Hello guys
It has come to my attention, some players are having trouble of beating this 45 god mode dungeon.

I really don’t think of it as raid yet, because it’s only 5 man, and it is definitely the first step gearing toward Raid. Everyone looking to get into the 55 10man raid will have to gear them selves up in this 45 one first.

45 is a 5 man dungeon that gets harder in god mode(raid mode)
you should already done this dungeon several times in easy mode and learned the telegraphs already. in raid mode there is rarely any telegraphs to show you.

I believe people having a hard time in this dungeon in god mode is because they do not know the game mechanics of these fights.
I will list all boss mechanics so you can devises your own ways of preparing for it and raiding it.

I will NOT list how to fight these fights because people have concerns that raid isn’t hard enough for them and they want to explore their own way of beating the raid rather than going by a step by step instruction on beating it. ( i can write that up later too if anyone need it)

So with that in mind. I will only list game mechanics so you can better prepare for the fight and think of ways to beat this raid. Remember all players will not be over geared or over leveled with this comes out in NA. so you have to do it the old fashion of learning the mechanics and fighting it out.

All skills i just named them myself, and basic raiding mechanics is this
– bring pots(it helps the healer)
-tank, try to avoid damages(it helps the healer)
-kill ADDS , save your healer!

I know of a couple ways of engaging and fighting this raid, I hope that when you understand how the boss game mechanics works, you can think up of your own ways of beating the raid and thinking up of team composition best to deal with certain situations. (this will be a big point in the 10man 55 one later).


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