Guardian Skill Tree

Human Guardian Skill Tree

1. Buff that increases the damage Daggers and 1H Swords do. Apparently it can be used on other players.
2. Self Buff that increases the caster’s Hit Rate(Accuracy).
3. Self Buff that increases the caster’s HP.
4. Party only skill. Forces the surrounding monsters to attack the caster.
5. Skill that has the user rush at the target and stun it.
6. Skill that reduces the physical offense ability of all enemies within a certain distance.
7. Buff that increases Strength. Can be used on others.
8. Attack Skill.
9. Self Buff that increases the user’s Attack Speed and Damage, but prevents them from moving.
10. Skill that decreases the target’s MP depending on the damage dealt.
11. Self Buff that accumulatively increases the damage of each successive attack.
12. Skill that decreases the attack speed of the target. Cannot be used on Bosses or Named Monsters(This is because the skill is supposed to make your weapon "heavier").
13. Party toggle that increases Critical Ratio.
14. Attack Skill that deals damage to the target and the enemies in a straight line.
15. Self Buff that allows the caster to resist stuns and root effects.
16. Attack Skill that does damage disregarding the target’s defense.
17. Self Buff that allows the caster to resist physical damage.