With the sudden rise in shark populations, I’m sure you’ve started perusing the shops, looking for a peg leg that represents who you are as a pirate… But fear not, a little marksmanship and nerves of steel are all you need to keep all ten toes accounted for!!

The additional sharks bring with them the need for better strategies whenever you set foot in the water. There’s no real rhyme or reason as to when and where the extra sharks will appear from, but I’ve noticed them in groups of 3 most commonly. This brings about a need for:

  1. a Keen eye being kept topside whenever you are entering the water… Having an extra set of eyes on the boat will greatly improve the success rates when you need to venture into the water. Chests and skulls slow you down so having your best marksman on deck will could mean the difference between huge Payday and becoming dinner…
  2. Although most player always carry their blunderbuss, it’s a good idea to bring your flintlock with you into the water instead. The increased distance from the pistol is far more beneficial than the widespread scatter shot, allowing you to get that extra round off when you first spot the threat, giving you the possibility to finish the shark with the cutless and conserve ammunition…
  3. the sharks, albeit aggressive, aren’t very intelligent… Properly utilizing rocks and sandbars (if you find yourself a victim closer to shore) can give you a window of opportunity in which to attack the beached predator with the cutless (optimal, as the sounds of gunfire almost always attracts threats of the two legged variety)
  4. lastly, nothing beats good inventory management, and when you find yourself in the water, separated from your supplies, that becomes all the more apparent. Shark bites hurt… Like a lot… Like 50% damage Everytime, hurt… Bananas are imperative when dealing with 2 or more sharks, as they will kill you quickly if you aren’t prepared and being proactive. (Side note, bananas are also an excellent “oxygen replacement supplement” when you are scouring shipwrecks and need those couple extra seconds to surface with your cursed chest or villainous skull!!!)

I hope these little tips help all you new pirates out there… And if you ever see me on the sea, cannons up, flag me down and let’s share stories over a grog or two. If my cannons are down, however… 😉


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