Dragonchampion’s Complete Guide to Guild Siege

Hello everyone! Finally got the screenshots I needed to start this up.

Getting Into Siege/Startup

NOTE: I am using the guildpanel addon; my interface WILL NOT be the same as most people’s. Buttons will be removed, some are even added. This screen shows all guilds that are registered for siege, and, during the prep stage, it also gives you the name of who you are fighting. Eventually, each guild will gain points by winning, and lose some by losing, so there will be some equality during the sieges.

Here is the battle screen:

This screen has three buttons on the bottom of it. the left button is Register. Only available to the Guild Leader, this button allows a guild to register for siege if they are level 7 and have a castle. Also, you can ONLY register if it is an hour AFTER siege is over, and BEFORE Preperation Stage. If you miss this time, you will have to wait until the next day for siege.

The Next button is the cancel registration button. If the guild opts to pull out, the leader can choose this. NOTE THAT THIS CANNOT BE DONE DURING REGISTRATION PHASE / BATTLE PHASE.

The final button is Enter battle. When Siege war begins, all guild members must press this button to be transported to the battle immediately, as long as they are not in a no-transportation area (Instance, residence, etc.)

Now, when you first get into the map, you will see a giant crystal in front of you. This is your Guild Honor Crystal and if you lose it, you lose. Depending on the amount of towers that are taken when your crystal falls, the time for you to reclaim it changes.

If 0-5 towers are taken by the enemy
The crystal must be retaken within 5 minutes, or your guild will lose.

If all 6 towers have been captured by the enemy
When your Honor Crystal has been taken like this, your guild loses. Immeditaely. No ifs, ands or buts.

Next is currency within the Siege. Gold can still be used to buy poisons, and ammo, but other than that, it is completely useless. The two types of currencies in Siege are Merits and Crystals. merits and Crystals are shown in the window that resembles a crystal that is on the top right of your screen. 

The Guild Siege Info Screen (Menu)

There are two modes to the Guild Siege Menu; simple mode, there there is no background, and advanced mode, which can be attained by right clicking the gem. Advanced mode is HIGHLY reccommended. Here is advanced mode:

In the center of the menu, is the crystal that shows your side. (hopefully you know your own guild anyways, but that’s besides the point) 

Under the guild names is a number, with a sword next to it. This is the number of guild members that are participating. Note that numbers are decieving. I have had many times where there have been 5 members, but they are all so powerful that we have a hard time holding our own.

Under the number of guild members participating, is a crystal icon. this shows how many crystals your guild has, as well as the enemy’s. note that when one guild has a lot and another had few, this indicates a guild has spent a lot on siege weapons, upgrades, and etc. Always try to spend your crystals if it is not a problem; that is what they are there for.

Note that Crystals are gained equally in proportion to Merits. This means for every merit a player picks up, 1 Crystal is added to to stockpile.
In the middle, under the crystal, is a timer (Bugged in this screenshot) when it is working, it counts down to the end of the mission. If no guild has successfully conquered the other’s Honor Crystal, then it is a tie, no matter the towers gained by the opponent.

Under that is a tally of your Merits. This is not a guild score! This simply is a quick reference to show how many you have in your pack at any time.

Underneath all this is the Morale Bar, or so I have named it. Morale is gained when you capture a tower or the opponent’s honor crystal; because there are 2 Honor Crystals and 6 towers, there is never more than 10000 morale at a time. Towers are worth 1000 morale, and Honor crystals are worth 2000 morale. Note, as stated above, if your morale at any time drops to 0 (through loss of all towers and the Honor Crystal) your guild immediately loses.


Merits: The main currency. This can be gotten in several ways.

1: Kill an enemy guild member. (Merits: 3-5, depending on allies nearby)
2: Kill a balloon monster next to the castle (Merits: 3-5 depending on how many allies are nearby)
3: Kill an Elite Balloon Monster (Merits: 10-20 Depending on allies)
4: Gather from a Tower (Merits: 1-3 randomly every 5 seconds; reccomended for low levels)

Crystals. The secondary Currency. Crystals are gained evenly with merits. for ever merit you gather, one crystal is added to your guild’s crystal coffers.


These are giant structures dotted around the map that are guarded by 3 guards; two normal elites and a boss Captain. Towers can be clicked on to gather merits (albeit slowly), so is a good place for lowbies to go to gather merits. (Levels 50+ are best killing balloons next to the castle)

The most effective method of capturing towers is with a 3 or 4 man group consisting of:

1 Tank (probably 25k HP+)
1 Healer (Have to keep tank alive!)
2 others, any class, to capture tower while the guards are busy.


Now, you are a new guild, just built a castle, and have no damn idea how to defend your castle. Well, next to your towers (yours, not the enemy’s!) you will find two clickable "Banners" these are actually SHOPS! Traps cost Merits, which you can gather as listed under "Currency" section.

Note that traps are VERY easily dispatched with siege weapons. if your opponent has siege weapons, you will probably need to either hide traps, or not use them at all.

In the Shop, (besides the ammo and poisons) you can buy TRAPS!

There are 3 Traps, and 1 weapon in this shop.

Trap 1: Sea Washed Stone

This trap is good when your opponent has many mages. This trap randomly casts Silence on all enemies around it.

2 This trap is good to have, but not to many. Your merits can be spent on other things if the enemy doesnt have a lot of mages or healers.

Trap 2: Face of Treachery (Hidden behind the info window)

Oh my GOD this trap is awesome. This trap randomly hits ALL enemies nearby, knocking them down 3 times repeatedly! Multiples of this trap are VERY hard to get past!

Priority: 1 You NEED these traps if you are facing a guild with no siege weapons! This is a perfect anti-troop trap!

Trap 3: Eye of True Knowledge

This trap is mediocre. you might want one or two here and there, but other than that, ditch em. All they do is reveal and stun any hidden rogues that pass by.

Priority: 3 You only need maybe 1 per tower/gate, unless the enemy is using rogues a lot.

Weapon 1: Bursting Beetles

Fighting enemies stronger wthan you? These are your friend! Place these on an enemy and after a short time, they explode, doing MASSIVE damage!

Defense 1: Insect Repellant Flower

Want to make sure you don’t explode violently? Grab a few of these. these can be used to remove Bursting Beetles!


Now, all structures that you have built OUTSIDE of guild siege is available to you to buff you in the battle. Buffs include massive defense increases and speed increases, depending on the building. I will be posting screenshots of the abilities of every building soon. 

Most of the time, Buffs cost both Merits AND Crystals. This is one of the only ways you can spend crystals.

The Arsenal

Who DOESN’T like smashing down an enemy’s walls with a gigantic Iron ram? Who else enjoys skewering their foes with a giant ballista?

If you enjoy this part of siege (Or just liked how it looked in the trailer) you need the Arsenal. The Arsenal allows your guild to build MOBILE SIEGE WEAPONS. This will help in taking down those pesky gates, especially when the opponent’s healers are continuously healing them.

The Arsenal comes with three levels of operation. To advance to the next level, it is 200 merits and 200 Crystals. To use a siege weapon, buy it, and then right click it while you are next to the Arsenal.

The full selection of Arsenal Weapons.

The first level (Basic) Has only 1 mobile weapon: The Ram. The Ram can hold up to 2 people inside. the more people, the faster it moves. Rams are ONLY good at attacking fortifications. they are WORTHLESS against PCs. You can also build portable catapult and ballista turrent packs, allowing you to set them up where one is missing, saving merits (These cost crystals only)

Next level is Advanced mode. This allows you to build the weapons you saw in the trailer. A massive mobile ballista, a giant triple headede catapult, and a huge protected ram are all yours… for a very large merit and crystal cost.

The Final level is Master Mode. I have not achieved this yet. This level is unknown to me, but using Itempreview I have seen a giant Lion-Headed Ram, among other interesting things. mostly though, I suggest sticking to advanced unless your opponents are HEAVILY dug in.

Now, some screenshots of the rams in action.

The simple ram. Very weak, but effective. does 15k Damage to the gates every 5 seconds.

The Iron Rams. These things tear through any gate. They do 30k normally, and 50k Criticals to gates!

The Third Tier ram, Lion Head Ram. When you have it filled with guildies, it does 100k damage to enemy gates. 
Kudos to Shadowsofwinter guild for fighting back so vehemently we had to break these out.

God Mode 
(Also known as The Herald of the Guild, and other names, but I like God Mode)

This is an option for those who do not wish to spend on guild buildings. The first person to gather 1000 merits and return to THEIR guild honor crystal will gain this mode.

The following stats are given to the player:

+10,000 HP
+25% Defense, both magic and physical
+25% Attack, both magic and physical
+100% size

Not only do they gain these massive bonuses, but they also recieve an awesome set of skills that buffs the ENTIRE GUILD at once!

Here is a screenshot of the skills:

Skill 1: Summoning Tornado

Cooldown: 8 Minutes

This skill channels the power of the Tempest through you, going streight forward and damaging all enemies caught by its deadly blast. VERY useful for killing enemies attacking a gate.

Skill 2: Thunder Force

Cooldown: 6 Minutes

This skill buffs your entire guild with the same speed as a Speed sigil for a limited time (10 seconds) Personally, I think it is a useless skill, except for reinforcing your position in an enemy castle (Allows reinforcements to get there faster)

Skill 3: Raise Morale

Cooldown: 6 Minutes

This skill allows you to buff your ENTIRE GUILD with a superbuff that causes their MAX HP to be restored Every Second for 5 seconds.

Skill 4: Fearless

Cooldown: 3 minutes

This skill makes every guild member evade the next attack within 15 seconds. During this time, however, the Herald cannot use ANY abilities.

Skill 5: Ironblood Army Spirit

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

This skill raises Critical hits by a large percentage. While I am not sure myself on what this core is, I was told by a guildie it is anywhere within 100-200%

Skill 6: Summon Guild Honor Guard

Cooldown: Who cares? This dude is epic!!! (15 minutes)

This skill calls forth a giant Guild honor Guard to fight by your side! This Guild Honor Guard has the same stats as a Guild Guard Captain, butDoubled. Yup, this dude is epic. The only bad part about this skill is that it has a MASSIVE recharge time, and also it MUST be used next to a tower, with the exception of the Honor Crystal Tower.

With this guy, I alone can walk up to an enemy tower (as long as no other PCs are guarding it and there are not many traps) and use this skill, then, while the Honor Guard is drawing the guards away and fighting them, I capture the tower! Then, when the tower is captured, the enemy hasFOUR guards to fight instead of three!

Credits go to Dragonchampion.