Rummyangel’s Warnorken Arena Guide

The following is a Warnorken Arena guide our guild, Kabal (, put together. We did our best to explain everything you will need to know when attempting to clear, but it’s very possible that we missed something. If you find anything we left out or any errors, leave a comment and I’ll edit the post at my earliest convenience. We hope this guide helps some of you out. Kabal will be posting guides in this manner for every instance from Heart of the Ocean to KT, and hopefully Grafu and Sardo castle in the future. Good luck and have fun!

(Disclaimer: This is just a guide to the instance. Nothing written here is per GOD and all is subject to personal opinion and the makeup of the group)

The name was well chosen for this instance. The whole instance takes place in one circular “arena” type room. There are five rounds total in the first four you will face four different bosses and for the last round you will face bosses #3 and #4 together. You will NOT face any non-boss mobs in this instance and you decide when to begin each round by talking to the Arena Guard within the instance. 

For the following guide there will be a plethora of screenshots accompanying each boss fight showing initial positioning before the battle begins because a picture says a thousand words. 

Requirements (based on max lvl being 62)
This is a six man instance – normally consisting of 1 tank, 3 or 4 DPS, 1 or 2 healers. Even though there is a quest line running through the instance, there is no attunement requirement to enter.


  • Health: 50k un-buffed
  • Physical Defense: 80k (with EA)
  • Physical Attack: 19k

All Other Classes 

  • The minimum health requirement for survival is 28k; however, 30k to 35k is preferred.

Attack: All classes should bring appropriate foods, etc to buff 

  • Magic attack: 20k (un-buffed)
  • Physical attack: 20k (un-buffed) [this is required for 2nd/4th boss as the longer you fight – the more debuffs/circles you get which makes it harder – so you want to kill the bosses quickly]

Heals: HOTs (Heals Over Time) should be at 1.2k min as well as the following: 

  • Druid: 20k restore life and Recover HOT should tick at 3k
  • Priest: 25k group heal, 7 to 8k urgent heal, 20k heal

Round One 
Pop Goes the Weasel. In the beginning of the battle, the tank brings the boss (Manticos the dragon fiend) back towards the outer ring keeping himself between the boss and the party – the boss has a front/side AOE that will hurt/kill those standing closest to him. This position is where the tank remains the whole fight and one healer will remain here as well. Also, before the fight begins all DPS (and second healer if applicable) will determine which of the other two positions they will run to in the event the boss casts Dune Rock – which unless you have high amounts of DPS he will cast (see screenshot below for all positions). 

  • In the event the boss casts Dune Rock: He will fly into the air and land at the end of the cast bar. The moment he lands every party member will receive a de-buff called stumble (Stumble – the sky fills with sand and makes it very difficult to move, there are also some larger rocks that seems to have some kind of strange energy- lasts for 6 seconds). When these de-buffs appear separate immediately into the three positions. This division is necessary because when the de-buff wears off 120k AOE damage is divided amongst the party (most damage hits those in position one) – this attack is called Massive Upheaval. However, each person takes a buddy with them because if everyone spreads out separately when the boss lands every member who does not have a buddy will be turned into a stone. After the de-buff wears off each member can return to the initial position behind the tank. If someone does not follow the above directions timely there are two outcomes: someone blows up on the main healer and tank (killing either or both of them) and/or a buddy turns into stone and has to wait the count down with limited heals.

Rinse and Repeat.

Round Two 
Be Ready to Run. Before preparing for this fight you should have Escape Artist Title equipped (can be earned from Hall of the Demon Lord) and/or speed pots such as Unbridled Enthusiasm (from the housemaid) or Spellweaver Potion (Auction House) to speed up your pace because this boss has a death dealing AOE – Spinning Slash. 

The battle takes place in the center of the arena. The tank will fight the boss (Great Gladiator Mukhan) in the center. The boss will call out in blue chat “The great gladiator draws everyone towards him” and everyone will be summoned to him. As soon as this blue chat appears across the screen the “run” key should be held down in anticipation. Everyone has to run to the outside of the outer circle to avoid his AOE. As soon as you turn the outer ring you can and should head back to the center because the whole party needs to regroup for the healers to do their job efficiently. 

*Notes: Holy Shield will provide immunity to the party, Holy Candle Shield/Holy Aura will give immunity to the caster. 

Rinse and repeat. 

Round Three 
Flower Power. This boss fight will also take place in center of the room (see above image for location). The boss (Consul Marachi) will periodically distribute three de-buffs to multiple party members which are most commonly known by the color of the flower rather than their official names.

  • White Rose Heart (White Flower): Reduces healing by 75% and inflicts 4000 damage every 2 seconds. Also, when the de-buff wears off it causes AOE damage to all those nearby.
    Way to avoid killing the party – players suffering from the effects of White Rose Heart need to stay away from each other to cancel the effects. However, be sure to stay in the range of heals.
  • Reaver Rose (Red Rose): 4500 HP is lost every 2 seconds until the wound is healed. Healers have to bring the sufferers health to full to cleanse the condition. This becomes a major problem when stacked with the other flowers.
  • Red Rose Death (Pink Flower): Reduces healing by 75% and inflicts 4000 damage every 2 seconds.
    Way to avoid killing the party – three players suffering from the effects of Red Rose Death need to group together to cancel the effect.

First Boss Strategy – One Healer 
The tank takes the boss and turns it away from the party to avoid the frontal AOE. The best thing to do here is remember what each de-buff means and act accordingly. The tank will run through the party when he has the Red Rose Death and take stand on the other side. He will then run back through the party if he gets it again. 
Second Boss Strategy – Two Healers 
The tank takes the boss and turns it away from the party to avoid the frontal AOE. With two healers, the party can simply stay put and burn the boss down.

Round Four 
Follow the Leader. On this fight you will be all over the room depending on where the tank leads and making sure not to step in front of the boss (Baron Reuen von Jura). Everyone is moving due to Circles (picture below) the boss places at your feet. They steal your mana and your health – more importantly any time someone gets stuck in them, they buff the boss and slow/blind you. 

  • Wave of Anger – the Baron’s rage washes over you, causing 4000 damage every 2 seconds. This is applied randomly and equally to all party members.
  • Court Martial – punishes a target that is not obeying orders and blinds the sentenced target for a period of time. This de-buff results from standing in the circles for too long.
  • Hesitation – The imposing air of the Baron causes target to hesitate. The healers will have to keep the tank cleansed (“Cleanse”) when he has this on him because it slows him down and he will not be able to get out of the circles in time.

How to be rid of circles after the match: Stand in them with limited gear equipped – make sure a healer is awake for this part. (See illustration below)

Round Five 
Divide and Conquer. Before the bosses spawn make sure you know who is tanking and who is kiting. The Consul is the boss you want to kite while you tank the Baron. The whole party (minus the person kiting) focuses on killing the Baron and afterwards moves to kill the Consul. The tank should move the Baron into a corner in order to give the other person more room to kite. The bosses reflect their de-buffs onto the people with agro on the other boss; therefore, the consul places flowers on the tank et al and the Baron throws circles at the person kiting. It’s important to make sure when tanking these bosses that they are not facing the party and if you are kiting try not to get hit and remember to move into heal range when your health is suffering. For initial spawn points of the bosses please see screenshot below:

Credits go to Rummyangel.