Hey guys, I see a lot people asking around and trying to ask what is the best class or what each class do and just generally trying to decide what class is best for them.

So i figure i’ll put up a short non-bias guide on the different classes and what their role is.

First of all, I would like to say that this game is actually fairly balanced in that I LOVE ALL THE CLASSES. I’ll just try to give you guys a short run down of what actually each class role is in a party.

This game mostly focus on the holy trinity Tank/Healer/DPS

Vanguard – Role
– Primary, their role is hold aggro in dungeons. They are normally the commander/raid leader of the group. reason being that it’s easier for them to drag a boss to a corner, and just keep on spaming aggro rotations. They can keep on eye on the bosses HP and shout out directives to the party if it’s a pug party or such on what to do. ie; watch out, 80% adds coming, 70% burst down the regen staff, etc etc. What a tank do in party is that they are the only class that interrupt bosses. i remember when i was doing this dungeon where there are 2 bosses you gotta take down. Everyone watch bosses %, but whenever one of the boss is pushed down 50% or was it 40%, the fighter boss will channel a 3 sec skill, and it is the TANK job to use his interrupt on it. and he is the ONLY class that can do so. since you are tanking the boss and targeting the boss it’s easier for you to see the bar and interrupt it. If you do not interrupt in time. it’s group wipe. So basically the tank job is – 1, hold aggro 2. drag boss to certain locations advantages to party, ie face away from party 3, try to take less dmg such as pop your defensive skills and avoid boss skills by jumping dodging so healers do not have to constantly heal you up, 4. and interrupt the bosses when necessary. 5. keep an eye out on the full picture of the raid such as different boss hp % and direct party members to focus down adds or certain objectives etc etc.

Blademaster – Role (2ndary tank or main tank before 50 is fine)
– Primary, you are the melee dps. You excel at CC and can off tank in dungeons with 2 bosses encounters. normally a blademaster can build tanky and can have even higher mdef than a vanguard. they are more agile and easily avoid damage. they have several ranged attacks and can kite boss and avoid boss damage easier. They are mostly used as secondary tanks in encounters with with 2 bosses fights and they are also primary wanted for their damage buff. one of their F skills literally boost the GROUP damage. when you need burn down a boss get a blademaster and gunner you are good to go. (also my preference, but i swear these are the guys that excel in PVP. they literally can kill off healers/mages etc, VERY WELL, they can CC you to death and burst damage is insane, if you let them catch you in pvp, you are good as dead. )

SpiritShaper – Role
-Primarily your healer class, they are generally the class that can out heal anything, but a good healer vs a great healer is a healer that knows when to prioritize and also dps at same time too. ie; If a blademaster and Vanguard both are close to dying because they were both dumb enough to NOT avoid the big aoe sword swipe in front of them. you better save the Tank first. cause the Tank can hold aggro and taunt for you. while if the tank die, aggro goes to the highest dps normally a ranged dps, and boss will start running around chasing people. you don’t want that. role of the healer is pretty simple, focus healing on the party and primarily keep the tank healed. you can also toss out damages if you are bored. I normally toss out the dolphin aoe damage and dot damage to keep me busy when i’m on my healer.


Swordmage – range magical dps, quiet a few ccs, and very good AOE damage, they specialize in killing waves of mobs and aoe the crap out of them. very good in pvp when the tank pulls them in and they drop the flame sword and you see a pile of dead bodies haha.

Gunslinger – longest range physical single targel dps. got 3 knockdown skills, some slows, bleeds, top of the food chain at range kiting skills. if you stay ranged. you are good. can farm really well, but mostly excels at single target dps. all comes down to your own rotations.

Occultist – ranged magical dps, a jack of all trade, got some dots damage, aoe damage, AND aoe healing, their role is mostly dps, but they can be called upon to do certain things such as if a healer isn’t good enough, they can suppliment healing for 2ndary healer, and also such as in the mechanical dungeon there is a part you need occultist who can switch places. so what they do is swap some of the cannon around diff locations, and you have diff players man it to finish off a boss. rest of the player don’t need to fight. you just need 2 good tank /healers and 2 occultist who can swap the tanks in that 20man run to make it work. I see most of them specialize in focused damage rather than half dmg/half healing. when they do focus on damage they can be the TOP DPS too.

Because this game have a recount add-on (WoW player will know what i’m talking about) .
– it basically shows in dungeon who got the highest dps, who did highest damage, who got the highest healing, who is the guy that keep on messing up by showing who can’t make certain mechanics etc etc. because of this, so a lot of players tries to be the best they can be. trying for highest damage, highest healing (10man20man parties), etc etc. but players need to also avoid traps, boss attacks etc too. it all comes down to a good raid leader to make the decision on where to improve. such as there is a guy that’s always bottom of food chain on dps, (learn to improve his rotation), or if a guy keep on getting hit by boss or keep on dying etc etc, there are also hard dungeons where it requires all dps to be at least 5k or 7k dps or else timer runs out your team wipes. etc etc. But because of this, This will make player trying to improve.

So figure out what you want to do in a party. what do you like to do, DO you prefer melee or ranged? do you like tank or healer, do you work well with teams? etc etc do you want to craft? (that’s where the money is and most importantly the one who pass certain dungeon first i think they get a sever first for passing certain dungeons not sure if i’ts brag right or what, but they definitely will make the most $$, cause dungeon drop mats that everyone need to gear up. those mats sells in the mils when it first comes out. ^.^) there are mats that are bounded upon pick up, but some are sellable, a good raid leader will figure out who get the bind on pick up mat, and who get the other ones. that’s your own raid leader allocations on gears etc haha. but generally a good party that pass certain hard dungeons first will always gear up first and generate the most income in game. the later dungeons can be pretty gruesome and especially making 10 good players work together is a process too.

Thank you for the info!

Still trying to decide between Occultist or SpiritShaper :L

Well do you prefer healing? or dps? if you like seeing your name as the TOP healer , go for spiritshaper, if you want jack of all trade can dps and heals, most importantly you get a nice class mount as occultist, ( i think it look like a deathknight necromancer charger for his class mount hahaha). anyway,
also know this, spiritshaper are always wanted in anything. PVP, PVE, they are healer, any MMO want a healer. a good healer that’s worth his/her weight is to die for. healer also pretty much almost ALWAYS score the highest in assist in battlegrounds. they just aoe heal and anyone they healed got a kill, it count as their assist haha.

Occultist got his whole dark theme going for him/her. He can swap between dark and light mode, he can be TOP tier dps if he specialize all his stats and skills in dungeon, and he got a kick ass class mount. haha. what do you prefer to do mostly?

I PERSONALLY think the class mount make a big decision too haha. here is a pic for those 2 classes you trying to decide on.



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