Hey guys. I posted a video here recently with tips for people struggling to do skull forts, and it seemed to help some people so Ive got another one for you.

Video here, but description below if you would rather read.

The idea is selling Golden Chickens etc, and the method basically makes the most out of the current way the game spawns in animals and assigns you merchant voyages. The idea is to not have to sail to more than one island to get as many Golden animals as you need, and never have to leave one outpost to sell them all.

The method

Get a 4 man Galleon crew together.
Stock up on chicken cages/snake baskets from NPC.
Head to an island with snakes/chickens (Marauders Arch was good for us).
Clear island of the animals you want, then all 4 crew members commit suicide. So long as all of the crew is on the ferry at the same time, the game re-spawns all of the animals back onto the island.
When all cages are full, go to Dagger Tooth outpost. Leave all animals there with 1 crew member. The other 3 sail west to Galleons Grave outpost.
Galleons Grave only gives merchant voyages to Dagger Tooth, so your 3 crew members can continuously spam and cancel new voyages until you get ones with golden chickens etc, whilst the man left behind on Dagger Tooth can cash them all in instantly.

That’s about it. Hope it helps some people get some gold and level up their merchant alliance quickly. If you need someone to do this with, I’d suggest going over to the public discord – it literally took me 10 seconds to find 3 random people to do this with me so that I could make the video. Gold crazy over there.


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