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1. What is Exorcism and where do I find it?
2. Rank and credit.
3. Rewards and requirements.
4. Daily and weekly tasks.
5. Locations of Exo NPCs.

What is Exorcism and where do I find it?

Exorcism (Exo) is a PvE faction. It lets you earn credits which can be used to purchase various crafting materials for your gear, skill upgrades, etc. Exo becomes available when your character reaches lvl 30. It can be found by opening your Character information menu (C by default) and going to the last tab (as you can see on the image below).

Now that we know where to find our Exo information, let’s take a detailed look to understand what is shown there.

Rank and credit

#1 – Current Exo rank: This rank determines your weekly credit limit and which items you’re allowed to purchase from the reputation vendor. Higher level items and materials require higher ranks to become available for purchase.

#2 – Exo credits: This line shows how many credits you’ve earned and currently have on your character. This is basically the currency, used for purchasing from Exo vendors.

#3 – Bonus credits

#4 – Bonus reputation

#5 – Weekly Exo credits and weekly Exo credits limit: the first number will display how many Exo credits you’ve earned this week (in my example it’s ‘0’); the second – how many you can potentially earn over the current week (in this case ‘61,106’).

#6 – Exo NPC location: clicking on this link will lead you to the main Exo vendor. Note: this is not the only NPC related to Exo, but it is the main one.

#7 – Weekly Exo reputation bar: the format is: acquired reputation (‘0’) / reputation needed to fill the bar and get all 3 reward chests for the week (‘1,000’). There’s also a weekly limit to how much reputation you can acquire over a week and it is 2,500.

#8 – Exo reputation reward claim: when you reach a certain threshold on your weekly reputation bar (500 – green, 800 – blue; 1,000 – purple), the buttons will become active and will allow you to claim an additional reward for meeting one of the requirements.

Rewards and requirements

Left side: rewards. Here you can see rewards you will receive for reaching the next Exo rank.

Right side: requirements for the next rank.

#1 – Level requirement: your current level (‘59’) / required level (‘50’).

#2 – Reputation requirement: your current acquired reputation (‘1,680’) / reputation required for the next rank (‘2,000’).

#3 – Reputation requirement: reputation required for the rank after the next one (‘3,000’).

#4 – Dungeon clear requirement: dungeons cleared on SSS (‘7’) / required amount of SSS clears (‘4’).

#5 – Auto-route to the NPC, which gives the quest to advance to the next rank, once the requirements are met.

Daily and weekly tasks

#1 – Daily Exo quest: The green number at the bottom shows how much reputation you can receive for completing the task (‘100’ for this one). Resets every day, depends on your Exo rank and your character level.

Can be found in (tab with daily activities):

#2 – Weekly Exo quest: Same thing as the daily Exo quest, but can be only done once per week.

Can be found in (tab with weekly activities):

#3 – Weekly Exo quest: Harder version of #2, typically a god mode / raid dungeon on higher levels.

Can be found in (tab with weekly activities):

Location of NPCs and stuff they sell

The first Exo NPCs you will encounter are located in the first city:

To purchase items from those two merchants you will need 1-3 Exo level, depending on the item. You can see the required Exo level and price once you select an item. In this case, you’ll require to be Exo rank 2 in order to purchase this item and it will cost you 660 credits each:


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