time you perform an action particular to that profession, it fills the bar towards raising the level of that profession. Eg smelting some ore might give 10 blacksmithing xp.

There are requirements for creating items from each recipie – So although you may have unlocked the recipie in the tree, you may not be able to craft it until you level the profession up. That being said you can normally “attempt” to craft a recipe when you are a little bit below the required level – in which case you get a % chance of successfully making the item. The closer your level is to the required level the closer the % chance is to 100%.Eg you may unlock the recipe for smelting iron ore at level 3 – But it may require level 5 blacksmithing to be completed properly. At level 3 you might have a 60% chance of successfully smelting the ore.

One final note is that most crafting requires the use of multiple professions. Eg to make a weapon you require the physical components (blacksmithing), the plans(tailoring/leatherworking??) and the instructions for creation. All of which require multiple components such as alchemical fire (alchemy/cooking) to smelt the ore into bars (blacksmithing) which can then be crafted (blacksmithing) into your physical components.

So its a very integrated system where levelling 1 profession alone may actually hinder you. One thing that I tested was working with another friend to create such things. Eg He would gather perform the alchemy and leatherworking, whilst I would perform the blacksmithing/mining. This was quite successful in that we could spend time working on only 2 fields rather than 4 each, and then trade the required components between ourselves.

All this being said- this was chinese based and I will admit the translation was rough at best. It took myself and my friend 2 nights of searching to locate iron ore spawns… a lot of flying and swimming can be involved for gathering purposes.

The Chinese system also has a “stamina” and “Will” limitation system to prevent you just buying up and crafting your way to max. Various crafting’s use various amounts but regenerate when not in use. It is something which makes sense in that it prevents one player swamping the market, however I personally hope it does not come to us.”

Video I found by @Cryy

Edit (2):
Here another guide (Thank you @Lindely for sharing!)
The website has some nice info!

translation made by Laufie.

f anyone got guides or more info about crafting then I would love to hear/read :D.

Some nice info by DankDickPapi (Personal experience)
PvP & Siege

And if you are lazy to click on the link…


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In Revelation you can create or join a guild from level 20 , this is a game where you’re going to want to be in a good guild as there is alot of solid group content and incentive to be in a group.
Quick Guild Feature Rundown:

  • Every guild can create a guild banner and uniform , Example:
  • Guilds have levels and can be leveled up to increase the capacity
  • There are also guild skills
  • You can manually invite players or they can apply to join through the guild NPC in every major city

Guild HallEvery guild in revelation is given there own instanced map, with a guild hall , mines , and various NPC’s.

  • This area can be upgraded for better buildings and funtionality
  • Workers can be hired to work the guild mines for resources
  • There are various NPC vendors and an NPC for donating to the guild as well as a guild announcement board.

You can see pictures of the instanced guild area and map here: my graphics are turned down to Low in some of the screens so dont mind that in the screenshots. The game looks pretty damn good at high/ultra.As of now i do not know max guild capacity , the biggest guild on my server has 168 members so i’d guess it’s at least 200 but it may be more.

Guild PVP

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There are multiple forms of guild based PVP in revelation. I’ll get into sieges later in the post but right here i want to focus on guild wars.
There is a certain time window nightly in which a guild can issue a challenge to another guild on the server. There are 3 types of challenges.

  • Surrender – Which i BELIEVE is an open world challenge in which 2 guilds fight until one side surrenders , crowning a victor. Not sure if there is a time limit. But i believe i read there is a 24hr cooldown before you can declare on a guild that has surrendered.
  • Instanced 50 vs 50 – Both sides round up 50 members and go to an instanced location to fight it out.
  • Instanced 100 vs 100 – Same as 50 vs 50 but more people!

There are leaderboards and a tab which shows you the history of past guild warson your server. It doesn’t seem to be super active on China looking at the war history but i fully expect the western audience to love it.


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Open world sieges are a thing in Revelation , but fear not. Unlike BDO (which i love) this game isnt making that the total end game experience. But they are there if you want to participate which i think is great.
There are 10 guild controllable territories in revelation’s open world. 3 Castles which give control over the adjacent major cities and 7 Fortresses. These things are BEAUTIFUL and interesting in design. The 3 castles are MASSIVE and the the fortresses are about as big as the castles you see in other games.
Of the 7 Fortresses , 1 is underwater , 2 are in the air and can only be attacked by flying in , 1 is inside a volcano , the rest are at various elevations and subject to various elements. This makes for some interesting attack and defense strategy potential.
Here are pictures of the 3 major castle exteriors:
Here are some pics of the 7 fortresses:
To take a castle or fotress you need to destroy the enemy crystal and place you own which is in the middle of the castle. Sieges happen every saturday 7-11 PM and anyone is free to attack you or zerg you down as an alliance.
Side note i forgot to mention in a earlier part you can fly in this game, you get wings at level 29. You can also fight in the air but its a different progression to gain air skills. *
I think sieges will be the biggest draw of the game for some people and others will have 0 interest and still love the game. That is awesome in my opinion , theres so much more to do with 20 man raiding , crafting or just structured PVP etc. Sieges are there but it’s not the whole end game or even the whole PVP end game.

Solo PVP

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You have multiple options on how you wan’t to approach non guild related pvp in this game.

  • Starting at level 40 you you can attack anyone at least level 40
  • There are penalties , if someone does not fight back you gain a debuff that will make it so you may drop a piece of gear if killed
  • To get rid of the debuff you can do quest or stay in the area 20 minutes without attacking anyone.
  • There is no penalty for killing someone who attacks you first.

There are multiple forms of structured PVP , some equalized , some not.

  • 5v5 Arena
  • 10v10 Arena
  • 20v20 Arena
  • They are also developing a 500v500 RvR type instance.

Farming arenas is very important for end game gearing if you want to have BiS PVP gear.


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Gearing up in Revelation is complicated and multifaceted , im sure i will leave something out but i’ll do my best. As far as what gear is the best ? that is a question that depends on your goals but in general:

  • PVP Gear farmed from arena points offers the best pure PVP stats compared to Dungeon and Crafted gear of the same level.
  • 5 man Dungeon drops are more specialized for PVE progression and raiding BUT the materials dropped are valuable in all crafting and upgrading. While Raid drops are really good in general for both PVE and PVP.
  • Crafted gear is looked at as hybrid gear , offering a mix of PVE and PVP benefits. So it can be good for both.

Gear runs on your typical color code syste: Green > Blue > Purple > YellowWhat’s cool is say your running a raid for a specific weapon , it drops but its the blue version. Usually this will make you super sad , but in revelation its different. If the max potential is yellow for that weapon , you can make it yellow. Simply by using it , gear gains XP and has an XP bar. Kill things with that weapon and it will eventually turn purple , and then yellow.There is also a (+) system which is in many other asian MMO’s. Although there is some RNG it is actually optional to a degree. You have the option to get a guaranteed upgrade simply by using more materials. IF you want to risk it to get the biscuit you can do it with less and take your chances. Good news is even if you fail it will not break or downgrade.Now there is some RNG in whether you get the perfect upgrade or just a percentage of the perfect upgrade. Every 5 level intervals in upgrading your gear you will get some random stat bonuses as well. If your unhappy with the result you can try for the same level again to get perfect upgrade. The material needed drops from dungeons.You can also transfer your weapon upgrades, say you have a +15 weapon and you get a better weapon that you want to use. You can simply transfer that +15 over with no RNG involved. The original weapon will be destroyed though

Video by @Cryy

Thread with info/guide for crafting

Edit 2 Important – (Please check)
Info By @Maven

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Arenas are 3v3BiS gear for PvP is still crafted gear, it’s just if you can’t afford it you get the pvp vendor gear if you have enough high rank and points.

you cannot increase item rarity, the colours you are talking about are exp on the weapon, not rarity. you cannot make a blue or purple weapon into a yellow one. you can also re-do enchantments (+10,etc.) and try to get higher % bonus, and yes you can transfer enchantments between same item types. also no pvp is equalized.

also for guild pvp there are weekly tournaments in 60-69 and 70-79 brackets that are 30v30.

Edit 3 (Important -(Please check)
Info by @Minnlite

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1. The material needed drops from dungeons. You can also exchange it by points in various systems in the game (I’m using this method heavily). Weekly personal award + weekend events will also give those materials.2. You can simply transfer that +15 over with no RNG involved. For +10 and below, yes, there’s no cost nor materials so far. For +10 and up, you have to use certain materials to keep your grade, otherwise you’ll be downgraded FOR SURE (it says “there’s a small chance to lose your grade (-1 based on your current grade) if you not use the material for transferring” in the game, however, do not try to trust those “small chances”, T.T personal experience hurts..).

3. The original weapon will be destroyed though. The original weapon will not be destroyed. It’s still in your bag (with no grade though). You can decide whether or not you want to destroy or extract it though.

the info isn’t by me, if there is misleading information make sure to let us know  

Some comment from Chinese player about gear progression

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Hi there, I am a Chinese player on the Chinese servers and I read your reviews on the game. By virtue of you not being Chinese and the complexity of the game (as with almost all Chinese games), they are peppered with a few inaccuracies, some more minor than others, though the general idea you are portraying is correct. With you indulgence, do allow me to embellish your review with a few comments about gear progression
Firstly, gearing up in this game is actually heavily RNG gated, but for the Chinese version it can be circumvented via the cash shop. You may read up more on my review of the cash shop and its impact on the game here, but it is not as detailed as your review. You will not realise this until you reach the true endgame. I have managed to get half of my gear to the maximum enchantment level and partially slotted. The crucial point to note here is that the concept of “best gear” is in all practicality non-existent in this game because improving, enchanting and slotting your gear improves them to variable degrees (e.g. a successful enchant improves its stats by either 5% or 10%), as I see you have already noticed in your reply to another in this post. Theoretically, you can obtain “BIS gear” if RNG is your religion or your father is Jack Ma, or so the saying goes in Chinese MMOs. More on this in my last and most important point
Secondly, the RNG at endgame is cleverly designed and in my opinion, only creates the illusion that it is optional. This is because “guaranteeing” an upgrade for endgame gear, at higher improvement levels, either (i) requires an obscene amount of materials which literally nobody will invest their gold in, (ii) requires a cash shop item, or (iii) requires items which can only be farmed in the dungeons with difficulties (“godmode”, as you have astutely observed) for which the very gear you are looking to obtain is required to run (circularity in gear progression).
Thirdly, qualifying my previous two points, the effect of such a system has a major impact on PVP, but not necessarily PVE. In PVE, because mobs die so quickly after your gear reaches a certain quality, most players do not care if you have super good gear that is gated by the aforementioned RNG. This is so unless you are looking to run “godmode” dungeons, competitively speedrunning, or are just into anal retentive elitism. However, PVP is inherently competitive, and one with better gear can expect edge out another where skill is a constant. In your time in the game, you may observe the occasional player who goes on an unstoppable PK bloodbath, tanking 10 players at once during GVG or one-shotting others with a flashy elite skill. Very occasional but is a consequence of gear progression and cash milking (on the Chinese server)
Lastly, and most important to note, is that one should differentiate between a Korean/Japanese MMO and a Chinese one. The belief in China is that you must pay for everything (the concept of equal exchange), and to expect an MMO to be truly F2P in China contradicts a fundamental principal of the Chinese economy. On the Chinese server, you are free to try, but must pay to play – the question is where the dividing line falls. Additionally, Chinese MMOs do not create RNG just for the sake of earning money through the cash shop. In China, meritocracy is that it must always be possible to be “better” than another person by investing either money or time. Therefore, the concept of obtaining fixed BIS stats/gear and waiting for further tiers of gear to be released, is shunned in preference for an enchantment system which allows for variable stats. This also ensures that variation exists in the economy and supports “face culture” – being able to show off your luxury items is important. I share your belief that this will be “tuned” on Western servers, to what extent I am less optimistic
I think it is admirable that instead of being brazenly cynical you have actually played the game. This is more so because you made it this far considering how complex the game is and that you do not speak the language, which is unfortunate because I think the story to be quite interesting, perhaps because I’m into the Wuxia genre. The game deserves a try considering the amount of content it sports. You have nothing to lose since it’s F2P. Have an upvote from me! 

Some videos I found for the lazy people who lazy to google/youtube 



30vs30 (?)

Check the guy’s Channel, has nice videos

And Siege by @Maven

Castle Sieges

Dunno what is happening but it look really fun Lol

5vs5 Event (?))

So, @Minnlite told me that there is some places that needed to be updated in the guide (
e.g.: there is a new series of gold gear in the game, new npc location for crafting has been added, new methods of getting those materials have been added as well).

I will NOT delete this part of the guide, I will KEEP it till we have updated guides.
So if anyone got updated guides and wants to share, please do.

Found another guide with some great info by ClarisNg (MMOSITE)

And for the lazy people

“In Revelation there is alot way can improve your gear rating, like getting yellow grade or orange grade equipment, equipment strengthening, equipment leveling, insert seal into the equipment and divine plate. The higher the number the better and most player will ask for what your equipment rating

Getting Yellow Grade Equipment
You can get yellow grade equipment in both PVE and PVP, there is 3 different kind of yellow grade equipment currently, one from god mode dungeon and get the material and craft it, one form Exorcism shop and use exorcism point and some other material to buy it and another one from PVP shop using PVP to change it. each 3 different yellow grade equipment have different stats for the need, the ones you craft it is normal as you can use it for both PVE and PVP, the ones you buy from Exorcism shop is mainly for PVE and the ones form PVP shop for PVP.

Crafting yellow grade equipment from NPC

NPC location to craft lv 37 main weapon + lv 45 set( main weapon, secondary weapon, top , bottom, helm,gloves, boots, necklaces ,earring and ring)

NPC location to craft lv 55 yellow set

you can get the material mainly from god mode dungeon

you also can get material form exorcism shop and other shop form newbie helper shop and reputation shop too or buy from player.

exorcism yellow grade equipment from high rank exorcism shop

PVP yellow grade equipment grade at PVP shop

you can get yellow grade earring form theme park too.

yellow grade earring crafting and the material come from theme park itself

Theme park entrance location and it only open at every wed and fri.

Equipment Leveling

High lv equipment and grade will allow to level the equipment when you gain exp form monster. The equipment stats will boost when you get in higher lv for the equipment when you reach the last stage of the level and get 100%, you will get additional % stats boost. Sometime the equipment can be level up to four level, but it only show that you can allow level up to level three, you can visit a NPC in each main town to open up the level slot for you.The material to open slot can only purchase in cash shop or form player.

open lv up slot window and the equipment already open all the possible slot for leveling.

material needed to open up more slot for equipment leveling

Equipment Strengthen
You can strengthen equipment to get some additional stats, the strengthen equipment success rate depend how mant material you put in, example for lv 5 you need 2 white tiger stone to 100% success, you can choose to put 1 as 50% success, however you cannot control you will get prefect strengthen or not. if you unhappy the strengthen, you can re strengthen the lv to get prefect strengthen. The strengthen material you can get form dungeon, quest, cloud point shop.

when you strengthen your equipment to each 5 level(strenghten lv 5 , lv 10 , lv 15 etc), you can get 1 more additional strengthen stats randomly and you can wash it by vist a NPC at any main town.

you can transfer the strengthen form one equipment to other too, this help player save alot money.

Green stats washing for equipment that come from crafting

you can wash the green stats too by visit the cequipment crafting NPC and recraft with lesser material needed

Seal Stone

There is 4 different type with seal stone in Revelation Online, which boost PVE damage, PVE def, PVP Damage or PVP def. There is 4 level tier currently, higher tier will give more stats.

Main Weapon and secondary weapon allow you to put both damage and def seal for PVE and PVP
helm, top and bottom allow you put def stats for both PVE and PVP
gloves and shoes allow you put dmg stats for PVE and PVP

Insert seal stone window

seal stone tier upgrade window, you need 4 same tier and same type to combine and upgrade the seal stone.

sometime the seal stone slot is locked, you need visit a NPC form any maint own to unlock it

you can get the seal stone form exorcism shop and PVP shop, you can get the material for recovery the seal stone form equipment in there too.

Divine Plate

When you reach higher lv you can will have more slot for divine plate. Each plate give you some stats and each plate got point that allow you gain additional stats. Higher tier of plate will give more stats and more point and you can combine 3 same plate with same tier into one higher tier plate. The divine plate can get form theme park and quest.

I recommend to craft main weapon, necklace, ring and earring only, the other part get it form exorcism shop to get the PVE yellow grade equipment.


Revelation Online basic equipment can be divided three categories, which is weapon, Armour and Accessories

There is total of six different grade which is White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold and Orange, Orange is the best grade so far, AKA Legend grade.

In Revelation Online beside levelling and stats point to add stats.

Equipment Evolve System

This is like blade and soul that you can evolve the equipment to higher tier, the material need to evolve is depend on which equipment you want to evolve. The material can get from monster drop, dungeon, quest and etc. When you evolving the equipment, the blue stats will be increase.

Here is the look of equipment evolve window GUI

you can get the most powerful weapon in Revelation Online, by using this system., which is orange grade weapon. this orange grade weapon have 2 different type, which is ShenBin (神兵) for PVE and GuiQi(鬼器) for PVP

Prefix System
Prefix is an additional attribute combination of equipment and is random

Str = physical damage
int = magic damage
Agi = critical damage
Vit = Hp , phy def and magic def
Vigor = Mp , hp recovery, mp recovery ,tolerance

if you not happy about the prefix, you can reset it from one of the NPC, you need some material to reset it.

[u]Spirituality System [/u]

In Revelation Online , every equipment have spirituality, when you reach 100% Rong He Du(融合度), it will unlock the equipment full power bouns, you can increase the % by killing mob.

God Plate

The God plate allow you to contain crystal that increase the stats. When character reach lv 25, the first slot will be available and the rest of the slot will be available when your character level increase.

There are 3 different type of crystal for in Revelation Online, they are Yong Heng(永恒), Lun Huí(轮回) and Hun Dun (混沌).

you can level up the crystal to get higher tier crystal, for Yong Heng(永恒) and Lun Huí(轮回) will need at least 3 same tier rank crystal and Hun Dun (混沌) need 5 same tier crystal.

The crystal level up window GUI look like this

There is 3 different kind of slot, the outer call Tian Lun(天轮), the middle call Di Lun(地轮) and Inner ones call Shen Li(神力) .

The Tian Lun(天轮) will have total of 8 available slot and if you match the requirement of Tian Lun Jie xing(天轮觉醒) . you will get the Tian Lun Jie xing(天轮觉醒) bouns stats

The Di Lun(地轮) will have total of 4 available slots, which allow you straight away get 4 different bouns stats depend which crystal you put in.

You cannot place any crystal in Shen Li(神力) slot. The Shen Li(神力) will be created if your Tian Lun(天轮) and Di Lun(地轮) have match certain requirement.

Here is the list of different Shen Li(神力) bouns stats avalaible

If you are unhappy of the crystal you welding, you can change it anytime.

Polish Guide:
By @Kosiauke

Unfortunately i can’t translate it, if someone can/want please let me know.
Polish guide

The Info isn’t by me, if there is misleading Info or You would like to share extra Info Or Correct the info, Please let me know.

Some New screenshots


Crafted vs Dropped helmet

tooltip set items and bonuses

Armor Crafting


Thank you @Kosiauke for the screens!

Hey guys, so, I found some info about Leveling and Equipment and I thought I should share 

All the info is by ClarisNg.

IMPORTANT: Some of the pics are outdated but it should give you a bit of info.

Leveling Guide:

1.VIP Membership (Not sure if we will have it in our version)

savvy point

2.Booster Bouns 

Some booster have bonus of 11% more exp.
picture not available yet.



3. Practice mode dungeon.
For lv 35 above

for lv 50 above

4. Exorcism quest.
Go to this UI to see which dungeon to go for daily exorcism quest.

5. 4 empire dungeon

6. Spa + Daily quest
So thanks to @Minnlite She told me that daily quest became weekly event (I don’t have info yet, Still checking)

And Spa, you can drink/eat wine/food if you have enough wine/food points.
Here some Info by @Kosiauke

you use liquor and apetite stats when you consume drink/food that you bought before. its 500 max for each, and each consumed item decreases that value by 100

so you start with liquor 500/ apetite 500
you drink a wine to get a passive exp buff
stats after: liquor 400/ apetite 500
same goes for food 

Screenshots of the Spa Vendor + Liquor/Appetite:

The Info isn’t by me, if there is misleading Info or You would like to share extra Info Or Correct the info, Please let me know.


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