Bolinthya Rift Guide

This guide is for any players who are interested in exploring the Bolinthya Rift world battlefield accessible through Dust Devil Canyon. This thread will be an on-going collection of information from myself and other players; all constructive contributions are welcome! Please check back for updates. 

1. Overview, Map, Rewards List
2. Lanka Guide
3. Tanboli Guide
4. Woozilla Guide
5. Tealiss Guide

Location: Dust Devil Canyon @ (56.9, 64.0) OR Silverspring @ (37.0, 30.4)

Easy Mode: Accessible through zone transportation prompts OR by talking to [Gugan Gelitz] outside the Obsidian Stronghold OR by talking to [Lydia Anne] outside Varanas. It is a level 50+ instance (mobs level 30 – 50).

Hard Mode: Accessible ONLY through the use of the transportation set skill (requires level 65) for Bolinthya Rift. This set skill can be bought from the Codex NPCs in Kampel Town, Land of Malevolence. It is a level 65+ instance (mobs elite level 65 – ?). Requirements are about the same as Grafu Castle – Hard Mode.

Group Size: This battlefield is not meant to be solo’d. The best approach would be a 12-man or 36-man raid, especially if you are attempting the hard mode.

Time (Easy Mode): 1 Hour Timer; when time is up, you will be ported outside.
Time (Hard Mode): It is timed in accordance to tasks that must be carried out. For example, you have 3 minutes to complete the first task or else you will be ported out and receive an exhaustion debuff that prohibits you from re-entering Hard Mode for 10 minutes.

Points: You receive battlefield points for staying in Bolinthya Rift for the full 1 hour. Points can be exchanged for special armor at NPCs in Obsidian Stronghold and Varanas West. For merely standing inside Bolinthya Rift for the full 1 hour, you will be awarded 55 points. For killing all the bosses you receive 165 points.

Map (Easy Mode)

Green Arrow = Entrance/Exit
Yellow Lines = Gates
Yellow Lines with Orange = Gates that cannot be attacked 
Red Dots = Enemy Catapults (Cliff Path)
Blue Dots = Ballista Construction Points
Red X = Boss locations

Easy Mode:
The gates are similar to Siege War castle gates. They have high defense and DoTs cause more damage than regular attacks. The two gates leading to Tealiss are immune to attack, most likely until the first 3 bosses (Tanboli, Lanka, and Woozilla) are successfully defeated. You can use catapults to take down the gates faster. 
For every ~25% HP you take off the gate, a mob portal will spawn. This prompts Angren mobs to appear and attack either you or the catapult. 
These gates can very RARELY be shadow stepped so don’t bother trying. Other outcomes are that it will have no effect, that you will use the skill but stay in the same spot, or that you will get stuck inside the gate. It’s faster and easier to use catapults and more importantly, it’s FAIR. :]

Hard Mode:
The only gates are the ones around the boss areas. All other gates are gone.

Easy Mode:
There are usually 2 construction points for catapults near each gate. The construction points by the first 2 gates do not require any materials. You can build a catapult by clicking on the node 2 times and these catapults can be rebuilt an infinite amount of times. For every catapult afterwards, you will have to collect [Catapult Part] (requires level 30). You need only one [Catapult Part] for each catapult you construct. This item is Bound, which means it cannot be traded between players. To receive the [Catapult Part], you must complete easy quests given to you by soldier NPCs you encounter along the path (1 part per quest completion). For example, one quest may be to kill Ents and Bolmus and another quest may be to kill Angren mobs.
Catapults decrease the HP of a Gate by 5% per hit.

Hard Mode:
There are no gates, therefore there are no catapults.

Ballistas are used against the bosses in this battlefield. There are a handful of construction points within the boss areas for Tanboli and Woozilla (estimating at least 5). The ballistas require 40 supplies each in order to be constructed. The supplies appear in the form of wooden crates called "Battlefield Supply " along the cliff-route to both Tanboli and Woozilla (appears in your bag as [Box of Materials]). The supplies that are collected in your inventory are Bound items and cannot be traded between players. Balistas take off about 1% boss hp per hit and cause a lot of aggro. There are no construction points in Lanka’s area so be prepared to take him on without assistance.

Mobs (Hard Mode ONLY)
This information applies specifically to the hard mode version! There are generally NO mobs throughout the map until you get to the gated area around each individual boss. In these areas there are large portals from which Angren elite mobs that are IMMUNE to physical damage will spawn (about 10 mobs per on the first wave out of four waves). These mobs are level 65 elites and ARE part of the process of running this version. Defeating these waves of mobs will spawn a boss. The best strategy for these mobs would be to pair a tank and mage with a priest/druid for heals; the tank will help maintain aggro while the mage uses AOEs. Ideally you need to do this with a group of at least 6 or more players because while half of the group fights the mobs on the northern side, the other half of the group has to fight mobs on the southern side.

Gear Rewards
Easy Mode:
Upon entering the battlefield there is an NPC named [Kenneth Hawking] in front of some troops. If you talk to him he will give you a daily quest (counts as one of your 10 dailies) called "Key to Victory." The quest asks you to defeat Toxic Tealiss, which is the final boss. If you can succeed in doing that you receive a bag containing a random piece of armor (can choose between Plate, Chain, Leather, and Cloth). I would not recommend pursuing this quest because it just gives some run-of-the-mill green armor for under level 50, which is the same stuff you get off the mobs in Ravenfell.

Hard Mode:
Cavern set gear drops off of bosses only in hard mode. One of the leather sets can be viewed here: Agility of the Cavern

Sets of Unknown Origin: 
Agility of the World set (level 50 – leather; decreased damage from monsters)
Tealiss’ Noxious Leather Gloves/Leather Boots/Belt/Shoulder Guards/Leather Helm/Leggings/Leather Coat

Core of the World set (level 50 – leather; decreased damage from players)
Tealiss’ Toxic Leather Gloves/Leather Boots/Belt/Shoulder Guards/Leather Helm/Leggings/Leather Coat

Magic of the World set (level 50 – cloth; decreased damage from monsters)
Tanboli’s Plant Gloves/Boots/Belt/Guards/Hat/Leg Guards/Robe

Frost of the World set (level 50 – cloth; decreased damage from players)
Tanboli’s Spiritual Gloves/Boots/Belt/Guards/Hat/Leg Guards/Robe

Destruction of the World set (level 50 – plate; decreased damage from players)
Lanka’s Hand Guards/Foot Guards/Belt/Shoulder Gaurds/Helm/Leg Guards/Plate Armor

Ability of the World set (level 50 – chain; decreased damage from monsters)
Woozilla’s Light Gauntlets/Light Boots/Belt/Shoulder Armor/Helm/Light Leg Guards/Light Armor

Point Rewards*:
277,200 points = gloves, shoes, and belt
554,400 points = shoulders and helmet
831,600 points = chest and pants

*Can choose between armor that decreases critical damage, armor that decreases damage from players (%), and armor that decreases damage from monsters (%). These are probably the best rewards from this battleground in the same way that armor bought with honor points used to be very valuable. My assumption is that the level of the gear will be either 50 or 60.

831,600 points = [King’s Light] title
King’s Light is a vanity title, but produces a special effect when equipped.

Special Item Rewards
Woozilla’s Tail (legendary weapon crafting)
Tealiss’ Core (legendary weapon crafting)

These people helped me gather information for the guide! Thank you everyone!


Lanka the Dreadful is a pretty big guy who spawns a lot of mobs on you (Elite Guardian Captains and Rune Swordsmen). A lot of the attacks from the mobs are stuns, roots, or DoTs. He also has a habit of rejuvenating HP during combat. Hard Mode: In the hard mode version, Lanka has about 13 million HP.

For this one, you’re definitely going to need a mage to AOE the spawns and either a priest or druid (or both!) for some debuff cleansers. If possible, druids should use their Spirit Guidance skill to make some of the adds friendly. This will cut down on the amount of debuffs that are stacked on your party. (More to come…)

Easy Mode: N/A
Hard Mode: 12-man Raid vs Lanka (German)
This is the only video I’ve come across so far; it isn’t a successful run, but it gives the jist of the strategy. What happens in this video is a 12-man raid is put together with 1 tank, 2 mages, 2 dps, and 1 healer (I think) for each group of 6. The first group of 6 takes the southern route and the second group of 6 takes the northern route. Halfway through, the first group wipes and fails their mission. The second group is able to spawn Lanka, who proceeds to 1-hit everyone, wiping the group. The NPCs are also killed. 

from Lanka:
Beast Iron Claw (1 second cast)

Earth-Shattering Fist (instant; causes "Shockwave")

Beast Fang Shatter Fist (instant, range: 50)

Boulder Hurl (2 second cast, range: 200; causes "Injured" and "Bleeding")

from Lanka:
"Struck by a boulder, feeling dizzy." Stun that lasts for more than 5 seconds.

"Being hit bya flying boulder causes severe internal bleeding, resulting in 300 damage every 2 seconds."

"An energy blast that causes people to lose their footing. After being hit by the powerful shockwave, attack speed, casting speed and movement speed are reduced."

from Bolinthya Elite Guardian Captain:
Punishment – Imprison (instant)
"Body is immobilized. It’s as if your whole body has been incarcerated. Unfortunately your bad luck doesn’t end there. Suffer 1000 points of damage every 2 seconds." 

Punishment – Hunt (2 second cast)

Punishment – Terrify (instant)
Causes Fear; cannot attack.

Punishment – Devine Retribution (instant)

Prison Hunt
"You feel the intent to kill coming from the Bolinthya Elite Guardian Captain’s body…"

from Bolinthya Runestone Swordsman:
Horror Hunt
"The Bolinthya Runestone Swordsman makes you feel oppressed…"


Tanboli looks like the twin of Medusa from HotO…or else it’s Mother Nature on a bad day. Tanboli is fairly straight-forward; she doesn’t spawn any adds, but she has some mean roots, curses, and DoTs. Also, there are catapults located on the cliffs above the area, which are fired at you throughout the whole fight. If Tanboli roots you and the catapults attack your party, areas of fire will spawn under you hitting for about 1000 HP every 2 seconds. The only way to avoid this is to travel through the cliff-route (farther north than the normal route that connects to Lanka) and take out these catapults before you attack her main gate and begin the fight.

You should always take out the cliff catapults FIRST or you’ll be taking on extra damage throughout the fight. Enemy catapults also interrupt spell casts. Remember to collect the crates along this path in order to construct your ballistas in the boss area. If you take the cliff-route first, you will have ample time to construct all the ballistas in the area since Tanboli will NOT spawn until you destroy the low-road gate (connects to Lanka’s area).
If you have any skills that prevent rooting, use them when you’re rooted with catapult fire under your feet so you can get out of there asap. For those that can’t get out of being rooted, make sure you have some druids or priests near by to keep up your HP for the duration of that attack. 
You will need a priest or druid to cleanse the curse debuffs. (More to come…)

Crazy Love (instant, range: 500)

Emotionally Unavailable (lasts for ~10 seconds)
"You are in Tanboli’s good graces and are confused and unable to move. She invades you, bit by bit, causing 100 damage every 2 seconds."
This is a curse-type skill.

Female Power (instant, range: 75)

Dressed Up
AOE skill

(Credit: Thanks to [bilalab] for strategy suggestions & skill names)


Woozilla looks like the panther queen of Angren and yes, she packs a real punch. However, she is pretty straight-forward, doesn’t spawn any adds. She does have a pretty powerful DoT like Tanboli, but hits a lot harder. There are catapults located on the cliffs above the area, which are fired at you throughout the whole fight (same as the Tanboli area). The only way to avoid this is to travel through the cliff-route (farther north than the normal route that connects to Lanka) and take out these catapults before you attack her main gate and begin the fight.

Make sure you take out the cliff catapults FIRST or you’ll be taking on extra damage throughout the fight. Enemy catapults interrupt spell casting. Remember to collect the crates along the cliff-route in order to construct your ballistas in the boss area. If you take the cliff-route first, you will have ample time to construct all the ballistas in the area since Woozilla will NOT spawn until you destroy the low-road gate (connects to Lanka’s area). 
Probably tank and spank from there…? (More to come…)

King’s Verdict (instant)

"Suffer 2600 points of physical damage every 2 seconds." (lasts ~10 seconds)

(Credit: Thanks to [bilalab] for strategy suggestions)


Toxic Tealiss is the demon boss in charge of the whole battlefield of Bolinthya Rift. She’s incredibly large and tall and has a pretty nasty poison debuff. 

Bring a druid with the Antidote to Tealiss’ poison! (More to come…)

(More to come…)


Q: I went to an area where a boss should appear, but I don’t see the boss. Is it bugged?
A: It is most likely NOT bugged. Bosses will not appear if you do not proceed through Bolinthya normally. This means if you hack, cheat, or try to shadow step past gates, the boss will not appear. For Tanboli, you MUST destroy the gate before her area in order for her to spawn. Remember:Bolinthya Rift is a world battlefield so another possibility is that someone else has already killed the boss.

Q: I went to the coordinates in your thread for Bolinthya Rift but the area was deserted. Did you post the wrong location?
A: The location is correct. However, the portal to Bolinthya is not open 24/7 even though the battlefield itself is open 24/7. You can either wait for the zone prompt asking if you want to participate in the A Silent Danger Approaches event OR you can go to [Gugan Gelitz] outside of Obsidian Stronghold to be transported OR you can go to [Lydia Anne] ouside of Varanas to be transported.

Q: I tried to go through the exit portal, but nothing happened. How do I get out?
A: For some reason sometimes the exit does not work. If this happens you can either use Recall to exit or you have to wait for the time to expire.

Q: What is the set that I need to access the hard mode version?
A: There is a plate, chain, leather, and cloth set that have this skill available. Only 3 pieces are in the set and only 3 are required to extract the set skill. For plate, the set is called "Plate Costume of the Rescuer." For chain, the set is called "Chain Costume of the Destroyer." For leather, the set is called "Leather Costume of the Escort." For cloth, the set is called "Robe Costume of the Protector." The entire sets are all available for purchase in Kampel Town, Land of Malevolence at the Black Codex NPCs. These sets are separate from the sets that give the Osalon Valley transports so make sure you read carefully and buy the correct pieces.

Q: How much does the hardmode transport set/set skill cost?
A by [Trav42073]: It cost 500k gold to extract the skill, after paying 150 mems and some gold for the 3 piece set.

Q: What are those portal pads at the entrance to Bolinthya Rift hard mode?
A: The portal pads are NOT exits. They merely allow you to port ahead to the first boss area on the map (since there are no mobs or gates, it’s just for the purpose of saving travel time).

Credits go to EsxCape.