Dark Elf Warlock Class Build (PvP/Group PvP)

Dark Elf Warlock Class Build (PvP/Group PvP)

The Warlock specializes in dealing out some massive aoe damage and crippling opponents. This build gives you a few hit points but mostly magic attack power. Its important for a Warlock to keep mobs and opponents away from them or you will die quickly.

Stat Build: This build has a little bit of points in VIT but most of it is distributed into intellegence for maximum magic attack power. You will have trouble with your mana bar with the low psyche points.

PvE: Soloing with the Warlock is fairly easy as long as you don’t have to cast too many skills to kill the mob and can do most of the work with your basic ranged attack. You have some devastating spells for damage but at a high cost and your mana bar will deplete very quickly. Mana Coil will help you out alot but with a 15 second cool down you must use your skills sparingly when waiting for the skill and pot cool downs. You will have alot of success when partying in high level mob grinds as you will be counted on to provide most of the damage and killing for the party. At early levels it will be really tough to dungeon grind as your first aoes don’t do alot of damage but will do enough to get aggros from them. You will find that you will be dying alot without a Healer looking out for you. At later levels you will be the focus point in dungeon grinding and will excel there. You have access to Rise Root, Pollution Mind, and Magic Push. Pollution Mind is a poweful DoT AoE and Rise Root which stuns your opponents and mobs so that other party members can slash away. If you are getting mobbed bad in a dungeon with your aggro you can cast Magic Push followed by Rise Root and you will be okay.

PvP: Warlocks are very good in pvp but their downfall is low mana pool. You can cause some devastating damage but must do so quickly as your mana goes fast with the spamming of those skills. You have a couple good spells to cast so stun and root your opponents using Cold Wave and Rise Root. You can push away melee classes away with Magic Push which is very useful in 1v1 pvp There are so many pvp options available in this build. Broken bag and Broken Treasure can cripple your enemies mobility and disable their equipment bonuses. Using Snatch and Ability Drain are also extremely effective. What makes this build a PvPing machine is also its downfall. Your mana pool is your own worst enemy so kill em fast! Warlock will also excel in group pvp focusing mainly on Magic Push and Riseroot to push away enemies and leave them stuck in their tracks.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dark Elf Mage Tree)

1. Cold Wave-Level 5: Paralyzes the target for 6 seconds.
2. Dark Message
-Level 5: Boosts HP and MP by 1800% of the user’s level. Lasts 30 mins.
3. Cure Silence
-Level 1: Cure Silence (Disable Skill) effect. You can use this skill even when you are under the silence effect.
4. Dark Eyes
-Level 1: Can detect vanish effect within 30m radius. 15% boost in magic attack. Same effect granted to party members.
5. Broken Barrier
-Level 1: Destroys your opponent’s Magic Barrier and/or Mana Guard.
6. Magic Boost
-Level 5: Critical hit rate increased by 6%. Lasts 30 mins.
7. Mana Coil
-Level 5: 150% boost in damage given. 90% of given damage absorbed as MP.
8. Strong Mind
-Level 5: 140% boost in Intelligence and 200% in Psyche is applied to the damage boost for critical hits. Lasts 30 mins.
9. Intelligence Beam
-Level 5: 400% Intelligence boost applied to magical damage.
10. Broken Bag
-Level 5: Maximum weight your target can carry drops by 40%. Magical resistance drops 50%. Lasts 30 seconds.
11. Wide Encourage
-Level 1: Attacks all targets within a 10m radius. 150% Intelligence boost applied to damage.
12. Magic Reflection
-Level 1: Receive only 40% of magic damage, and reflect 30% to the attacker. Lasts 20 seconds.
13. Wide Pollution
-Level 1: Attacks all targets within a 10m radius. 600% psyche boost applied to magical damage. Lasts 15 seconds.
14. Portal Warp
-Level 1: Warp using the portal stone. Regular portal stone can be used to move all party members that are within 7m.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dark Elf Warlock Tree)

1. Staff Mastery-Level 5: 15% boost in Staff Damage 15% boost to Staff Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
2. Add Intention
-Level 5: Poison Damage boost by 50 Adds 50 pts of poison damage for 5 mins. Same applied to party members.
3. Intelligence Shield
-Level 5: 27% of your Intelligence is applied to the damage you receive, but slowly decreases. Lasts 16 mins.
4. Foresome Shield
-Level 1: Protects you from Stun / Root spells for 30 secs. You can use this skill during Stun / Root mode.
5. Revealing
-Level 1: Prevents your opponents from using Vanish mode for 2 mins.
6. Ability Drain
-Level 5: Status drops by 40 Absorbs 40 Status Points from your opponent for 16 secs.
7. Count Blow
-Level 5: 400% of your Kill Count is applied to your Attacks Skill Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
8. Magic Push
-Level 1: Pushes back opponents that are around you, and gives a 150% Magical Damage boost.
9. Breakability
-Level 1: Disables your opponent’s Disorient skill. Lasts 15 secs.
10. Magic Mirror
-Level 5: Reflects 90% of damage received and 2 attack effect. Lasts 50 secs.
11. Pollution Mind
-Level 5: Damage in 3 second intervals. For 15 secs, 8 targets within a selected area will receive tick damage 200% user’s INT.
12. Area Toxic Potion
-Level 1: Regular potion use disabled Disables the use of regular potions to 4 of your opponents within a selected area. Lasts 10 secs.
13. Low Master
-Level 1: Attack Skill level drops by 1 Opponent’s attack skill level is lowered by 1. Lasts 15 secs.
14. Rise Root-
Level 5: 140% of your Intelligence is applied to your damage. Stuns 8 opponents for 6 secs within a 10M radius.
15. Snatch-Level 1: Absorbs 1 buff skill from your opponent. Lasts 3 mins.
16. Prevent Pet
-Level 1: Pet Effects are prevented for 30 secs.
17. Fake Death
-Level 1: Feigns Death, resets any monsters Hatred value and causes you to become Invincible for 5 secs.
18. Erase Ability
-Level 2: Resets the 1st or 2nd set of your skills. (Including the Skill upgrade stone)
19. Broken Treasure-
Level 5: Disables target’s equipment bonuses for 14 secs. 190% boost to Magical Damage, 25% dot.

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