-How to get it-

The 6 types of Reputation Quests

\/ NPC Rep Quests \/

Blue Rep Quests

These are easy quests to complete that give you reputation, experience, and cloud credits.

Honor Quests

Quests that give you Honor, reputation, experience, and cloud credits.
You get double Rep and Honor for the first quest completed each day.


Honor is used as a currency to purchase items from Rep Vendors

Hidden Quests

You have to be level 49 to start these and they directly effect your Heritage Page, finishing some of these quests will give you treasures


Example: I spoke to this guy in the Port south of Su Lan, in the main building
where you fine the Blue Rep Quests and Honor Quests.

He said to read the scroll —- So I did

After reading the scroll I completed the quest and was given a treasure (Tidal Volume)

After completing this quest my completion bar for this area rose and I could see my treasure. (The completion bar for the areas and the treasures are all on the heritage page, as well as
info for tracking longer Hidden Quests)

All these quests are crazy different. Some are basic completion on interaction and others have cut scenes and riddles to solve. I’ll keep looking into them, but I know very little.

Billboard Quests

Reputation quests that can be found in most (if not all, haven’t checked EVERY area) areas with reputation to be earned.
You can take these for 100 Cloud Credits, and you spend Energy&Mind Power to complete them.
You get your 100 Cloud Credits back upon turning in the quest, and you can do these over again all day.

Labor Credentials- Points that you can turn in with Rep Points for Cloud Credits

Hunting Quests

These are also known as Area quests, the pop up only in certain areas and have a time limit.
You get double Rep and Honor bonus for the first completion of this quest each day.

You get reputation and Honor for these quest and they have no daily limit.

Social Quests

In some areas you can sit down in a certain spot for 2 minutes and gain reputation for that area.

You can do this once in every area to get extra reputation in all areas.

Reputation Tribute Items

Items that you consume to gain reputation in an area.

You can’t sell these at reputation stores.
-It’s Uses-


-You can use your reputation to purchase items that can grant you a good amount of exp.

Spirit of the Essence – Is an item you can consume to gain extra experience.

Costume Pieces

You can purchase accessories for your character with your reputation.

Gathering Materials

You can unlock materials with your reputation rank for purchase to craft items you normally wouldn’t have been able to.

For a list of all the obtainable Materials and what you can make with them. Pls go to
Full List

Crafting Perks

By ranking up your reputation in a certain area you can unlock Recipes (Special Formula) for your life skills, you can even unlock a perk to gather special resources.


-Extra Stuff I have to Say-

I will be adding more to this guide as I figure out new stuff.
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I found so far and hopefully I’ll have more info soon. :3

If you have any accurate info to add, please put it in the comments and I will add it to the guide. Thank You

-Guild Shout Out-
This is the guild I belong to and I cherish it more than anything.
If you’re a player who wants to progress in this game and be surrounded my amazing people I highly suggest you check out this guild :3. If you do join, I’ll see you out there, and can’t wait to talk to you.


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