I love the ability in Revelation Online to edit our user interface but I feel like the tools they’ve given us to work with in regards to doing that are a bit lacking. I wanted to create a short video on how I set up my user interface even with the absence of helpful tools built into the game. I show you how what you’ll need and the easiest way (that I know of) to get your modified user interface elements aligned just the way you want them!

I despise games that don’t allow players to modify their user interface so I do applaud Revelation Online, I just wish they had an option to display and overlay grid, as well as an option to snap user interface elements to the grid. That way we could get neatly organized, but unique user interfaces.

Lastly, if you modify your user interface please share a screen shot so the rest of the community can see what your’s looks like!

Revelation Online – Guide – How to Set Up a Perfectly Aligned User Interface


Screenshot of my UI after modification



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