Revelation Online Pvp Gunslinger Build

This guide was written by Limourne for Codex and shared to the community so everyone can benefit from it. Thank you to Deioth and Aari for editing the guide. If you want to re-post or translate this guide, please give the credits toCodex. Please note that all of these names are unofficial and will change in NA/EU.


Hi, I have played Revelation China more than 4 months and have experiences in both Gunslinger (Level 74) and Vanguard (Level 68). The sources comes mostly from Chinese guides and from my own experiences.

Gunslinger Class Information
Gunslinger is a DPS-class that has high single-target damage and the longest range in the game. In sniper stance the Gunslinger’s attacks gain new perks and passively gain more physical attack but at the cost of reduced mobility.

Your main stats are Agility, secondary Spirit, Constitution and Power/Strength. There is a rule of thumb that you have to follow while choosing your stats and that is increasing it by 10 points of increments. Each 10 points of Agility gives you 4% increased physical damage, Spirit gives 4% magic defence and constitution 4% physical defence. With Power/Strength you don’t have to worry about 10 points of increment since every point only gives 1 physical attack. When choosing stats for Gunslinger I recommend at level 59 you should have around 50-70 Spirit and constitution and rest Agility. You only choose Power/Strength when you can’t put 10 points of increment on Agility. That means you only have to worry about it at level 79 (that is if you are not going to buy a lot of restat pages). As for low level I would recommend putting quite a lot of power because your min-max physical damage is really low so you won’t really benefit a lot of % increase physical damage from agility.


Cannon Blast is your basic attack. It has a chance to do double damage while in sniper stance and standing further than 20 meters

Piercing Shot is similar to a basic attack and you use it as a filler with Cannon Blast.

Shock Grenade is a nice CC skill but doesn’t do much damage without the talent which increases the damage by 100% (this talent removes the knockdown effect).

Desolation Shot is your main gun skill. With the increased critical chance from Sniper Stance you are almost guaranteed a critical shot which is equal to a lot of damage.

Rapid Fire is a Channeling skill that shoots 3 AoE shots over 2.5 seconds. As soon as you have fired your first shot you will gain a 20% physical attack buff for 5 seconds.

Spiral Blades pushes you back 10 meters and sends out Razor blades which stop at the first enemy hit. This skill needs to be aimed to be able to hit.

Sniper Stance increases your damage and also adds some extra properties to your skills. It also reduces your movement speed to 2 meters per second and Dodge recovery by 50%. Both of these negative effects can be removed in the talent tree.

Summons a Spider robot pet that damages the target you are attacking. It does little damage. If you have seen the damage meter in the training ground it’s pretty misleading because for some reason this skill is really strong in there.

You can press on the skill again to send the mine to the target. You can also change the properties of the mine with fire for knockdown and cold for movement speed reduction. I find this skill only usable in your rotation if you have the level 69 talent unlocked. The level 69 talent increases the damage by 100% of the level 59 “fragments” talent that deals 45% physical attack every second for 3 seconds (45% becomes 90%).

Fel Armor is your CC-break skill and can also help if you accidentally steal the aggro from the tank by reducing the threat.

Marks the target for 5 seconds and makes the target take x amount of extra damage for each hit it takes.

Power Burst is a nice buff that buffs only your group with critical chance and crit damage.

Special Skills
Special skills are your F1-F6 skills. You can only have 3 out of 4 abilities active at the same time, for each side. Left side resource is generated through Gun/Sniper abilities and your right side resource is generated through Cannon (offhand) abilities.

This is what I have been using, and will keep using in the future. You can use the Explosive Destruction instead of Killing Storm whichever you prefer is your own choice. Steel knives can be used in PvP and replacing Razor Bot

Death Shot is a long range attack that does massive damage against your target. It deals an extra 20% damage if your target has the “Marked for Death” debuff and even more damage it is below 40% hp (with green orbs).

Killing Storm is an AoE-frontal attack which deals minimal damage every 0.5 seconds over 30 seconds. The downside is that it has a 20 meters range so it’s pretty hard to stand in a way to get the extra 10% damage on all targets hit by standing 20 meters or further away. This skill is is only recommended to use if you have at least 3 green orbs unlocked and the enemies are more spread out and are moving a lot.

Explosive Destruction shoots out 4 times in total over 5 seconds. It deals high initial damage and leaves behind a burning area that deals a smaller amount of damage every second. It also inflicts targets with a 50% movement speed debuff. This is more recommended to use if the enemies are not moving much and are packed together compared to Killing Storm.

Skyfire Deals massive damage on the target dealing high base damage + % of current health. Do note that this skill takes a while to get enough resources to be able to use it. In EU, depending on which patch we will have, the cooldown will be either 30 seconds or 300 seconds.

Steel Knives sends out a knife in a straight line in front of the player dealing damage and knocking down enemies. I think this skill is more useful in PvP than PvE because the damage isn’t really that great.

Tooth prison is a skill which some may love or may hate depending on how you use it. It can be freely aimed. In PvE all the melee may cry that you are using it as you can lock potentially lock them in and make it harder for them to dodge abilities. But in PvP you can change the tides of the battle if used correctly. You can for example delay a initiate from the enemies or lock in important targets to be able to easily kill them. However, the cage can be jumped out of, even in combat.

Razor bot Summons a melee robot for 30 seconds that attacks the target you are attacking. It really isn’t a strong skill but it’s still useful as a filler in your rotation.

Metal Gear transforms you into a robot for 30 seconds and gives you 4 new skills to use.

  1. Light gun is a frontal shot with around 70 meter range that collides with the first target hit dealing AoE damage.
  2. Fury is a short frontal cone flamethrower which is a really good AOE-skill.
  3. Lightning shoots out a chain lighting that jumps to up to 4(?) additional targets .
  4. Charge increases your movement speed by 100% and reduces damage taken by 50% for 5 seconds (the tooltip on the picture is wrong, the 50% damage reduction is only applied while the Charge buff is active.

Special Skill Tree
Every unparalleled skill can be upgraded through 4 different orbs. Red orbs are usually for increased damage or increased duration of the skill, orange decreased resource cost, blue cool down reduction and green have a unique effect

As for what you want to use is:

  • Death Shot – 5 green orb for increased damage below 40% HP > 5 red orb.
  • Killing Storm – 5 green orb for increased damage but reduced channel time > 5 red orb.
  • Explosive Destruction – 5 orange orb > 5 red orb.
  • Skyfire – 5 red orb > 5 blue orb = 5 orange orb (depending on which patch NA/EU will have first).
  • Steel Knives – 5 red orb > 5 orange orb = 5 green orb for increased duration of the knockdown (whichever you prefer).
  • Tooth Prison – 5 red orb > 5 orange orb.
  • Razor Bot – 5 green orb for increased damage > 5 orange orb.
  • Metal Gear – 5 green orb for increased damage > 5 orange orb.


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