cellopro’s Creating Statted Items Guide

So, we all see items with lots of green, yellow and red stats when inspecting other people’s equipment. Where the heck do they get it? The answer is simple. It’s made by players.

You can of course simply go to the auction house (AH) and buy some, but that stuff is EXPENSIVE. You should start to think about making your own. 

How do you do that? It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. First order of business is at level 10 go to Varanas Class hall and get that transmuter activated! You will also need charges to go into it. You’ll get 10 free ones to get started shortly, you can buy them with diamonds, or phirius tokens, so click that gift shop icon and start saving!

Now we’ve got the basics done, you’re ready to go. Let’s say you’re a warrior. You like axes right? Of course you do. Let’s get a nice weapon going here. First, we have to find one. Go to the AH and look for items your level or slightly below. Here’s one! Didn’t cost much either.

Notice the durability is over 100? This gives you a +20% bonus on all stats. Yes. That’s a good thing. You will always want to try and find a clean item (with no stats underneath the description) that is OD (over durability). If the durability is in white, it’s a substandard item for the most part and wait until you find an OD one. Best OD is 115-125, because it allows for equipment damage.

Ok. It’s off to Varanas. You’ll see why in a second.

Go to the Southwest corner and you’ll see three guys sitting in a line.

We want to talk to the guy I highlighted. We’ll talk about the others in another post. When talking, ask what he has for sale. You’ll see this screen pop up. Yes, he’s the fusion stone seller.

For purposes of this post, I’m just going to take the second one down on the Left side. I’m looking to quickly get three identical fusion stones. When first starting out, be prepared to buy about 15 of these before you get 3 identical ones. I just created a new toon to be nothing but a carrier for fusion stones and eventually mana stones. The new toon should be able to access the mailbox, the AH, and the housemaid.

AWESOME! I have finally found three identical fusion stones! They all look like this.

I will need three items to combine with the three fusion stones that have DIFFERENT stats. Since I’m making a warrior weapon, I’d like to have Stamina and Strength. Let’s head over to the AH and see what’s available…..

After some lengthy searching, I’ve found three items that are suitable. Doesn’t matter if you can use them or not, we’re just ripping a stat off them. They should have a single stat, or a yellow one. AND ONLY ONE. 

Here they are:

Power X stat is strength, Strength X is for strength, and Stamina X is for Stamina. Perfect!

You should now have the item you want to stat, three identical fusion stones, and three items similar to the above, but with the stats you want on your gear. Now the fun part.

Open your inventory by pressing "B" or whatever hotkey you’ve designated for your inventory. We’re looking for 

Hitting that button will open this window:

Note the charges in red. Once these hit zero, you will have to get more. Now place one of the fusion stones in a slot, and one of the items you want to rip a stat from. Once you have confirmed it is a correct in the preview window, press "confirm".

Notice that this is a tier 3 mana stone. Make sure that all of the items you have to rip stats from will give you a tier 3. Higher level items may give you a tier 4, and lower level items will give you a tier 2 or even a tier 1! You cannot combine different tiers on the same item you want to stat. ALWAYS verify the preview! Ok, let’s do the other two.

Now, you should have three tier 3 mana stones. Let’s load them in with the item you want to stat….

Double check the preview, verify that you have six stats, including the three you originally ripped from the other three items, and press "Confirm". Congratulations. You now have something nice that looks like this:

Some basic rules of thumb. Fusion stones all have different stats, if you are making a warrior weapon, you might want to pick 12k fusion stones that have slightly more endearing stats than intelligence, or dexterity. Shop. Shop. Shop. Pay attention to what you’re buying. 

Buy items to stat that you can use immediately. Blues are preferred if they are clean, or even purples that are clean, since the different colors give higher bonuses and abilities. Most you see will be white. Also remember that blue and purple also cost much more to begin with. 

Once you make an item, it’s NOT BOUND. You can easily sell it in the AH once you upgrade or buy a better piece of gear. It’s a good investment.

You should think about having at least 500k before starting this, since the initial purchase of fusion stones to get three identical may well run you 250k!

Items like this are fairly easy to sell in the AH and command between 150-350k. Good profit ratio. Want to craft to sell? Check the AH and find out what there is NOT a lot of. These will then sell faster. Currently it’s Belts and Boots. Cloaks are good too.

Cheers and hope you enjoyed this guide!

Elissabeta/Barstinia, Prodigy Guild, Reni.

Decided to post Part B from our guild website.

This post we will go into Yellow Statting. Still dirty statting because we’re using Fusion Stones purchased from in-game vendors. After doing lots of quests, and such, and since I’m a packrat, I frequently end up with low grade yellow statted items Such as these three.

After looking over a few of these, since I was making guides tonight, I decided to give a brief overview of what do do with these. With green stats, they are ranked from I to XII. Generally yellow stats are crap unless they are VI or VII or even VIII, when they can actually serve some purpose. Since we have Dex on two of these, and some stamina, I decided to make a beginner crossbow. Appears scouts like Dexterity. 

This didn’t sell on the AH, so I canceled the auction, and sent it to my statting guru. I hopped over to my fusion stone storage toon, and promptly found three identical fusion stones. They were this:

I double checked that all these items would give me similar mana stones.

And then finally ended up with this:

Now, was this a waste of four charges and 40k for the fusion stones? Yes and no. I would glady pay 40k to have the images to do this second part of the statting guide. I can probably and will probably sell this in the AH for about 100k. Most importantly, you can see that yellow stats transfer the same as green stats. The important part to note is that yellow has two inherent abilities while green only has one. This is what makes the yellows so desirable when you start farming for yellow stats VII and VIII.

Notice that the item itself jumped from Tier 1 to Tier 3 because Tier 3 mana stones were used to stat this. Had I ended up with good yellow stats, I would have most likely ended up with 3x Tier 4 mana stones, further enhancing this level 8 noobie bow.

Bear in mind that this will work with ANY yellow stats, and of course this is still considered "dirty statting"

And hey, I ended up with a bonus since this crossbow had a rune hole to begin with! ROFL.

Hope you enjoyed this one and stay tuned for the next installment.

Elissabeta/Barstina, Prodigy Guild, Reni.

Credits go to cellopro.