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Hi is what im saying

This is a real basic guide about using crafting skills to acquire gear.

So I have seen a few posts where people were asking what are billets? What do I do with them? I was wondering the same thing so I thought I would investigate a bit and submit my results.

Now by no means do I know what I am talking about in this thread. If you ask me a serious question you will probably get a garbled response, as if your talking to someone who has taken too much prozac and is wondering why there is drool on his chin.

So if the information is wrong or needs improvement help me out, its a community forum after all .

Now just note I am playing a swordmage and I will be crafting a ring or accessory. And as per my last guide this is also using the CN version with the English patch enabled so the terminology will be using the patch terminology so WYSIWYG.

This guide will sort of be backwards as it is easier to explain.

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Lets take a look at our final destination and see what is required to craft a ring.

Figure 1, Equipment Clever vendor in Su Lan

So In the screenshot we can see that I am in Su Lan City once again outside and up the steps from the spa. We can also see the vendors for synthesising gear on the RHS of the screen. So we are basically in the same area. Now lets talk to the Equipment Clever Vendor.

Figure 2 talking to the equipment clever vendor.

Pretty simple stuff here, just need to pick option 1 as shown in Figure 2.

Now in the next screenshot Figure 3 below, there is where we can start to see what gear we can acquire via crafting and there is quite a bit. So we can see that we can choose what tier we want to craft for in this case 40-49. As I am crafting a ring in this guide I have also highlighted that you can scroll down and select either armor or accessories.

Figure 3 The Equipment Clever Vendor options

In the next screen shot Figure 4 you can see that I selected the ring I aim to buy and that I have the necessary items and that I can press “Common C” button to craft it. Now I just wrote “buy” but remember I said that this guide was in reverse so we will get to crafting in a lil bit. So before we go further I just want to point out here that you can buy upgraded gear here buy simply adding a few more items of exchange and that is shown in Figure 5. You can see that I have selected the “Exquisite” option and that the purchase will require a couple more items to exchange (the flint glass) but that also the stats are greatly improved. So if you can afford it and this is the gearing route you are taking it may be an option. In this guide I will just buy the Common type. Now lets start to talk about crafting (scroll down and i’ll continue).

Figure 4 Purchasing the ring

Figure 5 Upgraded gear at point of sale

So in Figure 4 I highlighted the items required to purchase the ring and they are: ” Beginner Make” , “Beginner Billet” and “Beginner Wen Made”. So how do we get those?

Let me just say that I currently do not really know how to get “Beginner Make”. You can get it from quest rewards or log in rewards or you can buy it from an auction. I bought this one from an auction. But I have also got other “Beginner Make’s” from quest rewards ( the long 120 NPC one). There may be a way to get them easily and this is where you the community can help :!:

But as for the other 2 items if you have started using your life skills panel (V) you will probably already have an idea. Lets take a look.

Figure 6 the life skills.

So we can see in Figure 6 that I have a few options selected , mainly smithing, and I have highlighted a “Beginner Billet”. Now I hope you starting to see why the guide is in reverse. You can see that the item thumbnail actually has a little ring behind a green pot, suggesting that we are crafting an accessory item. If you hover the mouse over it you will get tool tip explaining what it is for. You can also see the material required to craft the billet. I will not go into how to get “charcoal fire” or “Bar” but they can be crafted themselves. Dig around the crafting panel and you will find them.

So thats the Beginner Billet taken care of. We just need the Beginner Wen Made now and Figure 7 shows that.

Figure 7 crafting the Beginner Wen Made

It might be a little hard to see but in Figure 7 you might be able to see a little necklace on the thumbnail suggesting that we are crafting an accessory item, so have a look at these thumbnails as a rough guide and make sure your crafting the right thing. Again you can hover the mouse over the thumbnail for a tooltip.

So after you have crafted the items required for the piece of gear your buying go buy it! (See Figure 4). 8o

UH OH! Ok now whats happened in Figure 8? some gear with no stats? Don’t worry we can fix it. You can see that the tooltip tells us that the gear can not be equipped until it has been appraised by a KAM solution. So lets craft a KAM solution. (Read on Below)

Figure 8 Gear with NO STATS!!

Just a note for Figure 8 – I highlighted the current state of finances as I bought everything from auctions and it has been trial and error (mostly error lol)

Figure 9 Crafting Beginner KAM solution

Figure 9 is pretty self explanatory if you have been following along with this guide.

Here I have to apologise because I forgot to take a screen shot of the next step (but it wouldnt show my mouse even if I did with the program I am running). Basically what happens is that once you have crafted you KAM you right click it – your mouse icon will turn into a little magnifying glass – and then you click the piece of gear you bought thereby “appraising” the item. Once you have appraised the item see Figure 10, PRESTO we have stats! :thumbsup:

Figure 10 Gear with stats

Just note that I am level 46 and this ring is level 48 which is why I can not equip it.

So everyone, that is how you use crafting to get gear in RO.

Please help me out if something is wrong or you have comments and suggestions.

I hope you enjoyed the guide

Thanks for reading!


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