On the forums I see a lot of posts by people who got robbed complaining about it. As a pirate who plays SoT solely to rob others of their loot, I think I have some insight on how to avoid having your ship looted by players like my crew and I.

I cannot stress this enough, other ships never just appear out of nowhere and sink your ship. If you are doing a voyage on an island and your ship gets sunk at anchor, it’s really no ones fault but your own. Use your spyglass.
Second, if you are doing a voyage, be extra careful if there is an active Skull Fort on your server. Skull Forts are lightning rods for PvP focused players, many of us hop servers until we find a skull cloud. If your trying to do a voyage and there is a skull in the sky, be extra mindful of my first tip as the chances of aggressive crews joining your server skyrockets.
Next, know the strengths of your particular ship type. If you are in a sloop attempting to outrun a galleon, please don’t go down-wind, you will lose. Try and use your superior maneuverability to shake the more cumbersome galleon.
Here’s another tip, try your absolute best to not play this game SOLO. Not only is running a Solo Sloop extremely difficult, it can put you in some downright impossible situations.

These are just a few of the things that I think would help people keep their loot. If anyone thinks of any other useful tips, feel free to post them below.


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