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In this post you will find: an extensive guide on the Venom ZX500 Bike Mount, information regarding the materials and how to obtain them, a short discussion about the Venom ZX500 Core, as well as some FAQ that you might be wondering yourself! I hope this post proves helpful to all players, as this is a very sought after item that might require some guidance!

This post will be broken down into six sections:

  1. Starting the Questline
  2. Main Quests and Materials
  3. Venom ZX500 Core Discussion
  4. Personal Thoughts
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

Keep in mind that this mount is
Available for ANY class!

Not only are we getting the awesome new Venom ZX500 Bike Mount but we’re also getting:

  • Class & Equipment Change: Need a change of pace on the battlefield? Find a safe place and change your class & equipment to explore a completely different path.
  • Class Areas: Complete a dedicated quest line for your class and buy skills from vendors in your class area.

1. Starting the Questline

In this section of the post you will find information regarding how to begin the questline as well as tips for completing the requirements of the quests.

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Step 1: To begin the questline for the Venom ZX500 Bike Mount you must first reach level 50. Once you reach this level, in your available quests tab you will find a quest called: “Mysterious Visitor”. Simply auto-path to the NPC listed on the quest. The name in the questline should be “Gale”.
Step 2: You should be able to locate Gale (SURPRISE! Gale is a turtle!) in Sidus Ur, directly west of the giant dragon statue. Talk to Gale and complete the quest.

Step 3: Proceed to talk with the nice little turtle. Gale will then begin to start grilling you on your knowledge of Revelation Online! Time to put on your thinking cap! (Don’t worry! Even if you get the answer wrong you can click another answer without failing the quest!)

Step 4: Once you finish quest, you should receive one “Venom ZX500 Driving Student Notes”. You should also notice Gale disappears! Where did that sneaky turtle go?! To find Gale, simply right-click the item to trigger pathfinding!

Step 5: Tada! Gale is right around the corner! Speak with the turtle to begin the next quest.

Step 6: Before you accept the quest a window will appear asking if you want to start the quest. This is because when you start the quest, you will be instantly thrown into a mount that moves on its own! So be ready to turn!

Step 7: You will see green arrow markers with numbers next to them when you begin the quest. To complete the quest, simply go through the green arrow markers in numerical order! Once you have successfully touched a marker, a number corresponding with the marker you just touched should appear above your head, as well as the sound of the ‘greed expression’ (Or when someone receives a lucky hit!).

TIP: There is a tricky part at #45 where you actually have to go down. However, if you are having rendering issues, you might want to fly around close for a bit to let the markers render!

Step 8: Complete the quest by reaching the blue marker (Don’t forget to tag #49 which is right in-front of the blue marker)! Once completed, go back and speak with Gale.

Step 9: But wait! There’s more! Gale has another challenge for you! Now it’s to test how well you can drive a ground mount! Speak to Gale once again to accept the quest! Once again, a window will come up asking if you would like to begin.

Step 10: This quest is similar to the flying one, except you will be staying on the ground, running around Sidus Ur. Like the flying one, the objective is to touch the green arrow markers in numerical order. However, in this challenge there are yellow and red markers that pose a threat.

Tip: Yellow markers like the one you see above give you one of two effects: a major speed boost or a major speed reduction. You can choose to avoid these or touch them at your own risk!

Tip: Red markers like the one you see above will result in a failure. You will need to go back to Gale and begin the quest back from marker #1. There are many throughout the run so be careful! This one just so happens to be right before the finish line! So be extra careful and don’t slack off!

Step 11: Now that both pink quests have been completed, the quest then turns into a green daily quest called “Driver’s License Exam”. This quest will be the flying mount quest you did previously. The following day it should change to the ground mount quest you did previously as well. From this point on the daily quest should switch back and forth between these two challenges.

Step 12: Done! You have finally completed the preliminary quests required to start farming for the Venom ZX500 Bike Mount!

2. Main Quests and Materials

In this section of the post you will find information regarding the main two quests that you need to complete to obtain the mount as well as a rundown of the materials needed to craft it.

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Now begins your true task in creating your very own Venom ZX500 Bike Mount!
By now you should have 4 “Venom ZX500 Driving Student Notes”. At this point, if you are not level 59, go back to leveling until you reach level 59. If you are level 59 or above, you more than likely saw them and accepted them. If you haven’t, do so now. The two quests are: Venom ZX500: Epic Journey, Part I & Venom ZX500: Epic Journey, Part II. The quests are simple, gather the required materials and turn them into Gale!

(Titles of the quest should be swapped – the bug has been reported.)Venom ZX500: Epic Journey, Part I (titles are mixed up)
Venom ZX500 Core (x5): These can be found in “Large Sacred Object Treasure Maps”, which will be discussed later on in the section titled ‘Venom ZX500 Core Discussion’.

Venom ZX500 Scorpion Driver’s License (x1): Simply do your daily driver’s test for 6 more days to receive 6 more “Venom ZX500 Driving Student Notes”. Turn in 10 “Venom ZX500 Driving Student Notes” to receive the license.

Mount Philter (x3888): Simply do whatever you can to get them i.e. salvaging mounts, opening Precious Mount Boxes, etc.

Once you finish gathering these materials, turn them into Gale and enjoy your brand new Venom ZX500 Bike Mount!

Venom ZX500: Epic Journey, Part II (titles are mixed up)
Venom ZX500 Core (x10): You will need to obtain 10 more.

Venom ZX500 Stingray Flying License (x1): This item costs 20“Venom ZX500 Driving Student Notes”. You will need to farm the daily quest for 20 days.

Fine Feather (x3888): Obtained by salvaging wings or opening Spirit Feather Boxes.

Venom ZX500 Fodder (x10): Chance to drop from defeating bosses of: Grand Bulwark Expert Mode, Mech Citadel Expert Mode, Alter of Swords Expert Mode, or Eternal Chasm Expert Mode (Also works in sidekick mode!). Note: You must have the ‘Venom ZX500: Epic Journey, Part II’ quest in order to obtain this item from bosses!

Special thanks to Kyoshiro, SmashYoAz, and Asyce!

Venom ZX500 Scorpion Embryo (x1): Obtained by salvaging your Venom ZX500 Scorpion Mount.

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, return to Gale to receive your upgraded Venom ZX500 Stingray Flying Mount (Which doubles as the ground mount!)

Here is a video showcasing the mounts design and adaptability!

3. Venom ZX500 Core Discussion

In this section I will discuss the Venom ZX500 Core and some issues regarding the item.

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To make this section clear and concise I will list the points in bullet-point format:

  • This item seems to be only found in “Large Sacred Object Treasure Maps” which are created by combining Crusader Scrolls. These scrolls can be found by doing high level Shadow Demons or by buying them on the Cash Shop. I tested how many maps it would take to gather all 5 for the first quest. It took me 49/99 maps to get 5 Venom ZX500 Cores. I would say that is a pretty low drop-rate!
  • My guess is that once this item hits the Auction House it will range from 1m – 50m. *Expect the prices to fluctuate and to follow buy patterns per server.
  • My concern over this deals with gold sellers and the like. The fact that you can sell this item for roughly 500k Imperial Coins makes it a quick tool to sell small amounts of gold to players. I could go on and on about theories and examples, but I just wanted to bring that up to people’s attention.

All in all, this item will be the focus on everyone’s radars. Even if they don’t want the bike, this item will rake in the profits. It could potentially hurt the market, but eventually will dwindle down to NPC selling price. For now, expect this to be a big ticket item after release.

4. Personal Thoughts

In this section I will elaborate on my personal thoughts and feelings about the quest and mount.

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Personally, I am a great big fan of the mount. I have had the pleasure of being able to test it on the PTS and let me tell you, if you have headphones and turn up the volume, the engine roaring is amazing. Not only that, but the animations on the bike are stunning. Just take a look at this:

The only thing I foresee people complaining about is the Cash Shop route to obtain the bike. Let me state: It is absolutely possible to obtain the bike without spending any money on the game. It might take months to obtain, however, it is still possible. The Cash Shop route simply allows players who are willing to spend their money, to obtain materials quicker than normal. I don’t see any problems in this! More over, this is a cosmetic item, similar to the Divine Angel Wings. There is no gameplay bonus in obtaining this item!I personally am not a fan of how they are releasing the Venom ZX500 Cores on two factors: 1) They can be sold to an NPC for 500k 2) They are unbound. Based on these two factors I have concluded that Venom ZX500 Cores are a threat to the marketplace and game in general. Thus, I am not a big fan of the cores, but I am a big fan of the mount nonetheless!

5. FAQ

In this section I will answer a few questions that I believe many players will frequently ask.

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Q: When will the Venom ZX500 Bike Mount come out?
A: The Venom ZX500 Bike Mount will be released in the upcoming Shadowblade Update!Q: What level do you have to be to use the Venom ZX500 Bike Mount?
A: You must be level 15 to ride the mount, however, you must be level 50 or above to obtain the quests for the mount!

Q: Can the mount hold more than one person?
A: Yes! The mount can hold a max of two people!

Q: Are there two mounts? One ground and one flying?
A: No. There is only one mount, which is upgraded once you complete the second part of the quest.

Q: Is the Venom ZX500 Bike Mount pay-to-win?
A: No. A free-to-play player can absolutely farm for this mount.

Q: How do you obtain Venom ZX500 Cores?
A: Opening “Large Sacred Object Treasure Maps” is the only known option at this time.

Q: What is the drop rate of Venom ZX500 Cores from “Large Sacred Object Treasure Maps”?
A: Very low.

Q: Why can’t I see the ‘green markers’ like it says?
A: If you are using minimum graphics, please increase them for this quest and let the surrounding area load before attempting to fly through the markers.

Q: Why am I not receiving Venom ZX500 Fodder from the last bosses of Expert Mode dungeons?
A: You must have the second part of the Venom ZX500 journey quest activated in order to obtain the Venom ZX500 Fodder from the last bosses of Expert Mode dungeons.

6. Conclusion

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read through this guide! Even if you just glanced at it for some information or came to look at some pictures of the mount, I really appreciate your visit!

If you liked the guide, I would greatly appreciate any likes and comments about my work! I also accept constructive criticism on the basis that you do so politely!

Once again thank you all and hope that this guide has helped you in some way, shape, or form!

Have a wonderful day!
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