Hey guys,

There is a lot of bad players out there in Sea of Thieves, therefore, I thought I’d share some tips to help some scrubs and newbs along the way in hopes that I run into more good players vs bad players. Behold the golden tips:

Always sail in a sloop.

  • More loot in a less amount of time.
  • Traverse the ocean in half the time.
  • Quicker anchor, easier sailing.
  • Smaller crew (less chance of having crew members that do absolutely nothing).
  • Can outrun a galleon if done correctly.

Don’t do riddles (in any circumstance).

  • Doing a riddle does not mean you’ll end up with a good chest. Chests don’t scale by chapters, riddles or level. Enjoy getting a castaway.
  • Doing a riddle takes time, time you don’t have. Doing a 4 part riddle requires time, enjoy getting ganked while you’re on the island trying to do a riddle for a single chest.

Stop hoarding treasure.

  • Want to keep all that sweet loot aboard? Want the 20 chest achievement? Enjoy losing it to another crew or because you made a simple mistake and got sunk. Turn in your loot after every one or two quests to ensure your progress is not wasted.

Stop letting PVP players get the best of you.

  • Getting chased for an hour? Playing ring around the rosie on an island? If you don’t have much on board, it’s best to leave the server, otherwise, enjoy wasting 3 hours to protect a single chest or a couple of items.

Actually, do something.

  • This is by far the biggest problem in Sea of Thieves. If you’re going to play the game, actually do something. Raise the sails, keep an eye out, lower the anchor, control the ship, stock up, help with quests. 80% of players stand around doing dabs, eating super, tending to children. Why are you playing the game if you don’t have time? Leave the game.

Skull forts are not worth the time.

  • Doing a skull fort is hit and miss, if you’re there quick enough, get it done and get out, if 2-3 Galleons are already fighting over it, save yourself the 3 hours. Do you understand how much you can make with high-level quests?

Maximize loot and reduce time.

  • Cancel a quest until you find a good quest.
  • Stop sailing across the map for a single chest or quest, cancel the quest and grab a 7 chest island right beside you.
  • Learn the difference between a good quest and a bad quest, example:

3 Riddles, 1 Island with 2 chests (Bad)
2 Islands 5 chests on one, 3 chests on another (Good)

Never grab a pig crate, feed a pig or even look at one.

  • Pigs are a waste of time.
  • You have to feed bananas to pigs or they’ll die.
  • Enjoy using all your bananas or having your pigs die without your knowledge.

Grind Merchants Alliance.

  • Merchants Alliance is the best faction for getting the most amount of gold in the shortest period of time.
  • Keyway to determine a noob, “I hate merchants alliance it sucks, let’s do souls or gold hoarders”.

Learn to control your ships (correctly)

  • When you come up to an island, raise all of your sails and drop anchor near the shore, most players are horrible at getting the ship close to the island and make their quests and players take double the amount of time. Don’t forget to turn your wheel to its original position (you’ll hear it vibrate and see a gold handle when it’s straight), this allows your ship to stay still, without slowly drifting away.

I honestly have hundreds of more tips, therefore, request another post if you’d like me to share more, hopefully, this thread brings some knowledge to the SOT community.

Pirate Legend Out.


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