Revelation Online PvP Gunslinger Build

Hey guys! I am currently playing a Gunslinger on the Chinese server and wanted to start a thread where Gunslingers could come to ask any questions (beginner or advanced) about the class and discuss it more in depth. In every MMO I play I really enjoy picking one class and going as deep into theorycrafting and refining it as much as possible and thoroughly enjoy helping others get better at the class. I’ll include some information in the opening post about the class that I’ve learned so far and update it when we discuss new things that way all the important information will be together and in one spot for everyone to find. Currently my Gunslinger is only level 59 but I have all skills on the class unlocked.

So before we get too far, this will be both PvP and PvE focused as I particapate in both, also none of these skill names are going to remain the same so for the sake of consistency until beta comes out, I’ll be using this website (not mine) when referencing skills : Revelation Online Index

Gunslinger Playstyle
For the most part, the Gunslinger is built for high single target damage in both PvE and PvP. This does not mean you do poorly in everything else, single target dps is merely where you excel. The Gunslinger still has very respectable aoe damage and solo skills, but you will find you thrive the most in group content when you are not the main focus of the enemy, and you are free to unload on anyone and anything from afar. With that in mind, there is one crucial element you need to always keep in mind when playing a Gunslinger and that’s your range.

Start getting yourself comfortable with that number now because the Gunslinger is at their deadliest when 20 meters or more away from the mob. The Gunslinger has the longest range out of any class in the game topping out at 30m, this gives you a very comfy 10 meter range of 20m-30m away from the mob. So why do we need to be more than 20m away from the mob? At all times Gunslingers have a passive 10% damage boost when attacking monsters further than 20m away. Along with this, while in Sniper Stance your basic attack gains a bonus chance to do double damage when more than 20m away. Now comes the tough part, how do you actually maintain 20m between you and the mob? Well to be honest with you, you probably won’t most of the time. Anytime you’re doing group content, it should be fairly easy, but while leveling and out solo questing it’s much tougher to actually stay 20m away at all times. The best option is to pull the mob as close to 30m as you can and follow up with your cc as the mob closes the gap and you burst them. Most of the time you’ll be killing the enemy before they get to you anyway so don’t worry too much about distance while solo.

Skill Basics

Sniper Stance
Most likely you’ll go through 3 stages of life of a Gunslinger, Love, Hate, then back to Love. You’ll level up your Gunslinger thinking to yourself, “Man why don’t more people play this class it’s amazing and so much fun!” Then you will hit level 20. At first you’ll be stoked, a brand new ability called Sniper Stance that gives you a flat damage increase and on top of that it enhances your core dps abilities buffing them and giving them additional effects. As soon as you enter Sniper Stance and walk up to your first mob you’ll notice yourself moving at a snails pace and understand what everyone warned you about. But fear not! Once you make it from level 20 all the way up to level 59 you’ll be able to enhance sniper stance to remove the slow and you can move at full speed. But until then you’ll have to constantly stance dance in and out of Sniper Stance while kiting mobs solo.

Sniper Stance is very straight forward, it’s a simple toggle that draws your Sniper rifle and sheathes your pistols. In this stance you get a flat physical damage buff and it enhances your dps abilties with extra effects. While in Sniper Stance you move at 50% movespeed and regenerate dodge energy much slower. Ideally you would want to always be in Sniper Stance but early on you’ll find it just isn’t possible while solo. You can choose to not enter Sniper Stance, or learn how to dance in and out of it depending on your range to the mob and kiting it. At this time, I can’t find a reason to use the pistols once you skill up Sniper Stance to remove the move speed slow, and therefore you would always remain in Sniper Stance.

Let’s go over some basic skill rotations and which skills are the most important. Most of the time you’ll be focusing on 3 core abilities: Rapid Fire, Heavy Shot, and Bang Bang
Using these abilities can be very simple on the surface, but can be a little tricky when you take a closer look. Not only do they have varying degrees of cooldowns, 10s, 5s, and 3s, they also have different cast times: instant, 0.5s, and 2.5s. On top of this, Heavy Shot gains a large crit chance increase in sniper stance, and Rapid Fire applies a physical damage increase buff at the start of it’s cast (regardless of stance). All three of these abilities are key to keeping your damage output high. For Beginners: Channel Rapid Fire, then use Heavy Shot, and finally use Bang Bang, then use each ability as they come off cooldown. For the Advanced, this is the very core of your rotation and while it may look simple on the surface, there are many intricacies you can do to increase your dps with it. A couple things I have tested and messed around with: the first being the obvious if Heavy Shot comes off cooldown but Rapid Fire is close to coming off cooldown its best to delay Heavy Shot to gain the damage boost from Rapid Fire, now the tricky part is I’m not sure how long you should delay for, right now I wouldn’t delay longer than 1 second, as Heavy Shot has a base 5s cooldown and Rapid Fires buff lasts 5 seconds even if you Heavy Shot first you’ll be able to Rapid Fire then Heavy Shot again inside the buff. Another trick I’ve found, which might be based on my ping, but it seems you fire your last rocket of Rapid Fire before the channel ends, what this means is as soon as your last rocket fires, you can jump cancel the end of the channel into your next ability (this still needs more testing on reliable ping). These are just a couple tips for now, I’m sure I’ll come up with more later, either way you can’t go wrong with just using these 3 on cooldown.

The next important topic to cover with skills is how we can CC or crowd control targets. We have two basic knock downs Shock Grenade and Explosive Trap (Fire), one slowing field Explosive Trap (Ice) and one Ultimate Knockdown Steel Blades. Overall I’d say we have good amount of cc despite what other people may say. Your main form of CC is Shock Grenade on a 15s cd that’s a targeted very small aoe. You also have a knockdown on your first “Blue/Defensive Ultimate” (more on ultimates later) Steel Blades which costs a low amount of ultimate charge power and has a 30s cd that fires in a straight thin line for 20m. The next one is a little confusing at first but once you understand how the skill works it’s very easy so let’s take a look at Explosive Trap.

Explosive Trap Fire/Ice
Explosive trap is very simple, you place a mine on the ground and when an enemy walks over it, it explodes dealing aoe damage. Now you also have the option when you place the trap for the next 3 seconds if you reactivate the ability your trap will walk towards your target and explode instead of waiting and applying the elements effect. The basics of the skill stay the same, while the only difference for Fire and Ice is they have an extra button each. Basically the way it works is you click Fire, you gain a buff enhancing your next trap you place making it a fire trap knocking down the enemy, and Ice that creates an aoe slowing field that reduces healing received in it. So the mine works exactly the same, but if you want to use a different element, you activate the buff first then the mine. The mine it self has a 5s cooldown while the Fire and Ice buffs have their own separate 20s and 30s cds respectively, allowing you to activate all 3 mines in a row fairly quickly. On top of this, you can place mines before hand on the ground but may only have 1 mine of each type active at a time. What this does mean though is you can place 3 mines (one of each type) in one spot at the same time like this :

So we’ve talked about CC now what other kind of utility do Gunslingers have? Well not very much. Two abilities come to mind that can be useful to others, the first being our level 50 ability Vigor which increases both crit and crit power (I know the website only says power but its both) for not only you but also your allies in a 30m range around you for 10s. A very very strong buff to use at the start of fights when everyone is popping their cooldowns. The other interesting utility ability that comes to mind is Cage. You call down a large steel cage in an area trapping anyone and anything inside it. Now this does mean you can trap a lot of mobs in it, along with your allies so be very careful with this. There’s a couple other things that could be considered utility when speccing your skills in a certain way but nothing major comes to mind I’ll add them later if I find something.

I’ve been working with the rotation now that I have access to all the skills and I’m coming closer to what I feel to be the best rotation at the moment. This is by no means 100% correct, it’s just what I have been doing and seems the strongest. It’s a pretty straight forward rotation, mainly just using Rapid Fire first followed by Heavy Shot and your ult Deadly Shot. The problem is, Deadly shot is not worth using until it’s skilled up to probably at least level 5+. If it’s lower than this it’s a dps lose to use Deadly Shot. When it’s high enough level though, it feels very smooth using Rapid Fire for the buff and using the other two skills, and with Rapid Fire and Deadly Shot on the same cooldown, every time they’re up they fit together nicely. Once you’ve used those three you use Bang Bang on cooldown, and while all of those skills are recharging, you fill in the gaps with ALL of your other skills. Yup, when everything else is on cooldown you want to be using your bot, your grenade, your disengage, even your CC immunity skill. This is because these skills will generate ultimate charge for your right side so you can use your large robot for dps. The reason you are able to use all these skills is because it appears your auto attack ability has it’s own separate gcd. What this means is you are able to use skills and while you’re on gcd you can auto attack to fill at all times. Like I said this is just a preliminary rotation I’ve been working on a good starting point.

Basically you have a left and right side that also could be described as blue and red or offense and defense. Each side fills up from certain abilities, the left side fills up from your main dps abilities, while the right side fills up from your main defensive/utility abilities. You have a total of 8 Ultimates but can only use 6, 3 from each side. Almost all of the Ultimates have their uses in certain situations, the only one I personally do not like or really have a place for at the moment is Flurry. It’s simply too low damage and too widespread to really be worth it, otherwise all of the other Ultimates are strong in their own way. On the right side you’ll probably be opting to not use the Cage most of the time as your odd man out. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the giant mech suit on China any time soon but from what I’ve seen the damage in the suit is incredibly high and we will probably prioritize this in our rotation but I won’t know for sure until I can test it.

Basic/Ultimate Skills Skill Up Priority
This section also will be mostly blank for now as there is a lot of testing to be done on it. This includes both skill points and skill order. Mainly you want to just focus on skilling up your core skills. Look to put points into increasing the damage done, and if you are doing PvE putting points into increased damage against monsters. Start with points in Rapid Fire first then Heavy Shot.

Here’s a video detailing stat distribution:

Now comes the tough one, how you distribute your stats. Now before you read further I’ll say this now, do not dump all of your points into one stat. I’m always the person who never takes any points into survivability and goes straight damage and even put all my points into Agility for the longest time but not only do you lose survivability, it’s also lower damage than you could have. The way it works is, as you put more points into a specific stat, the amount of points you need to increase that stat by one point goes up. So say you get to 100 agility, it might take 12 points to increase your agility to 101, when instead you could increase your power from 1 to 13 with those same 12 points and get a bigger damage boost. Now my advice while leveling is to put your points into only agility for a while and eventually you’ll start putting them into Power, or Spirit/Constitution if you need more stats while solo. If you want full damage and no survivability you will need to split between Agility and Power to get the highest damage, putting all your points into Agility will not get you the most damage. One thing to keep in mind when putting points into Agility is that for every 10 that you put in you get 4 points in Focus, which gives you a percentage physical damage increase. So when putting in points you’ll tend to keep them in intervals of 10 for the bonus.

So far the best stat distribution I’ve found depends on how many points you have and how much dex you have on gear. So you always want your dex in an interval of 10, plus your dex on gear. So like I have 8 dex on my gear and say you would put 12 dex in so it equals 20, which is divisble by 10. The reason you do this is because you get 4 force every 10 points which is a physical damage multiplier. So the easiest way I’ve found to find the highest damage split is by clicking the Rating button in your character sheet and looking at the attack value at the top of the diagram. So basically what I do is put all my points in dex, then remove 1 point and put it in strength one at a time until I get the highest value for the attack stat at the top. So far that has proven to give me the most damage in Sniper Stance.

Here I will include any kinds of video from YouTube I make and any highlights I put on twitch.

Daily Dungeon: Twitch
45 Spider Dungeon: Twitch
25 Spider Dungeon: Twitch
Rotation Testing: Twitch

Gunslinger vs Vanguard: Twitch
Gunslinger vs Occultist and SpiritShaper: Twitch

Juggernaut Armor:
Stat Distribution:

Class Mount
Here’s a picture of our Gunslinger only class mount you’ll receive later on.

That’s the end for now, most of this is just basic stuff to get the discussion rolling. Any and all questions are welcome no matter how noobish the question may be ask away! You’re also always welcome to head on over to my stream and ask me in person or watch some Gunslinger gameplay.

Here’s a video going over the Juggernaut Armor or Mech Suit ultimate ability for the gunslinger. If you guys have any questions or anything you want me to cover in the guide or a video let me know. Skill tooltips are below the video.

Monte wrote:

Gunslinger is one of the classes I am looking to play. Good info here, but I am the kind of person who really needs to try a class to see how I like it.

How relevant are they in PvP? Are they looked for in groups, PvP and PvE? Do other classes bring more to the table than a gunslinger in group content?

Also looking at occultist, but so many people playing it…

It depends on the type of PvP you are looking to do. These are just my personal opinions on how the class performs, but gunslinger is an average class in 3s and an exceptional class in anything with many players, 20’s, 30’s, sieges etc. Gunslingers aren’t a bad class in 3s, it’s just most of the other classes are very versatile being able to either heal (SpiritShaper and Occultist) or comes with some extra tankiness (Vanguard and Blademaster). Gunslinger also needs to be babysat my their teammates in threes to excel, most like comboing best with a SpiritShaper and a Vanguard/Blademaster to round out the comp. That being said if your teammates can keep your enemies off of you and leave you free to deal damage, Gunslinger will perform very well. In anything with lots of players, Gunslingers will instantly shine. The biggest advantage Gunslingers have is very long range at 30m, and very high single target damage allowing you to pick on and punish squishies from a very safe distance.

In PvE Gunslingers are regarded as the highest single target damage class in the game. With a tank holding threat full time, you are able to always stay further than 20m away and in sniper stance letting you deal a lot of uninterrupted damage. You will never be turned away from a group looking for dps as a Gunslinger. Along with having very high single target damage, you have respectable aoe that can do really well if played correctly, and you have a very good amount of cc when compared to the other ranged classes.

Occultist is a very solid choice for a class, the biggest differences between the two classes are stationary skills and stance swapping. The Occultist early on has to stand still to cast some skills while also using a few ground placed skills, think of it like a traditional caster class, while the Gunslinger is nearly full mobile but is slowed down by sniper stance. Later on, the Occultist is able to move while casting some of their abilities and Gunslingers lose their move speed slow. This also means Gunslingers never leave sniper stance, but Occultists have the ability to swap between dps and healing stance. Where the Gunslinger has high single target damage, the Occultist is one of the top aoe classes along side Swordmage.

DomiSotto wrote:

Thank you, bookmarking this! Hoping for more info to come.

Does gunslinger have a lot of casts or channeled abilities that he needs to stand stil for, or can he channel on the move etc?

How’s energy management? Is it a concern?

Does gunslinger always target enemies only, or does he need to target friends or self for any buffs debuffs?

What different stances he has, and does he need to switch stances on the fly, or can you just play one all the time succesfully?

Gunslinger does have a few cast and channeled abilities, some that require you to stand still and some that don’t. They have 3 casted abilities all of which require you to stand still, but two of them only have a 0.5 second cast time, one of them being one of your strongest ultimate abilities that does an insane amount of single target damage on a 5 minute cooldown. The other 0.5 second cast is apart of your main rotation with a 5s cooldown but I rarely notice myself pausing to cast it. Their 1 second cast time is another ultimate ability that they stand to cast, but again it feels alright in the fact that you’re charing up the ability to do high damage. One of the channeled ability they have apart of your main rotation you have completely free movement with no restrictions while channeling for 2.5 seconds. The other channel ability they have is also 2.5 seconds and you have to stand still for, but it’s an ultimate ability where you channel a Rocket Barrage in a large circle for the duration doing large aoe damage. There’s one more ultimate they have that’s channeled and stationary, it last 30 seconds and you can cancel at any time, but it’s a very poor ultimate skill that will probably never be used. None of the casted or channeled abilities feel out of place when I use them and make me feel restricted or vulnerable, and they all feel worth they trade off for the damage they provide.

For energy/resource management all classes in the game use a basic mana system. The only time I’ve ever run out of mana so far was when I was parsing on a target dummy for longer than 5 minutes. There are mana potions in the game, and you can spec/stat/gear for more mana regen if it becomes an issue at higher levels but as of right now zero problems never run out of mana.

Gunslingers always target enemies and do not target allies. They do have one buff that they apply to allies on a 1 minute cooldown that increases all allies within 30m crit and crit power for 10 seconds, but it’s an aoe buff with no targeting required.

Gunslinger has two stances, Pistol and Sniper. level 1-20 you’ll only use Pistol. At 20 you will get sniper and from 20-59 you’ll be swapping between Pistol and Sniper. The reason for this is the massive movespeed slow in Sniper Stance you can’t solo kite. So you’ll pull a mob in Sniper Stance then when it gets close you’ll swap to Pistols to kite away, but in a dungeon you’ll probably stay in Sniper. At 59 you can spec Sniper Stance to no longer have a movespeed reduction. Pistol stance give zero buffs in any way, while Sniper Stance gives you a flat physical damage buff and adds extra effects to certain abilities. What this means is once you can move full speed in Sniper Stance, there is no reason to switch to pistols.

DomiSotto wrote:

Thank you very much for taking your time to respond.

Do they have any emergency distance creation abilities, like a 35 m roll or translocation to an ally or do they just get a speed boost when switching to pistols with a speed bonus vs melee classes? Do they have any DCDs to disable gap closers from melee?

They have 1 disengage ability that instantly moves you backwards 10m while throwing out saw blades that deal aoe damage in an area for a few seconds when they hit an enemy. Pistol stance won’t give you a move speed buff, rather you will move at normal speed as opposed to only moving at 50% move speed in sniper stance (pre level 59).

You actually have a good amount of cc that you can use to disengage from melee. Three different knockdowns that all last 3 seconds (a knockdown is the same as a stun), two of them are 15s cooldowns that are both targeted 30m range and aoe, and a 30s cooldown that fires forward in a 20m line. You can also get a little tricky where you set up a fire mine on the ground ahead of time, then kite an enemy through it but since you set it down ahead of time, the cooldown for it is already up so you can follow up instantly with another mine. If you do all of this correctly you can do a 12 second cc lock if they do not have their cc immunity skill. As far as I can tell there’s no diminishing returns on cc but I haven’t got to test it much need to get more duels in.

They also have an ice trap that creates a large aoe slowing field on the ground that also reduces healing received from enemies in it. You can skill the ice field up to also root enemies in the field when the trap activates. You can also tier up one of your abilities to “seal your opponents next 2 skills for 3 seconds.” I believe this is saying your opponents next two skills don’t activate but I can’t get this skill point on my gunslinger as it requires level 69 and a skillbook to unlock.

I made some highlights from stream yesterday from a couple dungeons and some duels I did. The quality is a little low since it’s pulled from my stream and the videos are a little longer since I did not do any editing to them. If I find the time I might try to cut them up a little and put them on youtube.

Daily Dungeon: Twitch
45 Spider Dungeon: Twitch
25 Spider Dungeon: Twitch

PvP 1v1 Duels:
Gunslinger vs Vanguard: Twitch
Gunslinger vs Occultist and SpiritShaper: Twitch

Ushiro wrote:

@Carthh just wanted to stop and thank you for this, its been HIGHLY helpful, especially the lesson on land mines, i had always thought once it was specc’d up you had to chose between fire or ice, i didnt know you gained access to both, and on that note id like to request (if you’re able) could you do a video explaining the land mines in more detail? examples o info being, can you Place fire and ice land mines on the move as you can with the regular land mine? are land mines invisible to enemies? how large is the ice field left by the ice mine, (you also stated the ice mine can be specced into a snare, can you eleborate and demonstrate?) where is the fire/ice buff located and how do you activate it? i also noticed that you posted a skill calculator (which i checked out) and noticed it mentioned skill books of many types, could you elaborate on those?

Even if you cant offer this video any words you can leave are just as highly sought after, and id like to once again thank you for this guide <3 very helpful indeed

-Yes you can place mines on the move
-No land mines are not invisible to enemies
-Ice field has roughly a 10m diameter
-If the translation is correct, the second tier on the bottom row of landmine talents causes enemies to be frozen in place for 3 seconds if caught in the initial explosion
-The hotkeys for fire and ice are in your skill tab right next to land mine mine they branch off and you just drag the ability on to your your action bars
-Skill books are just items you can obtain various ways through different activities that allow you to then put points into a certain skill tree line but that line is locked until you obtain the book.

There are many different ways to allocate your stat points and have an infinite number of builds, these are just a few examples:

  • High base damage
  • High crit chance
  • Mix of base damage and crit
  • Tanky build with decent damage but much higher health and physical/magical defense
  • Slightly less tanky build with good damage but gives up physical defense to put more points into magical defense and mana regen so you don’t have to burn as many mana pots in combat

With these in mind most people will simply look to build their stat points to obtain the highest damage possible. At level 49 you have access to 1656 stat points to spread across your 5 stats. If you’re just going for pure damage you’ll be looking to put points into Agility and Power. The couple key factors to keep in mind is, as you put more points into agility, not only does your Attack Damage go up you also gain more crit chance and more focus, but you only get more focus for every 10 points of agility. What this means is, anytime your agility totals up to a number divisible by 10, you gain 4 Focus, e.g. agility from stats is equal to 15 and you have 5 agility on gear you have a total of 20 agility so you gain 8 extra focus.

Which leads into my next point to keep in mind, gear does have stats that interact with your stat points. This might sound simple enough, but what this means is not every one will necessarily have the same stat allocation to gain the highest damage possible. Technically speaking, everyone will obtain the same crafted gear at some point and use the same allocation, but outside of the exact same gear each person will have to make their own tweaks to their stat points.

With all of that being said, at the moment the highest base damage combination (not in sniper stance*) at 49 with zero stats from gear and only using base personal stat values I found range from:
89 Agility and 151 Power
63 Agility and 164Power

What this means is that in between these parameters when moving points equally from one to another you will maintain the same base damage. Remember though, moving 1 point from agility to power or vice versa IS NOT the same thing. It is an exponential increase of +1 point needed to increase by 1 total every 10 levels so 1 point needed each level from 1-10, 2 points needed each level from 10-20 etc.

Don’t forget the only thing we receive from Power is 1 attack damage. So when we have equal damage across these ranges, we still gain increasing crit chance with higher Agility, meaning you would choose between the values with the highest agility for more crit as the damage won’t change.

There is tons of room to move points around where it will have very little impact on your damage. This is just to get a general idea where to start and remember this doesn’t factor in balancing for higher crit, defensives, or mana regen. This just gets you your highest base ability damage. Everyone will choose different stat allocations for their style of play and there is absolute no wrong way to do it so long as it suits you.

Discaimer: This was done on the China server with no gear equipped and at a higher level than 49, but only 1656 stat points were used, and these are values NOT in Sniper Stance. *With the level cap being only 49 in the first beta phase there will be a lot of time spent outside Sniper Stance due to not being able to morph out of the move speed slow. Once you get to level 59+ all calculations should be done inside Sniper Stance as it works as a multiplier. Basically this is just meant to be a rough outline in helping people get a head start with their stats when beta comes before I or some one else has the time to precisely calculate the correct values. Simply use this as a guide to get yourself started and do not mistake it as an end all be all that you have to follow or else you’re doing it wrong.


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