Revelation Online Vanguard Build

This guide was written by Limourne for Codex and shared to the community so everyone can benefit from it. Thank you to Deioth for editing the guide. If you want to re-post or translate this guide, please give the credits to Codex. Please note that all of these names are unofficial and will change in EU/NA.


Hi, I have played Revelation China for more than 2 months and have experiences in both Gunslinger (Level 66) and Vanguard (Level 65). The sources come mostly from Chinese guides and from my own experiences.

Vanguard Class Information
Vanguard is your standard tank class and is the go-to class for raid leading and initiating fights in PvP. The Vanguard has some damage mitigation abilities with very good Area of Effect damage.

Your main stats are Power/Strength, Spirit and Constitution. 100 power should be enough to level and generate aggro, the rest of your points can go into Spirit and Constitution.


Slam is your regular auto attack.

Swing is your highest damaging skill in your rotation. It’s an Area of Effect skill that applies bleed on your targets for 6 seconds (can be increased to 10 seconds) and can be stack up to 2 times (5 times with morph).

Breakthrough can be used differently either by choosing between doing more DPS or being more tanky. You can fully charge the skill to apply a debuff on your target that reduces their attack power by 10%, or you can instantly cast it without charging to be able to use your other abilities without delay. The knockback effect can be removed through morphing.

Rotary Cut is a 2 cast ability, the first cast knockdowns everyone in front of you in a cone and the second cast channels quick stabs in front of you which does low damage.

Dissection is your second highest damaging skill, which damages in front of you and leaves behind a long line of Area of Effect crack, which does Damage over Time.

Leap is your standard charge ability that can knockdown your targets.

Switch Stance is the ability to be able switch between tank stance, normal stance or dps stance (requires morphing). While in tank stance you will get more defensive stats, 50% threat generation and 50% movement speed reduction (this can be removed with a level 49 morph).

Dragon Grip can be used to grab your target to you or interrupt a casting ability, this is important for some boss mechanics.

Iron Blood is an Area of Effect buff that gives increased maximum health to yourself and your teammates. Even if you have 2 vanguards in your party it’s still worth using it on yourself for increased maximum HP and increased incoming healing.

Sky Roar is your CC break and CC immunity skill, which is very important to invest for in PvP. Increasing this skill reduces it’s cooldown which heavily affects how you will play in PvP. If this ability has to long cooldown you won’t be able to do anything in PvP, except for being a meat shield while eating all the CC.

Light Shield is your damage mitigation ability, which should only be used when you know you will be taking a lot of damage. While casting it you cannot do anything except for spamming Slam or, dodge and it can be recast earlier to explode.

Fearless has 3 different uses depending on your stance.
Defence stance: Damage decreased by 50% and defence increased by 50%
DPS stance: Damage increased by 50% and defence decreased by 50%
Normal stance: Damage increased by 20% and defence increased by 20%

Unparalleled Skills
Unparalleled skills are your F1-F6 skills. You can only have 3 out of 4 abilities active at the same time, for each side. Left side resource is generated through your damaging abilities and your right side resource is generated through damage taken.

This is what I have been using, and will keep using in the future.

(Left side)
Lightning Break is a shield throwing ability that does a lot of damage and can do double damage when your target is below a certain HP threshold. The double damage effect can be specced to reduce the required threshold.

(Left side)
Tornado is a 30 second channel bladestorm, which does minimal damage, which can be cancelled through dodging or jumping. This skill has some uses but in my opinion I think this skill is not really that good compared to the other unparalleled skills.

(Left side)
Charge is a skill that charges forward and pushes your enemies to the sides or forward depending on where you hit them on your charge. You cannot control your charge so once you use it you can only move forward.

(Left side)
Thousand Cracks is your highest damaging unparalleled skill that does massive Area of Effect damage and knockdowns enemies. The knockdowns, can be refreshed if your targets stay in the range of the ability. This skill requires a lot of left side resources and can take some time to charge up.

(Right side)
Thunder Shake is an Area of Effect knockdown skill that does minimal damage and has a short radius, which makes this pretty bad, compared to the other unparalleled skills.

(Right side)
Capture pulls all enemies surrounding you and stuns them. The range is a little bit bigger than it’s visual.

(Right side)
Gang Member is an Area of Effect buff and debuff spell, which works really well with Thousand Crack.

(Right side)
Absolute Guardian is your damage mitigation unparalleled skill that damages around you and reduces incoming damage by 50%.

Unparalleled Skill Tree

Every unparalleled skill can be upgraded through 4 different orbs. red orbs are for increased damage, orange decreased resource cost, blue cooldown reduction and green have a unique effect.

As for what you want to use is:
⦁ Lightning break: Red orb and green orb for reduced %HP threshold to activate the double damage effect.
⦁ Charge: Orange orb and red orb or green orb for increased knockdown duration.
⦁ Thousand Crack: Orange orb and Red orb
⦁ Capture: Blue orb and Green Orb for reducing enemies damage by x duration.
⦁ Gang Member: Red orb and Green orb for increased damage reduction on surrounding enemies
⦁ Absolute Guardian: Red orb and blue orb or Green orb for increased damage.


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