Revelation Online Backpack Expander Npc

Hey Guys! It’s MetalZERO here playing Revelations Online and this is going to be a quick video on how to or where to buy backpack expanders… Right! First thing you have to do is open the map and get to Sulan and get to the place where i am right now and in here you have to go to the Ausgyth Commerce Center Vendor and it is right … where is it (*It’s Right There -_-) Here it is. You have to go to the Horace Aula Ausgyth Commerce Center Vendor. I’m sorry if i mispronounced the name (*You Murdered The Name) so you have to go to him. Right! So this is the vendor you have to go to Ausgyth Commerce Center Horace Aula Now I know of 3 ways of how you can get backpack expanders No.1 is through quests …

No.2 is through Player made Shops. Stall Made By Players (*The Cute Mushroom On the Screen) sometime you might be able to find players who are selling backpack expanders for probably imperial coins (*Obviously For Imperial Coins) And No.3 is through this Commerce Center (*Obviously) Now what you have to do is talk to Horace Aula Press 1 or click on this “Ausgyth Commerce Center” And open up the shop.

And then go to the goods tab and in the goods section you can find the backpack expanders and the True Orange Sack Bags which give 18 slots to buy this backpack expanders and the true orange sack You need Bronze Shards now i think it’s a really bad idea to waste bronze shards on the backpack expander and the true orange sack unless you are really desperate to have inventory space like i was… ’cause you can use the bronze shards to buy other important items now i highly recommend you guys find a player who’s selling backpack expanders and buy it from them instead of wasting bronze shards(*Not Bonus Shards -_-) in this shop but if you are truly in need for inventory space like i was you can buy it from this shop.

It’ll cost you 80 Bronze Shards for each backpack expander and it’ll cost you 9920 Bronze Shards for the true orange sack aswell as 20,000 imperial notes Backpack expanders are used to unlock these slots to put the backpack expansions in. These bags of SACKS xD i have equipped right here. Now i have to tell you DO NOT right click on the item you just bought while you are still in the shop like my dumbass did ’cause it’ll resell the item you just bought and you will loose it and you would have wasted all the bronze shards you used to buy that item. Now if you can’t afford this true orange sack there is another place to buy backpack expansions and it is… from here (Lame Transition… meh!) the elementary backpack shop and you can find it right here… next to the inventory attendant it says here elementary backpack shop now this shop doesn’t contain the gold bags which has the 18 slots but it contains the small bags which has 8 slots which you can buy for imperial notes also you can buy the back expanders and the bags to increase your warehouse inventory aswell as you can see to buy these slots you need backpack expanders Now if you guys don’t know how to unlock the warehouse inventory i’ll put up a card (Check the Info Mark On Top) and a link in the description taking you to a guide made by my friend MrKrossFaith (That’s his lame ass logo…

JK awesome logo ;)). It’ll Show you how to unlock the warehouse inventory Right this was a Short Video on How to and where to get backpack expanders That’s it for the subtitles guys. Hope You Enjoyed 😉 BYE BYE ^_^.

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