Light always casts darkness and there’s no darkness without light. The Occultist draws power from both. In battle they may use Adapt, turning from a potent healer to an effective killer — and back — multiple times. When the Occultist turns to the Darkness, their Hellfire Claw can damage a foe; when they turn to the Light, it can heal a friend. Creeping Pain weakens enemies’ defenses — or mends an ally. Demon’s Rancor lets them drain life from an opponent — or grants vigor and damage absorption to a comrade. Demon Shackle on an ally protects them from harm and then detonates, hurting enemies or restoring life to allies. Switching places by Void Cycle, the Occultist takes life energy from a foe — or gives it to a friend. The Occultist is a master of area of effect spells. Grasping Spirits harm enemies or heal their allies in a large area. Occultist’s Will launches an explosive orb that can strike a lot of foes — or restore health to many friends. Gate of Atrophy slows and damages opponents — or bestows control immunity on comrades.

Dance of Death wounds all enemies in vicinity — at the cost of the players health. Arcane Collusion enhances the Occultist’s and their allies’ damage output for a brief time. The Occultist’s magic mirrors boost the attack or defense of comrades. They can teleport to their mirror, paralyzing the enemies nearby — or dispelling the curses on friends. The Occultist may shatter the mirror to damage the opponents or heal allies. An experienced Occultist balances Darkness and Light, knowing when to grasp an enemy with Demon’s Touch, when to reverse damage by Cunning Transference, and when to become an Archon of Light..

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