Hello! I am Purple. Ive been playing the Chinese version of Revelations since the open Beta Began. I am apart of Eterna Gaming.
I have been maining a summoner since the begging and have found a very goo build that works for me at level 59. 59 Is where we will be stopped for quite a long time until 59 gear/books have been gathered before moving into 69 content so i make a guide for this large/long portion of the game.

Since many players ask me on a day to day basis about summoner,
i figure i make give a bit of information on the skill morphs i use.

Again this is what I use, if u don’t agree use your own build, this what I personally used at 59. 

Skill descriptions and such have already been given in other guides

but i will link to them as well.
Revelation Online Index


This build i use is based on level 59 skill morph BOOKS which are

needed to unlock most of the second tier largely important morphs.

Here is the skill calculator website i use for reference.
Revelation Online calculator – Druid

Spring breeze:

This heal over time is very powerful when using these morphs.
Before these morphs it is a decent top off heal but can not be used as a
true heal until these morphs have been acquired.
First 2 points, increase healing by 20% for the direct portion of
the heal.
The last 3 points, this is where the spell totally changes from
lackluster to very strong. This adds 30% extra heal PER stack. In the
begging this skill can stack 3 times, so using this morph is 90%
EXTRA heal. You can also trait to have it stack more than 3 times,
but i do not find it necessary at this point because i need my morph
points for more important things until 69.

Green Man:

This skill spreads Spring Breeze if you have it on yourself to other
players in your raid. without morph points it only can spread 1 stack
of spring breeze per usage of green man.
First 2 points are obvious, extra healing by 10% but are also needed
as prerequisites for a morph coming after it.
Next 3 points will be spent as they allow you to spread Three spring
breeze stacks that are on yourself to ALL party members within 30
meters. This is huge. Now i only have to cast spring breeze 3 times
on myself and spread ONCE to get all the stacks on my team mates,
instead of having to wait and cast green man 3 times to spread all 3
stacks, now only need to cast it once. This really is a huge morph.
30% resource gain is also big on this skill because i am casting very
often as cool down permits. So that i may then use the resource to
cast my unparalleled skills.
Cool down reduction is big since i can 100% dispel negative effects
now with it.

White Dew:

This skill is my best go to for someone taking big damage and need to
cure them quickly.
The skill morph is very important, adding 10% increase as well as
giving 50% of the heal to 3 other team mates within 10 meters of the
target is HUGE. normally this skill heals only one person, now its
massive heal is 3 people.
30% more resource, up to you but i use it very often so is nice to
20% cool down, now i can cast very often.


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