Welcome to my EC Guide

Update: Please refer to this Index to find the most important posts within this guide as it is a pretty comprehensive (long) one.

Note: these are relatively safe tactics for an average static with no need for full p2w dps, though p2w dps typically means less mechanics to deal with overall.

I’m Harambae, I’m a BM, so you’ll get BM tips as a bonus for every boss o/

Raid Composition Assumed:
Vanguard (Tank)
Blademaster (Tank/DPS)
Blademaster (DPS/Light Offtank)
Spiritshaper (can dps decently as well)
Spiritshaper (dps not needed)

Once you’re done with some trash mobs and going down towards the ship you’ll see an npc in the back left that you can talk to in order to transform into a razer puppet kinda thing and one shot the high hp mob – mentioning this because I’ve seen way too many people take 10 minutes to kill it normally instead (including noob me at first).

Ghost Ship: Not really a boss, just drops personal spoils, tank n spank, when you see a red dot under you an aoe is on the way; dodge away and continue.

Electric Kirin:
Difficulty: gotta get used to it

It’s a matter of positioning, timing and dps if you’re starting out. You need two tanks on here for an easy fight, so tell your BM that can tank to switch fully and make sure that everything is specced correctly for aggro switching.

Rather than go through abilities only, I’ll focus on roles and what to do basically.

Tanking: You have mainly two jobs – you need to keep the boss where it is, and you need to switch aggro when necessary; here’s how.
When the boss flops in the air you need to have mercurial ready not to be thrown away by the impact, this is a must for an easy smooth fight so get used to the animation.
When the boss puts a hologram futuristic kinda mini cage on current aggro holder, second tank should taunt and take aggro asap so that the boss doesnt move, and keep him in place, previous tank will be thrown away and must go back to position.

Main mechanics:
– Enrage: boss will belly flop all over the place if more than four people are within the radius below it.
– Cages (not the tank ones mentionned above): big cages will spawn from time to time around a marked person and I believe 12 lights will follow said person while it’s inside, so you must run in circles within and if marked, preemptively move away from raid to keep the cage away.
– 75% to 50% : wipe mechanic, the boss will go middle and bases on where it was tanked it will shoot out four lights in a + shape – 2 people have to be on each of the lights (max of 3 per light) at least to share damage and avoid wipe, rinse and repeat until 50%, healers try to heal the tanks between these phases since the whips are not always forgiving when you’re low hp.
Tip: make sure the cage is about to fade before going to 75%, otherwise things may get complicated – feel free to stop dps at 76% and push to 75% as current cage fades.
– 50% and below: cages will start spawning based on a location marked on the floor, and keep spawning till the end, so it’s a dps race and you must position the cages away from the boss and efficiently while you finish him.
Our way: one team on each corner starting 50%, except tanks and melee, and walk together following the outer edge while bursting and doging away from marked ground preemptively.

BM Tips:
While tanking, make sure you have 5 parry stacks up, juggernaut sweep/shattering blow the whips if need be and keep immovable for the flop to be mercurial, deadly dash taunt to take aggro and you can also use penta for mercurial. If for any reason immovable and penta/binding steel down during boss flop, try to make an early broken moon backwards and walk back to ur position with mercurial up.
While DPSing, smash face on keyboard and use half a sec immovable for belly flop or just broken moon into boss like the man you are.

Edit: Check below the guide to see how to solo tank this~


Three Bosses Lava Scintilla Dudes Thingy:
Difficulty: maintank gotta know the animations for main boss and call out/position properly

So you have three bosses, put maintank on the dude up north (forgot his name, I’m bad with names), second tank on obsidian and third light bm tank in blue stance on steel boss.

Basically, plan is to kill Obsidian first, then Steel, then the last dude up north who by then will move down south.

Disclaimer: I’ve tanked obsidian and steel but not sure about the lava aoe mechanic animation for the boss up north.

Detailed plan:
If a bm is tanking obsidian and you have high dps try to at least have deadly dash reset when casting windwave cultivation, as you can keep aggro while cancelling boss abilities.

Start off by moving obsidian backwards into the corner, and cancel all ‘Scintillas’ he casts otherwise he heals.
The person tanking the boss up north should call out Stomps and the raid needs to jump when Stomp happens – its when the (lets call it main boss rather than dude up north) main boss begins to look like he’s gonna fist the floor as he’s kneeling I believe, anyway you get used to that animation pretty fast.

Steel boss (on the right) will be throwing ‘autos’ at random peeps during the fight so dodge those if you cant tank em like the ballsy soulstone gatherer you are.

Once obsidian boss is low, everyone should drop their aoe’s as little razer dudettes will spawn that you have to kill asap, if not killed and someone has aggro of a few remaining, bring em away from bosses towards entrance so that they can be dpsed, they hurt so be careful.

Once done with the mobs, go to Steel boss and start dpsing with normal skills, stacking specials for the last boss burst needed later. The main boss will create a lava pool and when he does tank should move away preemptively towards the entrance where obsidian was, and steel boss should be moves in a parralel manner away from the main boss towards north east ish (easier than it sounds).

Go stand in the middle with the healers on the little rock (stomps dont hit you there) kill the steel boss and start bursting the main boss with everything. Depending on your burst, you may face one last extra mechanic which is a debuff, viewable on raid panel, no excuses. Three people will get it, and must move very far away before self dispelling. If its dispelled close to someone else, it spreads, so you have ten seconds to move far quick (~25-30m away) and self dispel, sorry gunners you just gotta die far away.

Given the mechanic just mentioned above, green vines dispel cultivation should be removed prior to this whole fight. Also there is a reason bosses must be far from each other, they become invulnerable and get dmg buffs if the strat above isn’t considered.

[TG] Mishi adds:

“Another thing: If the tank is to far from tectonic (3rd boss that you kill) he will do a skill called Assassinate which will 1-shot.
Oh and he does extra damage when standing on top of a lava pool as well.”

Big Trex dude that drops fluffy dino mount:
Difficulty: easy peasy, except for a first timer main tank

Rough position:
One team left side one team right side, make sure you dont step in radar, make sure you wait for a nice boss position to start pulling. Healers get back your green vines dispell.

– Headbutt: will one shot ya unless you’re a parry king and no bleed on ya, but yeah, learn the animation and dodge it backwards with two dashes!

– Fireball thingy: his mouth will light up in red lava basically, he will look at one of the team (or not, he’s trolly like that) and throw a fireball, if you got some spell resist you can probably tank it if not dodge upwards after he starts casting the animation, together.

– Three punch t-rex: lil’dino will swipe in front of him thrice before applying a bleed that must be dispelled, and has high initial dmg, if you’re dying to initial dmg go tankier, or ice block/box yourself, even mana armor for gunners helps but it doesn’t have a low enough cd for all, afaik. Also some spell resist and you gucci.
Oh and if you dont dispell the bleed and he headbutts, he one shots everyone with the bleed and people get sad.

Now the rest of the abilities would be when he enrages, which I dont feel like going into, just dont make him enrage.

I’ll go into them anyway, you have more than 4 in radar, he sweeps the living hell out of you; you take too long to kill when he’s low, he puts lava all over the place but this is your hero opportunity so jump on nearest rock and finish him then lose all the loot fbm.

Back to the boss:
At 60% he will spawn a snake near the entrance along the lava on the right, that one person must interact with, someone with low dps or a healer works, then target the head, and use your newly acquired snake ability that stuns the dino for a decent amount of time.

Try to find the snakes in lava before starting the boss, and kill em, otherwise they bug out later.

Person getting the snake at 60% should run to boss with it so the boss doesnt run to him, you’re invulnerable in snake mode and u heal to full when u take it so dw.

Its a dps race from then on, dps at 60% fully while the person taking snake does their thing, boss will be immobile for a while when done properly.

If you dont have enough dps just yet then no worries, a second snake appears around 30% I believe and someone can take it and stun the boss once the first one expires to chain stun. Be sure to finish him quick or that lava will obliterate you all.

BM tips, and melees:
Stand under the boss but not close to head, on his buttox basically. Whenever you see him do a slowmo fishy animation jump, its like EC69, he smashes with his tail and smashes with his foot, or just keep jumping if you’re a potato. For bursting, you should try to hit as many hitboxes as possible, I personally dash to his belly do my combo and Binding Steel to hit all three and fly like the eagle I am kappa. And yeah binding steel is life, binding steel is love.

[We typically skip the slimy swamp miniboss cause we have limited time and it only drops personal spoils – afaik you can kill the miniboss (you can bug it out in an alley so it doesn’t jump around) and use the items dropped from the slimes to interact with objects all over the field before being able to loot some gems]

Difficulty: everyone should understand what the boss is doing, if theres a dumdum trolltroll its exponentially harder at first when trying out, all should focus and learn.

It took us a long time to figure this one out since we had nothing to base it on, and figured out our own way of doing it and positioning.

Full disclosure: I feel like this boss is killed in a manner that solely depends on your composition, highest dpsers, etc and you figure out your own way as you go, but fear not – I’ll give you guidelines bases on the strat I used.

Try to check our assumed composition at the start again to understand whos doing what.

Basically, this boss’s aggro is automatically switched if someone is standing next to the current tank, however switching aggro triggers a dot for 5 seconds, and the longer you tank, the more stacks you get, bare with me on this one.

So the main idea is to split into two teams, we’ll call them the tanking team, and the dps team, the latter stands in the middle water puddle and dps the boss’s butt while the tanks are towards the entrance.

Very very very simplified plan:

Switch tanks up to 5-6 times everytime you get 3 stacks, when boss goes underground he goes middle, so current tank must rush to one side, wait for boss to look at him from middle, and come back to position. Boss wil proceed to throw a bone cage at said spot that does aoe dmg to anyone within it, thats why you put it far and no one goes near.

Three flowers spawn during this fight, at different positions. I probably will mark the possible positions and draw maps for each boss when I’m back from my vacation and stop using phone. They each separately spawn at one of said locations (at 70%, 40%, and around 20% or so) and have approximately 23 meters of lethal aoe around them, if you’re in the pond in the middle, you are fine, dont worry.
You must burst the flowers asap, when the boss reaches that percent he starts spitting out green stuff while summoning his flowers so heal up and stack up during those phases.

Another mechanic is the Bite, at 75 and 45% and whenever you see a bit indicator in front of him, someone with NO STACKS should take it and be dedicated to it, in our case its the occultist with a little box to complement it. In order not to move the boss, the current tank should return to his spot AS SOON AS BITE ANIMATION IS OVER. Be swift~
Once you kill the second flower below 40%, switch aggro at like 25% or anything depending on your overall dps and as he’s doing the switch aggro animation, use that extra time to burst and ignore the last flower.

Again, the way you do this boss is highly dependent on your comp and who is comfortable with what and who is mechanically apt to at least do basic quick movement.

So, here’s how we do it:

Our SM starts it off because he’s highest aggro dpser (yes you can lose aggro at the start even if the boss aggro is different than the rest, typical rules still apply).
We all dps it with normal skills, then it goes middle, sm is ready and waiting at the spot he wants bone cage in, boss looks at him, he tps to the position near entrance for the tanking team. We switch aggro at 2-3 stacks at this point, sm ice blocks aggro switch dmg and goes to his team at the pond (we do this to basically gain a free tank and extra dps at start).
Once thats done, I take aggro from second tank at around 76% after having marked and about 3s left on my mark (withering pal) and that way it pops as hes doing the animation for the aggro switch, therefore cancelling the bite at 75% if you manage to push to 70% fast, should be easy, and it triggers flower spawn animation instead.
Pond team kills the flower, I give away aggro at 3 stacks to our vg, then we push to 40% and deal with a bite beforehand, if you want to cancel that one too switch aggro at 46-47% ish and burst to 40 once he starts the animation. At 40% our vanguard typically still has 2 stacks so all good, flower spawns, we kill it, and boss is usually around 30-35 by then since we dps during his offtime when doing animations. Vg gets 3 stacks we do a bite we switch aggro to our SS and as we switch around 26% we start fully bursting to 0, tada!

Be patient if you’re first timers on this one, optimize, optimize, optmize and once you kill it the first one two times its easy as hell. Pun intended.

Tip: Mark so that the pop is at around 75% / Comet after switching aggro around 77% – that way the boss won’t dive middle after summoning the first flower :) Edit: this has been patched, you can still cancel bites though.

BM Tip: if you’re on the pond team for whatever reason, you are hitting the tail and its quite tricky because merciless doesn’t always stack on it so gotta find your own way to hit it properly and position.
You can help out on the flower even with its god awful aoe of 23m by adrenalineing beforehand, dashing to it, penta and cancel after 4 strikes or so, jump out of aoe before adrena runs out, gladius and cyclone and you’ve just contributed a whole lot for a melee and your team should be showering you with gifts for risking your life like the hero you are.

Edit: Experienced & High DPS Tactic; Switch aggro after 75% bite (if he goes mid just do the cage first and stop dps till he comes back) & burst after aggro switch around 72% ; if you don’t have the dps for that do the same at 42% instead.

Ice Queen:
Difficulty: if you’re tanking mobs with your cute pocket healer, both of your lives are truly miserable at first, if youre one of the other 8, you’re all whiners o/.

Sooo if you read above, the mobs I speak of are archers who enrage every few seconds and walk randomly sometimes at spawn just to troll you and when theyre not trolling you ice queen throws an ice field at ya when you least expect it that you gotta dodge out of.

++this part is for the dear tank and healer assigned to mobs++

I suggest a BM full tank that can endure those things to tank the mobs, and communicate with his SS when he’s permastunned eventually and needs Spirit Shell to break out of it while Broken Moon is down. Vanguards usually have issues with these mobs since you need to cc them a whole lot and in big numbers while stacking them and doging their mechanics and the ice queen random ice fiels and and and.. You get the idea, BM is love. It gets easier with spell resist, though. Now, that also means that since the mob spawning is based on time, the more dps you have the easier that part is. We did not have that high of a dps since we are almost full f2p static but after a lot of therapy from the mushroom loli ss pocket I had spamming ‘Provoke’ I got used to tanking 100 archers and dealing with the frustration of them randomly moving away from you when they spawn then you having to restack em.

BM Tank Tips: you need high parry, you need immovable books, any dmg reduc you can get, and you need to switch your cyclone daos to like 4-5 meters pull range and less cd, the main thing is stacking the mobs and ccing them and keeping broken moon for when ice queen casts random ice on you, ask for a spirit shell when archers stun you and theres a bazillion on you, don’t worry about the assassin I usually parry all his attacks he’s nothing compared to archers. Line up a windwave beforehand on archer spawning spot, if they move away cc and pull em back, use the assassin mob as the center of gravity for your cyclones to pull all mobs together and position em at all times.

++basic mechanics and plan++

You wanna talk to the npc in middle asap once you eventually get boss to like 20% (and the boss not doing any ability) then the fight is over.

– Skulls: ice queen marks someone, and throws three balls (skulls) at marked person that can be soaked ONLY by SM Ice Block or Adrenaline with at least 5% HP (not 1 hp Adrenaline), other types of immunity will heal the boss. If you have two SMs, get cdr on the ice block and alternate skull taking when necessary. You can also share the skulls if you lack such classes, everyone can take one each maximum.

The boss tank will only be damaged by the swipes around her, which I believe do more damage everytime.

The raid should be 8m away from Ice Queen not to get hit by random ice fields I kept whining about earlier, if you do, you have to slow-break and dash away from em or you get frozen to death, if you’re within 10m from the boss, you dont have to deal with that.

– Double Rings: outer ring explodes, then inner, so dodge in, then dodge out, simple stuff.

– Charm at 80, 60 and 40%: when the boss charms it is best to preemptively stop aoe as the mind controlled person might get killed, said person should target the mobs’ tank/healer or just go back and forth selecting between two random people in the raid panel to not hit anyone, lasts 15s. Tip: Occlutists can switch stances to heal rather than damage their allies. There are 3 animations 3s prior to the charm afaik: a little lozenge on top of the person about to be charmed; a purple color in the bosses’ hand forming a heart icon; a raid panel debuff – so you can call it early.

– 50% ring mechanic: everyone stand 6 meters exactly around the boss preemptively – a protection ring will spawn; the current aggro holder should stand outside of this ring and die quickly to make the mechanic end fast. The mob tank and healer should tank the damage outside the ring untill it ends, or stand in the corner of the right wall to avoid the damage (if you tank the ice queen on the left, they will not be affected by the aoe damage from this mechanic).

After 50%, the ring mechanic will happen again if you take too long to burst it down to 20% (time based), though you can deal with it again in the same manner.

Dont forget to interact with the mob at 20% and end this horrid fight, and the only people allowed to whine are those on mobs, yup.

Have someone deliver the assassin mobs from the left, maybe the boss healer, to the mob tank on the right, so that the mob tank doesn’t have to move too much and can aggro it from afar.
If you have one sm or ice block simply isn’t ready then share the skulls among ur team (1 MAX skull can be soaked per person, and if u die boss heals)

Edit: If you decide to tank the boss towards the left, by moving it after first 100% hp shield breaks, the tank and healer on mobs won’t have to deal with Ice Fields nor 50% aoe DoT, but also the mob delivery will be a bit more tricky due to a further distance needed to deliver the mobs, so that delivery person should know how to dodge ice fields. Choose the lesser of the two evils depending on your players 

PS: There’s an enrage where she throws ice boulders at you, but rarely seen because either the team dies way before or the queen dies way before ~


Sea dragon/ Seahorse:
Difficulty: basic dps race, optimize your total dps output over a 15-20s period and you’re good to go.

You gotta fish out this lil seahorse dragon thing from ponds.
There are two lvl 20 ponds you gotta fish from or so you get bait from the first (checked, called ‘Dragon Viper’ that gives you 8-9 Dragon Viper Meat bait – after Tyrant’s Lair, the cave to the left after tunnel) then you fish out the seahorse from the second spot – the pond near the boss.

Tip: I know you can fish it with <20 lvls of fishing (seen lvl 15 fish it out) if you use some special lure that allows you to fish higher lvl for a while. Again, I have no clue whatsoever about fishing except irl fishing.

The maintank should be the closest to the boss since the boss charges towards closest target sometimes.
DPS exactly on the right side of the boss, on land (check diagram posted as a reply below for an accurate representation).

Very P2W dps tactic:
Step 1: stack specials with autos till 90%
Step 2: dps to 50% within 10s, then keep dpsing till cyclone frenzy phase (animation is when boss stops moving completely)
Step 3: do the phase dodge around boss like a chicken and follow the dude who never dies
Step 4: back to positions asap, burst to 0% before he breathes on ya

Definitely-not-a-whale tactic
Same steps, just add a step after step 1 where the 2nd highest aggro (ours would be the assassin, we make sure of that by having our high dps sm ice block after initial 90% burst) moves away preemptively to far from raid (in our case behind tank) so that the boss throws aoe ice rain onto there rather than onto whole raid.
If boss uses targetted cyclone instead of ice rain, return to world it aint worth the headache. (if you wanna go for it anyway, find the spot in the ground that renders you immune to cyclones ;))
Edit: check for my post below to cancel Ice Rain/Cyclone alltogether if you are in this category: [In-Progress] Eternal Chasm Hell Boss Guide

F2P tactic:
Optimize your dps as much as possible, slow autos to 90% as much as u can, let the bm mark pop 4-5s after reaching 90% so that another one is chained after it and pops before boss uses a second ability after ice rain.
Edit: check for my post below to cancel Ice Rain/Cyclone alltogether if you are in this category: [In-Progress] Eternal Chasm Hell Boss Guide

If you reach below 50% fast enough, this next part wont happen:
Two fish will spawn eventually, clearwater and ice fish:
The clearwater fish must be swapped by an occ onto the ground otherwise heals the boss, the ice fish can stay in the water and aoed normally. Kill both fish asap and swap clearwater fish asap.
You can skip the fish phase alltogether if you dps fast enough past 50% from 90% – requires some decent dps but then it becomes doable without an occultist.

50% once his animations are done stacking (which can take time, and buys time to burst him an extra bit while he’s in stoopid mode) he will summon a ring close to him that 1 shots people, so dont be too close, and a frenzy of cyclones going in circles around it, stay in between them, dodge and auto boss for specials, wait out the phase then INSTANTLY back to positions and dps.

If your dps is not high enough after 50%, another mechanic is here for you, a 360 degree gradual spit that one shots. The spit may be clockwise or counter-clockwise so just pray that it doesn’t come your way or soulstone if you’re an atheist. You can’t dodge through/get close to him during this.
Proceed to dps and finish the boss.

Tip: Use my Tail triggering trick at any stage to delay whatever is next! I’m proud of that trick.

Mountain Dragon

Difficulty: either p2w and soak everything or dodge and position properly, rest is a DPS Race.
(couldn’t find a sexy picture of it so there you go – feel free to help me out and send a pic through replies :P)

Simple boss but requires a decent amount of average might to kill without going insane~

Teleport to Kirin’s portal and instead of going through the right portal go through the left one – the boss gets triggered if you get to close so better jump down and all stay on the edge to prepare (many youtube videos and streams available to showcase how this boss is done in one of the tactics below).

Tip: Turn your volumes down and put the non character volumes up, it will help with dodging a very high damage ability that I will call ‘Wipe Light’ – not sure how it’s actually called, but it is distinguishable once you see your poor corpse on the ground.

P2W Tactic:

  • Spread out evenly, if you have three melees make a triangle around the target indicator – 1 on indicator, 1 on left side of belly (inside him basically) and 1 on the right side. If you have more melees make a rectangle, you just need to be spread out evenly, same goes for the ranged.
  • Soak the Wipe Lights throughout the fight if you’re tanky enough, or pray it doesn’t hit you – again if you’re an atheist just soulstone.
  • Two zombies spawn at the center and north-east, anyone who is half tanky can aggro them and ignore.
  • You gradually get stacks, which cause you to bleed more and more – you may have noticed a triangular area in the back, step in it to dispell your stacks as soon as you reach 4 stacks – everyone should do so quickly and get back to positions.
  • Proceed to showoff your P2W DPS by bursting from 100 to 0 within 90 seconds.

F2P Tactic (adding to the above points – dispell at 3 stacks if your team dies instantly by the time it’s 4):

  • You must dodge the Wipe Lights – in order to do so your volumes should be high and you will hear a certain growling sound from the boss before he chooses two random targets to hit – wait two seconds after the growling and dodge or use any immunity spell like adrenaline, ice block, etc. in case you are the target.
  • Have two people assigned to stay downstairs after the 90 seconds, one of which should have the original zombies’ aggro (preferably an SS) and another DPS alongside him – those two should stay in front of the boss and kill the newly spawning white zombies ASAP before they reach the boss and start healing him gradually.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the team should go upwards, follow the route, from behind the boss, and eventually jumping from a platform to the other, where you will find slimes to kill. Tip: stay within healers range on your journey up there if you have a stack from earlier and are bleeding slowly, so they can keep you up. (youtube videos will show the routes towards said slimes platform) —- edit: Vosiler was kind enough to share the clip of the path, it’s hard to explain otherwise Path to Slimes
  • Three small slimes will spawn first, kill them and a big one will spawn, burst that too. Do it 3 times untill you can target the main boss again, he will heal back up an amount based on your initial 90 second burst at the start – jump back down and finish him, or drop him low enough doing the same tactic again a second time, then finish him. Tip: Try to use your aoe’s as the small slimes get closer to big ones to hit both!

Note: The main tank may get a second debuff which deals a lot of damage at a certain time (after you dispell from 4 stacks, it should happen) so I believe he has to use defensives around that time to survive – I am not sure if a BM Tank can self dispell it with Broken Moon, but I know you cannot dispell it normally as an SS or Occ.

One more mechanic for both tactics: A typical charm, called Paralyze – needs to be dispelled by someone else if you get it; it is wise to have an occultist place a totem beforehand on one of your Spiritshaper’s spots in case both Spiritshapers get paralyzed, the Occ can dispell said SS and said SS can dispell the other one.

Tip: You can make this simpler by having an SS on the high ground on the left, with a totem underneath him/her.

PS: I believe the triangle holds 13 dispelling charges (correct me if the number is wrong).

This isn’t a necessarily easy boss simply because it is a DPS race, the most annoying thing is if you wipe you have to run back and drop down without aggroing by mistake and it wastes quite a bit of time if you do. So try to learn as much as you can every wipe if any.

This one’s a short one, but there really isn’t much to this boss other than being geared and moving at the proper times.

Hope this helps!


I know this is more of a textual guide through the fights rather than just abilities but I think this is more important to know that simply spouting abilities at you, however I strongly encourage correcting/adding value to this thread as I believe many will be in need of input due to the lack of guides :)

Goodluck in EC! -Harambae

Thanks to my former Valhalla static to have been strong and gone through the first phases of EC and learned together blindly.

Special thanks to Merilineth for gettting me through the ptsd of ice queen archers in the first few tries by provoking me as a mushie

Mishi wrote:

Subtlety wrote:

Electric Kirin:
Main mechanics:
– Enrage: boss will belly flop all over the place if more than four people are within the radius below it.
– Cages (not the tank ones mentionned above): big cages will spawn from time to time around a marked person and I believe 12 lights will follow said person while it’s inside, so you must run in circles within and if marked, preemptively move away from raid to keep the cage away.
– 75% to 50% : wipe mechanic, the boss will go middle and bases on where it was tanked it will shoot out four lights in a + shape – 2 people have to be on each of the lights at least to share damage and avoid wipe, rinse and repeat until 50%, healers try to heal the tanks between these phases since the whips are not always forgiving when you’re low hp.
– 50% and below: cages will start spawning based on a location marked on the floor, and keep spawning till the end, so it’s a dps race and you must position the cages away from the boss and efficiently while you finish him.
Our way: one team on each corner starting 50%, except tanks and melee, and walk together following the outer edge while bursting and dodging away from marked ground preemptively

Just a few tips: The lightening which follows the target around, will follow them, even if they are outside of the cage. (Same as EC 79 does)You also want to space the cages so lazers do not come at the same time.

For Lazers: Only so many can be on 1 spot to share damage, I can not remember if the limit is 3 or 4 though.
Also SM ice will negate lazer damage, and also count as not having a person at the lazer, so unless both can avoid the damage, its better to never ice.

Under 50% HP Cages: Most need to double doge out once the ground has the X mark to avoid the cage.
Once cage is spawned, its best to move as close to the walls of said cage as possible. (Conserve open space while DPS racing.)

Diaclaimer: I’ve tanked obsidian and steel but not sure about the lava aoe mechanic animation for the boss up north.

If meaning the AOE rain-(Where the ground turns red around the boss) It will spawn from the closest lava pool to where the boss is.In addition the animation iirc is he will look a bit like he is yelling/roaring, along with fire-ish animations swirling around him, then he raises his left arm awhile you can see lava around him, and as his arm lowers the AOE rain starts.

If speaking about when the entire floor turns into lava and wipes all the raid: That really only happens if the bosses are killed out of order or something. (Not 100% sure.)

Also I believe the AOE debuff which spreads on cleanse/death has a 20 meter range. (Maybe 25 not entirely sure.)

Another thing: If the tank is to far from tectonic (3rd boss that you kill) he will do a skill called Assassinate which will 1-shot.
Oh and he does extra damage when standing on top of a lava pool as well.

So for T-rex.
I’ve actually had a video, though it is very old, and I know it’s missing a few bits of info. (Very old video..lol I just noticed it was from 1st kill..lol)

Actually I’ve been meaning to add some vids for Kirin, Triple Threat, a new Tyrant vid , and a Croc vid. Just haven’t had the time.(Maybe on vacation in Jan if someone aint made any by then.)

Thanks for the information, and writing up everything!!!

Absolutely, great input! 3 ppl max can be on one lazer for Kirin, and yes I think I would just go 30 meters away for the debuff before self dispelling just in case.


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