Revelation Online Spiritshaper Build

This guide was written by Lindely for Codex and shared to the community so everyone can benefit from it. Thank you to @Deioth for editing the guide and to @Vheissu for help with updating the guide. If you want to re-post or translate this guide, please give the credits to Codex. Please note that all of these names are unofficial and will change in EU/NA.

1. Introduction and stat points.
2. Basic skills.
3. Special skills and skill tree.
4. Morphing and healing comparison.
5. Updates and additional information.


Heya! I am currently playing Revelation China as a Spiritshaper (level 69) and on RU (lvl 69 SS). I also had a lvl 69 SS in EU CBT3. The information used in this guide comes mostly from my own personal experience. If you find something, that you don’t agree with, feel free to discuss it in this thread.

Spiritshaper is the main healing class in Revelation. It is also capable of doing a decent amount of damage, if built as a damage dealer rather than a healer.


Your main stats are SpiritIntelligence and Physique. There is a rule of thumb that you have to follow while choosing your stats and that is increasing it by 10 points of increments at a time. Each 10 points into Intelligence give you 4% increased magic damage, 10 points into Spirit give 4% magic defence and 10 points into Constitution give 4% physical defence.

Physique is our source of HP (one of, along with Spirit) and physical defence in this game. 1 Physique : 2 Spirit distribution is a minimum of what you should invest in it for a healer, in my opinion. It should give you a solid HP pool to be able to survive the occasional damage that you might take while chasing your party / raid members around the dungeons and PvP arenas. More HP can be required depending on your playstyle.
In general, Physique is a very important stat for PvP (far more important than for PvE), as the need in physical defence will be far greater. Taking into consideration that efficiency of Spirit per point in PvP decreases due to the debuffed healing, Physique comes very close to Spirit in importance (up to the point where you can consider taking 1 Spirit : 1 Physique for PvP encounters).
[1 point in Constitution gives +29 HP and +8 Physical defence;
10 points give +4 Persistence (4% Physical defence)]

Spirit is our main stat as a healer. This is our second source of HP and the main source for magic defence and healing power (along with Intelligence). Spirit also contributes to damage scale on 2 of your special skills – Deer Stampede and Pummeling Yeti.
[1 point in Spirit gives +25 HP, +10 MP, +1.6 Healing power and +8 Magic defence;
10 points give +1 HP restoration and +4 Tolerance (4% Magic defence)]

Intelligence is the main stat for DPS, and a secondary stat for healing. Each point, invested in Intelligence gives us healing power, but less than a point in Spirit. Our main source of magic damage.
[1 point in Intelligence gives +1 Magic damage and +0.6 Healing power;
10 points give +4 Spirit Power (4% Magic damage)]

Personally I prefer to have my points invested as 3 Spirit : 1 Intelligence ratio as 1 point in Spirit is more beneficial for a healer, but investing points into the lower Intelligence stat costs less points.

As you can see, I also took 50 points into Dexterity. I am still testing if it’s worth it or not, but it feels like it helps a bit (50 points give me around 4% additional healing critical chance at 59+, but it does decay a bit the higher level you get. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but then again, investing the first 50 points into a stat is not expensive). Also, once you reach 200+ in SPR, investing points in it will become inefficient due to excessive cost. (at level 79, 100 points of Dexterity will cost you ~20 points in Spirit or ~30 points in Physique. What’s better? I won’t personally judge at this point as I don’t have enough experience on 79 just yet).
[1 point into Agility gives +2 Critical]

Stat points per level
After testing it a bit, this is how the stat addition looks like this (was tested on a SS):At level 1 you start with 1 Power, 2 Intellect, 2 Constitution, 2 Spirit, 1 Agility. Stats that increase will be different for other classes.
At levels 2-20 (included) you receive +2 Intellect, +2 Constitution and + 2 Spirit. Those stats are automatically added to yours, you’re not given an option to distribute them yourself just yet. At level 20 you have 1 Power, 40 Intellect, 40 Constitution, 40 Spirit, 1 Agility.
At levels 21-25 you receive 30 points to distribute per each level (150 points total).
At levels 26-30 you receive 36 points to distribute per each level. Also, at 29 after completing the dan advancement, you receive
additional 48 points (228 points total).
At levels 31-35 you receive 42 points to distribute per each level (210 points total).
At levels 36-40 you receive 48 points to distribute per each level. Also, at 39 after completing the dan advancement, you receive additional 64 points (304 points total).

At level 49 you receive 60 points to distribute.

From this I can assume that (the rest was not yet tested, and is pure theory):

At levels 41-45 you receive 54 (48+6?) points to distribute per each level.
At levels 46-50 you receive 60 (confirmed) points to distribute per each level. Also, at 49 after completing the dan advancement, you receive additional 80 (confirmed) points.
At levels 51-55 you receive 66 (60+6?) points to distribute per each level.
At levels 56-60 you receive 72 (66+6?) points to distribute per each level. Also, at 59 after completing the dan advancement, you receive additional 128 (confirmed) points.
At levels 61-65 you receive 78 (72+6?) points to distribute per each level.
At levels 66-70 you receive 84 (78+6?) points to distribute per each level. Also, at 69 after completing the dan advancement, you receive additional 192 (confirmed) points.
At levels 71-75 you receive 90 (84+6?) points to distribute per each level.
At levels 76-79 you receive 96 (90+6?) points to distribute per each level. Also, at 79 after completing the dan advancement, you receive additional 256 (confirmed) points.


Your basic damage skills:

Spirit Bells. Your basic attack. Used as a filler to accumulate energy for Special (Ultimate/Unparalleled) skills and do some extra damage (energy gain scales on leveling it). Situational skill. Wouldn’t recommend leveling it for PvE (if you’re playing as a healer), but it has applications in PvP for faster energy generation.

Firefly Hex. DoT (Damage over Time). Doesn’t do much damage on it’s own, but can boost your damage (and in general group’s magic damage) quite nicely if morphed to decrease enemy’s magic defence (recommended). Instant cast makes it quite easy to use in both healing and damaging spec. Wouldn’t recommend leveling past level 10 for PvE (and only if you plan on morphing and actively using it); for PvP in general you can level it for faster resource generation and some extra damage on a single target.

Spectral Magpie. Targeted ability with a small AoE around the target. Does fairly good damage, but not instant (has chanting time). Not very applicable for PvE as a healer, not very great in PvP either.

Leaping Porpoise. Your damaging skill that probably does the most damage. It is not targeted on an enemy, but placed on the ground at a chosen location instead. Good for AoE damage and slow. Not very useful in PvE as a healer, but has some applications and offers a bit of damage. Important skill for PvP due to CC it potentially provides, and energy generation.

Your basic healing skills:

Essence of Spring. HoT (Heal over Time). Doesn’t do much healing on it’s own at the start, but can be stacked up to 3 times on each person (4 or 5 times if morphed after level 69). Typically morphed into increased healing and/or p.def and m.def increase. Good for resource generation.

If Spring Breeze is applied to yourself, it can be spread to the whole party within 30m with Green Vine (spreads 1 stack per use as a default effect, can be morphed to spread up to 4 stacks per use). Only spreads the stacks applied to the caster. An important skill for both PvE and PvP.

Green Vines. AoE heal with the a range of 30m. Our bread and butter along with Spring Breeze. This skill has an instant cast, spreads 1 stack of Spring Breeze on your group members by default and dispels negative effects if morphed (must be morphed to dispel!). Can spread additional amount of stacks per cast (up to 4) if morphed into it. Gives additional 30-50% movement for 3s, and has an option to restore Levity/Stamina to you and your group if morphed. What’s not to love? While it might seem like it’s healing is quite weak, the skill is great for healing the AoE damage that your group members might take along with spreading Spring Breeze and removing negative effect (only removes one per use). One of the main sources of the resource generation for your Special Skills. Important skill for PvE and PvP.

Falling Sakura. Strong healing ability with the 5m AoE range. Good for healing tank and melee DD. The only minus – long cast time (2s > 1s at 69 is morphed). Can be used for AoE heavy healing when few people are grouped up. Can move while casting, possible to pre-cast before the damage is taken. Can add +10% Physical damage reduction for 3-5s on cast. Important skill for PvE and PvP.

Moonlight Herald. Strong single-targeted channeling healing ability. Can be morphed into a mid-range AoE healing (10m; up to 3 additional targets will receive 50% of the healing on 59 and up to 140% self healing on 69 if morphed). Can move while casting, cast can be interrupted if needed. Useful for PvE and PvP.

Your miscellaneous skills:

Feathering. Targeted ability that allows you to resurrect a dead ally. Has fairly long cooldown (180s) and casting time (5s) (which can be decreased through morphing), so make sure other group members are not in danger of dying in the next 5-10s before using this ability, else you will create more problems than solve. Has a secondary skill linked to this main one, which can be only used out of combat, but doesn’t have CD and has a shorter casting time. Important skill in both PvE and PvP (including BGs and Arena), leveling it gives your target more HP and MP upon the resurrection.

Sanctification. Our main CC break skill. Rarely needed in PvE (apart from the times when you need to take heavy damage; so can be used simply to generate energy), it has more applications as a PvP skill. Starting cooldown at level 1 is 120s, and is decreased every time you level this skill (50s at skill level 18 ~ character level 69). Middle Soul Grid crystal also provides a minor CD reduction for this skill. You can exit the form early by using Spiritual Solution (you get a CC immunity for x more seconds, but your healing is reduced by 70% at the same time) or by pressing F8 (by default) and just cancelling the form without any benefits or debuffs. Can be morphed into decreased CD and longer duration. Good resource generation skill for PvE and very important skill for PvP (provides both CC immunity, damage reduction, additional CC – charm, and a bit of damage).

Spirit Shell. Applies a shield to an ally target. This skill has 20s cooldown, and absorption value is not really that high, but it’s helpful when somebody gets low, and you need to buy some time to cast the healing skills ~ applying shield on your target before casting heal might save a life. This skill can also be used to remove negative effects from a target (unlike Green Vines, Spirit Shell removes all negative effects instead of just one). Can be used for an urgent dispel if the AoE one is on cooldown already or you need to removed multiple effects asap.

Deformation effect is useful in PvP or to protect yourself from normal monsters, but has a really small range (3m) and works only if casted on yourself. Deformation effect cannot be CC broken. Shield value is also not reduced in PvP unlike the direct healing.

Luxuriant Rush. A party buff, that recovers a small amount of HP and MP.

Enhance effect (CC break and immunity) is available on use for 3s (up to 5 is morphed past level 69) can be useful in few situations:

  • If your group member is CCed and has no CC break available, it will help them escape.
  • If your group or group member is low, applying Enhance right before using a big solo / AoE heal will boost their received healing and help you heal them faster.

Note: you can morph this skill to add +10% magic attack and healing power for the duration of Regeneration effect (30min), which is a lot . The passive was poorly translated so I overlooked it without testing initially. Huge thanks to @Dekoze for bringing it up!

Your passive skills:

Spiritual Resilience. Using damage or healing abilities will generate 1 orb (resource). Passive skill is available since level 1.

Blue orbs (Atrophy) are generated through your damage abilities; each orb gives +2% damage, up to 6 blue orbs active at a time.
Green orbs (Flourish) are generated through your healing abilities; each orb gives +2% healing, up to 6 green orbs active at a time.

Using damage skill while having the healing orbs active will reset them, same goes for the other way around. So combining healing and damage skills at the same time might not always be a good idea, as you lose this bonus. (Spirit Shell and Sanctification counts as offensive skills and generate Atrophy).

Morphing some passives on 59+ will allow you to generate additional orbs on casting specific skills.
Morphing some passives on level 69+ will offer you an option to consume few of the orbs on cast in exchange of additional healing (for example, 2 orbs for 40% additional healing for a skill).

Endless Life. Self-explaining passive skill. Available at 30 talent points. 

Body Strengthening. Self-explaining passive skill. Available at 60 talent points.

Special (Ultimate/Unparalleled) Skills

Special skills are your F1-F6 skills. You can only have 3 out of 4 abilities active at the same time, for each side. Left side resource is generated through your damaging abilities and your right side resource is generated healing abilities.

Deer Stampede. Our first damage special skill. Fairly good damage on a solo target, instant cast. Damage additionally scales with points in Spirit, apart from basic scaling from your Magic Damage.

Serpent Snare. Good ability for CC. Can be resisted (higher level of the skill will increase the chance of success) and has a tiny AoE (1m around your target). Imprison state can be dispelled. Very important skill for PvP (our main source of CC).

Eagle Strike. Damages enemies in the line (3m wide) in front of you and pushes them back. Has a fairly long range, around 30m. I haven’t found this skill particularly useful, so I don’t have in on my panel. It has applications in specific situations, mostly PvP, but highly situational skill.

Pummeling Yeti. Summons a Yeti in the targeted area, which will damage and knockdown enemies for 5s, cooldown is 30s. Good ability for PvP and for AoE monster grind. Even if the initial knock down is CC broken, staying in the area without CC immunity on will lead to another knockdown for the duration of the skill.

Nature’s Balm. AoE group healing ability. It seems weak the first time you get it, but it comes in handy later on once it’s leveled and you actually have a need for more than 1-2 healing ability so sustain your party. Instant cast makes it pretty sweet. Can be combined with Luxuriant Rush for burst AoE healing.

Faerie’s Touch. Strong single target healing ability. Good for urgent healing, if target gets low. Great ability for burst healing on a single target in PvE and PvP.

Radiant Whirlwind. Probably your most used ultimate healing ability in PvE. The goal is to keep it up all the time in PvE and PvP (if you can find a good position for it, as it’s easily killed by players). It’s easier to use in PvE as the attack and AoE abilities from monsters and bosses will not harm it. The flower lasts for 30s, and base CD is 30s. Sounds perfect to me.

Life Flow. Another AoE healing ability with interesting mechanics. It is a channeling ability that lasts for 10s. Basically it puts you into the animation of some sort of ice skating. You automatically move forward, healing allies on your way in 10m radius (while also potentially slowing your enemies down). Healing is pretty decent, but the radius is rather small compared to other AoE heals. I haven’t had much experience with it personally. From my point of view it is mostly suited for PvP taken into consideration CC immunity and 70% damage reduction while in animation, can also have an application in PvE when you have to take a heavy damage. Animation can be cancelled at any moment. You only want to level this ability if you want to increase the healing output, but that will heavily affect the resource consumption.

Special (Ultimate/Unparalleled) Skill Tree

Every special skill can be upgraded through 4 different types of orbs. Red orbs are for increased damage or healing, orange ~ decreased resource cost, blue ~ cooldown reduction and green have a unique effect.

As for what you want to use is:

⦁ Deer Stampede: red and green orbs for increased damage. Decreasing resource consumption or cooldown won’t have much impact in this case, in my opinion, as they’re already quite low by default.
⦁ Serpent Snare: in PvP you can either go for combination of orange + blue; or orange + green. Green tree is also useful for PvE.
⦁ Eagle Strike: I didn’t experiment much with it, but in theory orange + green would provide you with additional CC on top of knock-back. Situational.
⦁ Pummeling Yeti: focus on orange orbs to decrease the resource consumption as it’s a very expensive skill to activate.
⦁ Nature’s Balm: red and green orbs for increased healing output.
⦁ Faerie’s Touch: red and orange would give the best output, in my opinion. Green+orange might be better for PvP.
⦁ Radiant Whirlwind: combination of orange, blue and green while maintaining the balance between them). Red tree didn’t seem all that useful.
⦁ Life Flow: orange is a must if you plan on using the skill.

Arcane Arts

Keep in mind, those builds are based mainly on my personal opinion and experience with the game and might be modified in the future.PvE ~ lvl 49-59 healing (10 points)
PvE ~ lvl 49-59 damage (10 points)

PvE ~ lvl 59-69 healing (30 points)
PvE ~ lvl 59-69 damage (30 points)
PvP ~ lvl 59-69 healing (30 points) – mainly for 3v3 arena, credits to @Vheissu.

Healing comparison in pictures

Healing numbers comparison at level 68 (Sorry! Due to the fact that gifs refused to work properly in the post, I had to resort to making an imgur album with them).

Moon Rain


Wind Flower


Petals Whirlwind

(13xx tics are from this skill, 19xx are unrelated, don’t take them into account)

Recording was done without any consumables, all skills morphed into healing increase. My current crit power is 84% and healing crit chance 16% without food (that is really low). This is purely to compare the in-game numbers to give you a better idea.


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