-GB Ahoy there! Captn’ Goose here! If ye be planning on soon setting sail on the Sea Of Thieves well, you’re in luck! Because I just happen to have a whole barrel full of tips to transform even a lowly deck hand into the most notorious pirate to ever sail under the Jolly Roger! So, open those buccan-ears and listen up! Or else ye be forced to walk the plank! Alright, no more pirate voice, here we go! This may seem fairly obvious, but it’s surprising just how often you’ll find yourself caught with your pantaloons down if both you and your ship aren’t prepared! So always keep ship barrels stocked up as best you can, and always carry at least some planks & cannonballs on hand.

Meanwhile, bananas are all that stand between you and Davey Joneses Locker so best to always carry the maximum amount especially if you’re expecting trouble. Speaking of trouble, enemy ships can appear as if out of nowhere, so unless you’re planning on becoming a gunpowdered propelled passenger, keep your cannons loaded at all times. you can tell which are loaded if you see a small fuse sticking out the back ready to be lit.

Whether you’re steering a full-sized Galleon or a single Sloop, the principles of sailing are the same. Point your ship in a direction, lower the sails and raise the anchor! But you’ll want to make sure you’re catching as much wind as possible so make sure to check the direction it’s blowing by looking at the thin lines in the air or by checking the flag atop the mast. Lowering to full sail will get you the most speed but be sure to raise them if you need to make a sharp turn or navigate quickly around obstacles. When it comes to steering keep an eye out for the golden handle grip in the middle of the wheel, use this to help re-centre your ship’s direction and keep a true heading! When you reach your destination remember to face your ship AWAY from the shore in case you need to make a hasty retreat! One of the easiest (and most stylish) ways to this is by dropping the anchor at full speed with the steering wheel down all the way in one direction.

This will usually spin you and your trusted vessel a full 180 degrees and hopefully leave it perfectly parked for a clean getaway. Remember it does take a short moment for the anchor to hit the seafloor so you’ll want to time this masterful maneuver just right, or else ye may find yourself run aground with more holes in your hull than a block than swiss cheese! When you’re ready to leave those landlubbers behind and set sail again, here’s a nifty trick that can save you some time (and maybe even from getting your hair wet!) Simply equip your cutlass and stand at the shore’s edge near where the water drops away.

Hold down attack to charge up a lunge, and with some practice you should be sent off surfing along the top of the waves! Using this technique can save you precious seconds while swimming back to your boat, cutting across small islands, or even dashing out to commandeer some unlucky scallywag’s ship! What would a pirate be without a ship full of treasure?! And if you plan on getting paid then you’ll want to keep your collection of chests, merchant cages and bounty skulls safe before reaching an outpost to cash them in at the appropriate vendor. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping your riches out of the reach of other crews and the best place for this is in the crow’s nest! Climb up the mast ladder and store your loot in the lookout.

Not only does this make it easier to defend, but there’s a chance they might miss it altogether! If you’re feeling extra daring you can even jump out onto the crossarm and balance some booty out over the water this trick might also ensure you deliver your haul safely when being pursued. Leaping off into the water from up on high makes you a tricky target plus daring swashbucklers could even do so while the ship is at full sail to give pursuing pirates the slip! Once you’re back on land, grab that gold before swimming out to a merman and you’ll be back on board sailing away before anyone even notices! While you’re out sailing, keep an eye out for seagulls circling over water, these beckoning birds point you straight at potential riches of another crews sunken ship.

Taking a moment to take a dive can be well worth it and can give you much more loot than many missions early on, so remember: where you seagulls, you see loot! This is less of a tip and more of a suggestion, because if ye plan on playing as a salty seadog then ye best start acting like one! The game’s at its best when everyone on board gets into character so grab a crew and learn some nautical lingo! Here’s a few starters – Left is ‘Port’ side Right is ‘Starboard’ The front is the ‘Bow’ The back is the ‘Stern’ Your ‘bearing’ is your compass direction Your ‘heading’ is the way the ship’s actually pointing This is the ‘Helm’, it steers the ship, This is a ‘Sheet’, it controls the sails, This is the ‘Lower Deck’ The ‘Mid Deck’ The ‘Top Deck’ And this is the ‘Poop Deck’ (heehee!) Remember communication is essential, especially when you’re sailing with a full crew so allocate roles, sort out a chain of command, and always follow the pirate’s code! Otherwise you and your crew will be doomed to sail the ferry of the damned, or WORSE – you’ll have a mutiny on your hands and you could wind up in the brig that’s this thing!

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