With all the tests I did, I think I found some hints that can help people.
(Or maybe I was just super lucky multiple times and hallucinate there is something…)

This is a guide for people who need help to survive in that hostile region.
(I will update this guide overtime with your help and proofs in your comments)

= Volcanos are real A.I. they have an intelligence for targeting when they throw a rock
= = If you are on the island during an eruption you need to hide in a cave or under a cliff and wait, because pirate are targets when on the island
= = If you are on your ship look at your map and move your ship to a distance of 1 and ½ square to be safe
= = = If you leave you ship unattened the Megalodon can still target your ship
= = = = You should place your ship near a rock outcroping to both, hide from other pirates and be safe from megan.

= Volcanos have a random timer BUT can be triggered by pirates AND ships nearby. So after my observations if you do not want to trigger it, those are my tips:
= = do not stay too long near geysers
= = = longer you stay at the same spot more geysers appear
= = = Geysers do a tone of damage to skeletons and blowup powder keg
= = = = If too many geysers are active it will trigger the earthquake
= = When the earthquake is on… GO BACK TO YOUR SHIP and wait
= = If your ship is not ancored, the earthquake will slowly push it away of the island (same for the rowboat)
= = = Wait until the earthquake calm down or if there is smoke at the chimney be ready to leave the island
= = = = I need to do more tests for that but I think even if there is smoke the volcano can calm down.

= Water around the island become hot and do damage over time if you touch it when the volcano is awake but is safe when asleep.
= = the water inside your ship will be hot too, but only remains while your ship is within the boling area and stops as soon as the ship leave that area
= Same thing for lava trails on islands, it does damage over time when awake and safe when asleep (even if it still glowing)
= Both (water and lava) stay dangerous a short period of time after the end of the eruption, so stay vigilent
= = The water become whitish when it’s hot
= = The lava glow brighter when it’s hot

= Rowboat
= = It can hold 20 items per stacks in its storage
= = It keeps you safe from hot water
= = Are not targeted by volcanos (but can still be unlucky and get rocked)
= = Make sure it do not touch the ground, something like 2 or 3 meters away from the shore
= = = It will be easier to turn and not scratch it when you leave
= = = It will be safe from earthquake (Because yes earthquake can destroy the rowboat)

Thanks to : @ENF0RCER | @NikInJapan


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