Many people come here to ask me how to use other’s appearance in the game.

Now I will introduce you how to create the character using other people’s appearance.

First,when you login in to the interface of creating a new character like this.

And then you can see the red rectangle I drawed.
These chinese in english maybe Save,Load,Reset,Random,Recover

When you click the Save button,the apperance of your character will be saved to this folder.(If you don’t have this folder before,once you save any character and then this folder will be created automaticlly)

And sometimes it can auto save your appearance once you begin to change your character’s appearance.

And when you click the Load button,you can see the last picture’s folder.

Then you can choose the data which other people share with you and click confirm or OK to use it.

I will show you the steps.

1.Get the data from other people like this.

2.Then release these data to the folder avatar.(Here I make a mistake,I just rename the zip file,the file inside I don’t rename it,so the people who will use my characters’ appearance I recommend you to release just one zip which you want in order not to make a chaos,because you guys may don’t understand the simplied chinese)I apologize for this mistake.

3.Click the Load button in the interface. The second one from the left side.

4.Then choose the appearance you just release and click Open.

5.Then you can get the character you want,and click create character.


And that’s how to use this system.I will give you the site that including many appearance that chinese people have created and shared in the forum.
Appearance in chinese forum

You may need to reply in these threads and then you can download the one you want.First you need to registor I think.

Finally,here are some appearance that I collected for you.
One is the picture of these appearance,and the other is the data of them.They are one-to-one,I think you can easily understand what I want to say in these two files.

The picture is too big so I upload it to the MEGA
The picture



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