Lauste’s Warmage Guide 2.0

Rewritten Guide to the Warrior/Mage class combination, based on Magical Damage.

Table of Contents:

A) Introduction
B) Skills
1) Reccomended
2) Not Reccomended
C) Elite Skills
D) Playstyle/Role
E) Stats
F) Gear
G) Weapons debate
H) Conclusion

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[A] Introduction -
Contrary to the belief that this build does not mix well, I took it upon myself as I have in previous games to step 
away from the standard cookie-cutter style of standard RPGs, and set out to prove wrong the theories of hate and disgust 
with this class combination. Here I will do my best to cover all subjects with no error. My previous guide, due to 
patches/my changes & upgrades/suggestions, was in dire need of an update, and this rewrite was born.

Abbreviations used:
LT = Lightning Touch
TS = Thunder Sword
EA = Electric Attack
ER = Electric Rage
L = Lightning
FB = Fireball
CC = Crowd Control
AP = Attack Power
MP = Magic Power
Mdmg = Magic Damage
Pdmg = Physical Damage
Str = Strength
Int = Intelligence
Sta = Stamina
Wis = Wisdom
Dex = Dexterity
GCD = Global Cool-Down
TO = Threat Output
Hp = Health Points
Mp = Mana Points

[b] Skills -
[B1] Recommended -

Warrior Secondary -

Defensive Formation – This skill reduces your physical attack power at a [5% per level] ratio.
Why – Your a magical damage user, there’s no downside to this skill.

Warrior Primary -

Surprise Attack – This skill grants you the ability to rush into combat, dealing physical damage
and knocking the target down for 1 second.
Why – This is primarily a CC class, and the short knock down is still a usable intterupt.
Note – Not necessary to go past 20, but damage is still damage, doesn’t miss.

Shout – This skill will stun all targets within 90 yards for 3 seconds.
Why – This stun also counts as an interrupt, which is again part of our CC.

Survivors Instinct – This skill, when under 25% health, will increase your defense by a large amount.
Why – If you ever go under 25% health, this skill can make or break you.
Note – this is recommended, but not required, this has saved me so many times.

Terror – This skill will make the target run away in fear for a few seconds.
Why – Another staple of our CC.
Note – This skill breaks when the enemy is struck so make sure you use it at range, it activates auto-attack.

Mage Secondary -

Fireball – A long range magic skill with low mana cost and low damage.
Why – Limited spell arsenal makes this rotation-capable with low TO.

Lightning – Strike your opponent with lightning, rooting them to the ground for a long period.
Why – Staple of the CC/Mage classes.

Wisdom – Increases your intelligence by 10+[level+1].
Why – Why not?

Intensification – Increases your next spell’s damage by a medium amount.
Why – Only damage buff you can do by yourself.
Note – This skill only works on the first strike of TS, and is about a 10% overall damage increase for any spell.

Fire Ward – Increases your party’s fire resistance by a large amount.
Why – This is your only buff, and does make a large difference in some encounters.

Silence – Interrupts spell casting and prevents it for some time.
Why – PVP becomes so much easier with this skill, as does some boss fights (dorlos anyone?)

[B2] Not Recommended -

One Handed Weapon Mastery – Does not affect your WAND/Skill damage

Two Handed Weapon Master – Does not affect your STAFF/Skill damage

Strength – Does not affect your MAGIC/Skill damage

[C] Elite Skills -

(15) Electrical Rage – At max level increases your Matk by 45% [15% per strike, stacks x3]
Note – This skill affects your paperdoll (aka final) Matk.

(20) Lightnings Touch – Inflicts medium Mdmg in melee range.
Note – Costs a large amount of mana for a medium burst in damage with no cooldown [GCD]
Stat Effects – Every 1 int provides 2.4 damage, Every 1 Matk provides 1.2 damage.

(25) Critical Conciousness – Under 30% total health, reduces ALL INCOMING DAMAGE by a large % [85 max % for 8 seconds]
Note – Affects Mdmg, DOT, Pdmg, Falls. DOES NOT affect criticals.

(30) Thunder Sword – Releases four bolts of pure lightning at the target, Channeled, .5 seconds per bolt. 6 second cooldown.
Note – Does more damage than Flame in 2/3 the time. Each strike crits individually. takes 1.5 seconds to complete casting.
Stat Effects – Every 1 int provides 3.6 damage, Every 1 Matk provides 1.8 damage.

(35) Electric Attack – Adds wind damage to your attacks for 15 seconds. 25 second cooldown.
Note – Attack speed does not greatly benefit you on this skill.
Comparison A – Wand with 2.0 attack speed will net you (with minimal matk/mdmg @ 50) 1k per strike for 7.5 hits aka 7.5k damage
Comparison B – Staff with 3.0 attack speed will net you (same conditions) 1.2k per strike for 5 strikes aka 7k damage

[D] Playstyle and Role -

This class is generally a crowd-control class, but may fill a off-tank role with the correct gear. You are a mage, stand 
away from the enemy, fire spells without watching your TO, and rush ahead of the puller confident that you can 
handle the situation. I will be more specific of course for the two styles of available play, PVE and PVP, as follows.

PVE – 
You fill a DPS(Burst)/CC position in a dungeon party, because you have no AOE, you are probably being brought to a group 
to destroy main targets, aka bosses, something your sustained DPS should be capable of doing with no trouble. Remember 
that while in a boss battle you are "In-Combat" and the skill Enrage will be a primary way of generating rage versus bosses 
or enemies that may AOE. Defensive formation is beneficial to you using this rage, as is Electrical rage, if you 
want to run in and strike with it and run back out.

PVP – 
This is a great PVP class. You have the high HP and defenses of a warrior, and the crowd control and damage of a Mage. 
This class is ANNOYING to fight against. Fire Mages will find it hard to burn down a warrior with high fire resistance 
due to thier self-buffing, and Melee classes will find it hard to even get close to a skilled Warmage. Use this to 
your advantage. Versus Mage/Priest, keep silence and lightning up at all times and burn them down with TS and LT, 
dont let your mana go under half. Versus Warriors, Knights and Scouts, Keep Lightning, Surprise attack, and Terror on 
them as often as possible, especially when they are running away to Charge or Surprise you as well, since these skills 
all prevent you from getting those much-needed strikes in, these classes will melt like the wicked witch to everything 
in your arsenal. Play the coward in all battles, kite like crazy and keep them controlled and you will have no trouble 
with most opponents. Players you will have trouble with: Rogues and Priests; They can basically lock you down, or resist 
your damage entirely, magic barrier will scruff you to no end. My usual rotation in PVP will not be release for the 
safety of my own butt ^^

[E] Stats – 

Note: These stats are written according to how they affect you as a mage.

Str – Has a small effect on your maximum HP.
Dex – Has no effect on your character.
Sta – Greatly increases your defense and overall maximum HP.
Int – Greatly increases your Matk and has a small effect on your maximum MP.
Wis – Greatly increases your magic defense and overall maximum MP.

[F] Gear -

You have the ability to wear Chain, don’t let this fool you. I know ive said before that chain makes a large difference, but this 
is only true in the case of non-CS users who do not + their gear. in case you are the CS-user type I will make teh following 
suggestions to maximize stamina and intelligence on our gear; Cloth robe, hat, gloves, boots / Leather pants / Chain belt, 
shoulders. You should mod in the direction of stacking Stamina first, Matk second, Intelligence third, and Wisdom fourth. In this 
manner, you will be able to maximize all your important aspects; Health, Damage, and Mana. This is what makes you better than 
the standard mage. Able to pull the same overall single-target DPS while having more pdef and health. Of course though, you have 
nothing on them when it comes to AOE’s. For the non-cs user I suggest maximizing your pdef and stamina first, then matk. You must 
remember that even though mage gear is your friend, you are still a warrior, and must gear as such.

[G] Weapons Debate -

Okay so there’s always these people who say "I like the whole magic part of the build, but I want to use a two handed sword/axe/hammer"
etc. These people always seem to fail to realize how big of a difference the mdmg from their weapon makes, or as new players, don’t take 
notice. This is especially true at lower levels when magic damage gaps between weapon types is minimal. I tell you now, with as much 
motivation as I can, please use a staff. Your weapon proficiency with a staff goes up to 115 (only a few levels below the standard melee 
weapon) so you will not notice much difference in misses and damage (in the case that the staff and the 2 hander have the same pdmg) If 
you insist on using melee weapons while wearing magic-based gear, please t9 your weapon so that you maintain at least half the mdmg of a 
t6 staff. That was sarcasm, please use a staff. In the extreme case that you think i’m lying, or just all out wrong, please test both to 
your delight. Ive done extensive testing with alts, and my end-game char, and in no case was the two hander better. The staff makes a 
sufficient melee weapon, and an outstanding magic weapon. I hope this clears out all the confusion, if it doesn’t then ill be glad to help 
you any way I can to figure it out, just message me!

[H] Conclusion – 

I hope this helped everyone who was confused with my previous guide, and learned something. If you have a question please send me 
a mail on Osha, a private message here, or post. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Special Thanks go out to Sodeska, Arcie, Noctis, everyone who thought I was crazy in Purgatory, everyone who supported 
me through the hard times in Paladin, and everyone who listens to my whining every day for better gear! ^^

Credits go to Lauste.