In just two days I have joined 100 different sessions in order to evaluate the abilities of random crews. Out of those joined, only 4 sessions were able to communicate and function. Below I will list and explain the basics of how to be a productive crewmate and hopefully better prepare you for what is expected of you while public matchmaking.

Chapter One – Sails and how to operate them

Sail Length
The first thing any ship needs to get moving or slow down; Sails. Want to start moving? Lower your sails. Want to slow down to make port or perform a tighter turn? Raise your sails.

(Pro Tip: Once all the sails have been raised, your ship will slowly drift to a halt and you’ll be able to rotate freely in the sea whilst remaining in place.)

Sail Angle
In order to maximize your speed and travel time, proper sail angles are required. While angling the sail, look up at the “wind waves” to help you angle correctly. If you’re finding it hard to read the wind, take a step back and glance up at the top of the mast where the wind flag is located. Note the direction it’s blowing and adjust accordingly.

(Pro Tip for crews: Raise and angle your sails together to perform the actions faster)

Chapter Two – The anchor and when to use it

Once your anchor is up and you’ve set out to sea, there’s really no need to ever touch it again unless you’re making port and you need to stop, or you’re about to crash into an avoidable island. (see Chapter One)

(Pro Tip for Sloop crews: Anchor-drop turns can be effective in combat, both aggressively and defensively, but it’s not recommended unless the two of you are working together)

Chapter Three – Communication with crewmates

Let’s face it, this game requires communication when working with a crew, but not everyone is a social butterfly. While I would highly recommend using a microphone to communicate, it’s not required. There are many non-verbal communication (NVC) options for those of you without a microphone or not willing to speak. Use them! Xbox players; Hold Up on your D-Pad. PC players; Press the G key.
Note : PC players can also use T key to type freely.

(Pro Tip: Did you know that the non-verbal communication lines change depending on what you’re interacting with or what you’re holding?)


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