Revelation Online Combat Skills

HELLO!!!!(haven’t found anyone made this kind of guide so here I am)
Any of you want to test Ocultist skills? or Vanguard? or Swordmage, Spiritshaper?? or why not Blademaster!! Are you too lazy to level up until lvl 50 for unlock all skills just for test them?? Or you just doesn’t have time?? Well there it goes a good news!!!!!!!
You no need to make 6 character and level them up for try all the classes!! You just need 1 and only 1 character that is higher than level 30!!!
Sounds good?? ok let go and check the guide now…
Phase 1: you need your character reach level 30 first of all, no matter which class, as long as you have 1 character to level 30 you can test any class you want
Phase 2: Find the training area it’s on west of map, there a screenshot :D 

Yes it look like a Dungeon :3
So after reach the area begin the phase 3!!
Phase 3: well obviously the phase 3 it’s enter the dungeon xD
As you can see on bottom left (Free Choce of occupation challengeBoss)

Once we are inside there are 2 npc, one is for pratice with wooden dummy other one for challenge a boss: 


There we are on last phase…
Phase 4: After chose the class you want to test go and fight the wooden dummy or the boss :D up to you!! ALSO YOU CAN GAIN REWARD BY KILLING BOSS!!!!!



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