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Firstly thank you to the community throughout the world who have helped develop my understanding of the game and how things work.

I was a bit confused about some of the other guides I had read about getting this gear, which is why I have written this guide for players with some better terminology and clearing up a few things. I am in NO way disrespecting the other guides. I appreciate all the work that was put into them and they have helped me immensely.

***This guide is written entirely for the Revelation CN version with the English patch using the English Patch terminology.***

I also hope to update the guide with the proper English screenshots and terminology when the game is released for the West. I wanted to make this guide as clear as possible for players including screenshots so everyone could understand it.

Now my main confusion about obtaining the gear was about the term “crafting”. I want to make this very clear that you do not “craft” this gear per se. This gear is obtained by acquiring certain items via a variety of methods (daily login rewards, auctions, player shops, dungeons, etc.) and then exchanging those items at a vendor/merchant for gear. So in effect you are “swapping” items for gear not “crafting” the gear itself. This is exactly the same as buying gear with money, you are just using a different form of currency i.e. you exchange gold / credits for gear as per usual, or in this case you exchange 5 PBJ’s / 10 pearls (I made these up, they are not real game items, just to give an example) for gear. It is essentially the same thing just different currency. So if you were a bit confused like me about “crafting this gear” (which is something completely different) I hope I have cleared that up. In the English Patch this is known as “SYNTHESIS”. It may change for the Western version.

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There are 4 main tiers of gear. The 4 tiers are 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70-79. The first tier is considered to be 40-49 and this guide will be about that. I will just note here that this gear can be used and upgraded through all the tiers although I wont be going into that at this time.

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The first piece of gear you can acquire is your Main Hand piece. This can be obtained at level 37..The quest can be obtained at level 35 at the Qin Small Division NPC. It is one of the “experience” or “practise” quests called Forging.

Figure 1: Qin Small Division, Quest Start “Forging”

Qin Small Division NPC’s can be found in many areas around the map but I will show you where this particular NPC is as it is really close to the start and finish of the Forging quest.

Figure 2: Revelation World Map and Forging quest start and finish location

So we can see from the above world map that my toon is standing at Qin Small Division NPC and we need to go to the orange dot (Huang). If you have been playing you probably know by now that there is an auto navigate function in the game that you can click and your toon will magically go where you need it to. Thus you can go to any Qin SD NPC and then auto navigate to the quest. So the small town we are heading to is known as Flat Sea Town. The NPC we need to see is Huang Dajiang or the Forging Master.

Figure 3: Huand Dajiang and fellow NPC’s in Flat Town

Okay so we are where we need to be now. All of the gear you need can be obtained here. I will just mention here that it can also be acquired in Su Lan City at the NPCs shown below. These NPC’s ( Equipment Foundry NPC’s ) are directly outside the Spa and up the steps. You can see the Spa building in the background. Although you cannot complete the Forging quest here you can still acquire the main hand item here for the quest. I am not sure if the NPC’s are in other cities as I haven’t progressed that far yet. I am guessing that they are. Below in Figure 4 you can see all the NPC’s.

Figure 4: Su Lan City NPC’s

Now back to Huang Dajiang. Start all the quest conversations and accept the quests. The quests are pretty self-explanatory, you just need to get a few items click on a few things, talk to a few people. This all occurs in Flat Sea Town and everything is close by. It also involves speaking to the NPC in between Huang and the Blacksmith NPC known as Refining Equipment as can bee seen in Figure 3. By doing these quests you should have all the items required to synthesise your first piece of gear.

So once you have completed what you need to do you need to talk to Huang and here you need to select option 2 “arms synthesis” seen below in Figure 5. You need to do this before you can complete the final quest. Here you will need to synthesise the piece of gear before speaking to Huang again.

Figure 5: Talking to Huang

After selecting that you should see something like this.

Figure 6: Huang has the goodies

In Figure 6 we can see the arms synthesis screen showing two main hands available from this vendor. The one highlighted is the one you will need, the other one is for lvl 49 from memory. But just hover over them with your mouse and have a look. I should also mention that I am playing a swordmage so what you see will be dependant on your class. We can see that I have all the necessary items I need to synthesise the main hand. By now you should also have everything you need if you did the quests. Once you have everything just click fit (the orange button at the bottom, i should have highlighted it- my bad) and presto! Once you have swapped the necessary items for your Main Hand, don’t equip it straight away, you need to have the item in your bag to complete the quest. Once you have completed the quest you can equip it and hack and slash onward and upward.

So that should give you a good grasp on how to get the other items. As I wrote before you simply beg, buy or steal certain items then exchange them for the gear.

Let’s have a look at the rest of the gear and a peek at the materials you need. For the rest of the gear you need to be level 45-49 to equip them but (and i could be wrong here I have not tested it yet) you can start to buy them as soon as you like.

In the Figure 7 below you can see that Huang also sells an offhand. You can see that I have simply selected the next tab along at the top of the arms synthesis screen and below you can see the items required to synthesise an offhand.

Figure 7: Shows switching tabs to view offhand sold by Huangs and items required for synthesis

Now head to the other NPC to the right of Huang as I pictured in Figure 3 the Blacksmith NPC.

This NPC sells the rest of the gear. After talking to this NPC we see a few options available seen in Figure 8 below. Option 1 is for armor synthesis and option 2 is for accessory synthesis i.e. earrings, rings and necklace.

Figure 8: Blacksmith NPC talk options

Figure 9: Option 1 with gear and a tool tip on how to how to get required items for synthesis.

So in Figure 9 we can see a few things. Here I initially selected option 1 when talking to this NPC for armor synthesis. So from top to bottom we can see the following:

  1. This shows the tabs that you can click to view all the pieces of gear helmet, coat, hands ans so on.
  2. This gives a brief description of how to acquire the items needed to synthesise the armor.
  3. The items and number of each item required to synthesise the piece of gear (in this case pants).

In this guide i will not go fully into how to get all the items, the tool tips speak for themselves. As I stated above a few ways to get them is dungeons, auctions, player shops, daily rewards etc. (Maybe someone would like to add-on to this guide about how to get these items, or simply make some suggestions in the comments. I may update the guide later with this information but just wanted to get it out A.S.A.P..)


Figure 10: Blacksmith talk option 2 showing gear accessories

In Figure 10, after selecting the second option when talking to the NPC (accessory synthesis), we see that he has all the accessories you need, the necklace, earrings and rings. You can see that you can tab along to the other items the same as in Figure 9.

Figure 11: Su Lan NPC sells exactly the same things

I have added Figure 11 just so that you can see that the NPC’s in Su Lan sell exactly the same things as the NPC’s in Flat Sea Town. So you can choose where you want to go.

And guess what folks that is it!

So I hope that gives you a solid basis and understanding of the gear synthesis system.

Remember this is just one way to acquire gear in Revelation Online.

Feel free to comment, make suggestions and criticisms. If you have any questions I will try to get them answered. Don’t forget The Enchantress has some great info on her thread so check that out as well…ng-thread-guide/?pageNo=1

Thanks for reading!

Gersh wrote:

So no gathering & crafting basically? Just bringing elements to npc crafters?

Hey Gersh that is essentially correct. I haven’t looked at the items required for the next few tiers as I am still working around maximising game play for 1-49 and playing all the different classes so i know what best suits me when Revelation is released in the west.

If you check out Laufie’s fansite, there is some great information there also

There is in fact a great picture of what items are required to synthesise your gear to the next tier 50-59.

So thankyou Laufie!!

Also as this guide was written for the CN version with the English patch enabled, I would prefer the term “NPC synthesisers” to be used to “NPC crafters.” This is just making sure there is no confusion and WYSIWYG on screen.


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