Hi folks! In this video we will take the test for Demoslayer Tier 2 You need to take the quest first to enter demonslaying test Talk to this guy to read tips how to pass the test. Okay. As the tips that we read. We should up our shield (concentration) for boosting Phys. Def. Monster have a high damage so this one will help to absorb some heavy damage.. And also Iron blood skill will help to increase HP.. Click [1] to this guy if you wish to start battling the monster.. No.1 Tip always stay out of site of the monster and find some spot to cast out your skill for great enmity..

That’s our goal catch up his attention via using skills,special skills for a high enmity.. Watch out his stomp at the ground. You should jump before the ground shaking or else you’ll get damg. Throw your special skills F4 as much as possible.. Then Continue hitting him with your basic skills.. Then we just passed the test 😀 Just follow the quest line after you defeat the monster 🙂 This guy. You should cut his tail off. lock target at his tail. After you cut off his tail.

Give it to the guys and that’s it 😛 Yea! New Slayer, Tier 2 I love seeing depleted stone reward and some skill pages. LOL! I hope this video will help you out to this quest! 😀 LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE!!!BYEEEE!.

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