As a proud xbox player and a PvP addict i want to up my game in every way… and this is what i learned playing overwatch on console…

change your controller keybindings to:

  • LB – jump
  • RS – switch weapon
  • RB – inventory wheel
  • A – banana
  • Y – bucket
  • D-PAD – arange as you will: planks, quest wheel, chat, emotes

(And as usual: X – reload/interact, B – drop/cancel, RT – fire weapon/use, LT – aim down sight, LS – sprint)

What now happens is you will be able to perform jumps while aiming so become a insanely fast hard-to-hit-target or heal youself very quickly and be much faster reparing your ship since you wont have to use the inventory wheel no more in basicly all hot situations… like a PC player does… and switch weapons way much faster to perform following…

BONUS: The Instant Double Tap Move
Equip blunderbuss and pistol as your 2 weapons. Try to execute as fast as possible:

  1. Draw shotgun RS (while aiming/jumping)
  2. Fire shotgun RT (while aiming/jumping)
  3. Draw pistol RS (while aiming/jumping)
  4. Fire pistol RT (while aiming/jumping)

… if you practice this you will be able to do all 4 things within a few frames thus shooting both weapons quite instantly (while aiming/jumping)! Imagine what damage that deals if just close enough to the target enemy pirate… you will see it can kill instantly quite often while you will be jumping around hardly getting hit.

Field of view and controller sensivity both MAX. To get used to high FOW and sensivity up both a bit every day and after a week or so you will do just fine!

Here you go: PC skills in a controller… fight the PC masterrace guys you can do it!


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