Hello heroes of Ausgyth!

I would like to formally introduce you to our new LFG tool: The Queue System!

This change was announced in our Shadowblade Update Patch Notes, under the section titled “Group/Raid Invitations”. If you read the patch notes you will note that it says:

  • Finding a group is easier than ever: There is now a ‘Queue’ channel where group/raid invitation are posted when using the ‘Share’ button from the group/raid interface!
  • Note that this channel is disabled by default. You will need to enable it in your channel settings in order to see it.
  • The /Recruit Teammate command allow to send invitations in other chats.

This new Queue System replaces our old method of sharing our groups all throughout the different channels and funnels all LFG shouts into one channel! It is important to keep in mind that you must manually edit your ‘Overall’ tab to include the ‘Queue’ channel functionality.

To do so is simple!

Enabling the Queue Channel:
First, right click the ‘Overall’ tab and select ‘Edit’.

Second, it should open up the ‘Channel Settings’ menu. In the bottom of the window you will find the “Queue” channel option. Make sure that this is checked!

Once the checkbox has been checked, click ‘OK’ and you should begin to see messages in your chat pertaining to players looking for groups!

Sharing Groups In Queue Channel:
In order to make use of this channel, first create a party, then open up the party interface by pressing CTRL + T. Once in the party interface, click ‘Edit Info’ to select the dungeon you are wanting to share.

A new window will appear. Check the box where it says ‘Restrictions’ to start selecting.

For example, this is how a group for Daily Token would be set as. Alternatively, you can just click on one of the dungeon presets to auto-fill the info!

Select change and your message should be automatically put out into the Queue Channel!

If too much time elapses and you feel you need to put another shout into the channel, simply click on the ‘Share’ button located in the ‘My Team’ interface (CTRL + T).

Right now there are two major bugs regarding the Queue System that will be fixed as soon as they can: 1) Assassins do not automatically get added to Class Restrictions, you must manually tick the box. 2) Parties appear as, “gfxValue error Type”. Expect changes and fixes to the system soon. However, If there are more issues that arise concerning the tool, please leave a comment explaining the issue!

I hope this thoroughly explains the new system well enough that you guys can start messing around with it and getting used to it. I know it will take some time, but as more and more players use it, the more popular it will become. The more popular it becomes, the more we will use it until it simply becomes habit!

Thank you all for your patience and have a wonderful day!
-RO Moderator Archangel


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