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Hello and welcome to my “guide” i guess, I am aware that this guide may have a few errors but it serves as a base for everything that i’ve found/researched about the mythos clues. This guide is a work in progress, so any help will be appreciated. The main goal of this is to help others and share information with one another! Thanks and enjoy. — xKris [Darkfall]

Id first like to give credit the forums for helping on various clues/screeenshots, in particular fellow friends, Dominwuss, Stuffles, Kewl, Nubs and Jesswii for their contributions.


  • Strange Fruit – Farm Antwood until it drops
  • Mark of the Beast King – Small “blobs?” can be found around Darkfall –
  • Adventure Record – Search dead body at the spike traps in Darkfall dungeon.
  • Dark Prog Energy – There are black flames/mist around DF (every 30mins on the hour). Open it (Press F). Either A Mob will spawn or you get the Mist. Once you get the mist on yourself, go to the Purifier.
  • Curse Demon Wolf – Kill demon wolf in the Evil Intent instance.
  • Beast King Crown – Kill the last boss again of DF? thats how i go it :S dont know the specifics.
  • Throne Fragment – Outside the Mentor area (North Sulan).
  • Dossier – Buy from the blackamerket npc at the mentor place.
  • Dark Prog –
  • Mural – Press F against the left wall in the first boss room.
  • Treasure Map – Make a Yellow leaf. Instructions Further on.
  • Treasure Huning – ty jaaxx
  • BK Secret Orders – Show the Leafs Content to a Wandering Scholar.

Final Chapter

Behind the dungeon, there is a tool box, obtain the iron shovel.

Iron Shovel => 1st fragment & Treasure Hunter Shovel (dig until you get both items)
Treasure Hunter Shovel => 2nd fragment & Sun Shovel (dig until you get both items)
Sun Shovel => 3rd fragment

For the 4th fragment go to the mushroom place and search around for “Naughty Lemurs”.
Kill lemurs until you obtain 4 types of wine, Monkey Wine, Stupor Brew, No 1 Fox Wine and Lampyrian Ambrosia.
There is also a 5th wine called Fruit Wine, which is used to trade in for a talisman at the middle of Sultan Bridge (Wandering Expert NPC).

Once you have all 4 wines, give No1 Fox Wine to Lenny Ergun near the entrance of the mushroom place, he’ll give you a Yellow Leaf (DO NOT RIGHT CLICK ON IT)
As for the other 3 wines, you must find the 3 monkeys in the mushroom place and give them the wines accordingly.
Each monkey gives a key, which then can be used on a chest nearby.

Stupor Brew => 2nd Monkey => 4th fragment
Lampyrian Ambrosia => 3rd Monkey => Gold Dust
Monkey Wine=> Big Monkey => Jade Piece

Once you have all 4 fragments, right click any fragment and it will combine and produce a complete script.

Back to the Yellow Leaf, from what i know is you have to find a “Travelled Scholar” NPC that walks around .
This NPC translates the Yellow Leaf which gives you Leafs Content. Hold onto this.

Known locations of the Travelled Scholar.

Nobleman Vassal:

  • Lamparyan Ambrosia – Mine Sulfurite Ore and eventually it will drop
  • Thief Bounty Notice – Small taskboard to the left of Volopine Taskboard in Emollion Country
  • Crying Girl – When in scenario, go north towards Sulan Castle for clan wars, at beginning of road the girl will be there (Look at map and lookout for a blue icon)
  • Boss past – Talk to guy called “Bloke” in Sulan Inn under stairs on the right
  • Gold Clover – In the scenario at the end when inn boss wants to meet you outside, around him there will be a plant you can “view”
  • Secret letter – Buy it from an elderly man in the scenario.
  • Another Secret letter – Aschwitz can be located in tidewater, east entrance, right next to the merit guy. He gives you a cake (He spawns in the first half of the morning (I think) then disappears) Take this cake to a child near the circle area in Sulan located opposite/near the general grocer.
  • Bandit meeting – You have to “view” a place right next to where the Gold Clover part is.
  • Account Book – In the White Wolf scenario, after defeating bandits and sending caravan to Inn, look at the ground and search for it.
  • Eventide Tale – Bought from Falmari grocer on the beach near a house, need to have Silver Card
  • Foreigner – Look around in Sidus Ur for “pearls’ on the ground (they are found all over the city) then head to the bridge and find npc called River Ring

Cold case – Hardest one to get, you need 4 items:

  • Scorpions kiss – bought from rare product merchant that moves around 3 places, Mid Sulan, Emolion Country city, Immortal Annex place
  • Dogfish – (Not to be confused with Riparian Dogfish) Fished in the waters of Sulan need to achieve 11m of fishing, so either get lvl 11 and buy fishing pole or previous fishing pole + item to increase distance then when you actually proc it, it starts a mini-game where you have to press A or D accordingly to keep the bar in the middle/green
  • Stag musk – kill noble stags near Immortal Annex place, make its a Noble stag and not a different stag
  • Wild Ginseng – Forage Item near Divine Outlook, or just buy from AH

When you have all 4 you can right click one of them and it will combine everything. MAKE SURE TO NOT RIGHT CLICK THE MEDICINE OR YOUR CHARACTER WILL EAT IT.Find the beggar near the AH/guild guy in South Sulan bridge near the water and DRAG THE MEDICINE (not right click) into the slot.

Lily Ersich

  • Peach Tree carvings – Chop peach trees until a carving drops.
  • Peach Wine – Buy from Hotsprings vendor
  • Zoe Kruger – Buy from mrecahnt near pad at the mentor place.
  • Prayer Strip – Pledge Bags spawn at certain times.
  • Preserves – Buy from old lady merchant (spawns in mornings), around mid sulan.
  • Kind Heart – Buy Sulan Fried Rice from AH, give to begger outside hotsprings area
  • Overcooked Food – Make Beef Rice until it drops. (Clam Chowder)
  • Tattered Clothes – Fish anywhere in sulan until you get it or buy from AH
  • Faires Chatter – Talk to the 4 fairies around Ersich Frest. They spawn every 30mins on the hour.
  • Do the instance and agree to go see what it is, to unlock both Produce Clues.
  • Bouquet of peach blossoms – Within the instance, you can pick up petals on the floor.
  • Legend of the 5 Lords – Find the mysterious story teller(s) (i found mine in fort whetstone) (Each city has 2-3 Spawns, they despawn after 10minutes)


Grand Bulwark

Deserted Shrine

  • Guardian Member – Talk to the guardian member outside of DS Dungeon
  • Servitor – Kill mobs in the faction quest outside DS–
  • Perforated Chest Armor – Purchase from “Imperial City Advanced Grocer” (Top left of Sidus Ur)
  • Chestnut Pastry – Forgot where i got it from.
  • Chestnut Shell on the floor – Found in Fort Whetstone (Check near stalls all over the place)
  • Weekly Market Info – Near the Fort Whetstone Bulletin Board, view the small taskboard


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