Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Sea Of Thieves Sea of Thieves has been a long time coming. Fans have been stoked for the action adventure pirate Xbox One game since it was announced at E3 back in 2015, and back in 2016, developer Rare launched an Insider Program that gave select players the opportunity to explore an in-development version of the game. During this time, players started to notice that developers had left their mark – literally – with easter eggs with game tags that immortalized certain pirates within the game, honouring certain members who aided them in the community with this initial testing. While this video definitely isn’t a comprehensive list of the Easter Eggs you can find in Sea of Thieves, it’s definitely a start, and as we dive deep into the game over the next few weeks, more will definitely pop up- easter eggs beyond pirate marks – so we may do a part 2. In the meantime though, let’s count down what we do know so far, with our list of the top 10 easter eggs you missed in Sea of Thieves. 10 LindsayElyse Twitch streamer Lindsay Elyse got a shout out with this Easter Egg – a plaque that reads “LindsayElyse Mind Your Head” at the Ancient Spire Outpost above the tavern down of The Unicorn.

This is due to a stream of Lindsay’s where she was shot out of a canon while playing the game. 9 Zoream As with most of the easter eggs on this list, Zoream’s was made in commemoration of a contribution the player made to the Sea of Thieves community. One of several poster Easter Eggs to pop up, this tribute to Zoream can be found in Memaid’s Hideaway. Zoream had put in a lot of effort and time to moderating the Sea of Thieves Xbox Club, hence the words on the poster – Join Zoream’s Infamous Pirate Club. You can find this poster located on the southeast cliff of the island on a post next to a damaged building. 8 De4th-fire Death Fire got a pretty cool hook painting alongside his gamer tag on a rock in smuggler’s bay. While there isn’t a known reason yet for why Death Fire gets this special commemoration, it’s definitely one of the cooler ones, featuring a hook holding a treasure chest with some pretty great font. It’s on the southwest beach of smuggler’s bay, the inner crest of the bay has a tall rock that appears before heading up the grassy path, and that’s where it is.

7 Cacci This gamer tag is carved into a practice target at Galleon’s Grave Outpost. This one is still slightly shrouded in mystery – the gamer tag has yet to be confirmed. So of course, the reason why it exists on the target is unknown as well, although moderators on the Sea of Thieves form have speculated it has something to do with high accuracy. You can find it outside the weaponsmith – it’s on a practice target that has a bullet hole on the bulls-eye. 6 Daimyo-DoriMa Found at a different outpost – the golden sands outpost, you can find Daimyo-DoriMa’s gamer tag printed on a long piece of parchment that is in the hands of a skeleton. Daimyo is known for his contributions to the community as well as his extensive and lengthy game feedback.

So the long piece of parchment definitely feels fitting. It was found on the north east side of the Golden Sands outpost where a water tower is situated. The skeleton is leaning up against the water tower with the long piece of parchment and a quill in its hands. 5 Musicmee Rare popped a few Wanted posters into the game, and player Musicmee was one of the community members who had one made as a tribute. Placed on a water tower located at Daggertooth Outpost, you can find an Wanted of Music Mee with the text Wanted For Saying ‘Pew! Pew! Everytime they shoot their pistol’. Musicmee was given this easter egg for not only being a positive and committed member of the community, but for also making a Wanted Poster Generator using gamer tags and custom Sea of Thieves inspired wanted reasons.

4 The Original Deckhands This one features multiple gamer tags: KattTruewalker, KnightX13,Runic, TheAaronLeigh and IOnEI-Falcon. Etched on a rock in cannon cove, these five members received this Easter Egg for being the first community moderators, known as the 5 original deckhands. To find it, when standing on the lone dock facing the island, walk directly forward until you hit an open section of rock. And bam, there you have it. 3 The George and Kraken Player Clumsy George got a pretty cool Easter Egg that plays on their gamer tag.

The only tavern on Sanctuary Outpost has a sign hanging above the door that reads The George and Kraken, along with an illustration of the player’s trusty broom that has become a bit of an inside joke amongst the community. George is known for his supportive vibes in the community, and for being quite open with mic communication in the game than any other.

2 TheAaronLeigh The Aaron Leigh had made a fan art 3D printed Sea of Thieves for Rare at SDCC 2016. damn cool. So naturally, the easter egg made for him featured a coin – The Aaron Leigh was engraved on a barrel lid with a digger stabbing through an in-game replica of the Sea of Thieves coin he made. You can find it inside the central cave of the island, up against the back wall. These days, TheAaronLeigh goes by a different gamer tag – Pikaaroon. 1 Griffin McElroy When new gameplay footage of Sea of Thieves was released during the 2017 E3, a player in the trailer can be seen taking out a banana and eating it – with the peel on – to regain health after a battle. After it aired, Polgyon video produce Griffin McElroy tweeted about it, bringing attention to it.

The tweet was so popular that later, Polygon tweeted a video of Griffin actually eating a banana in the same way for a joke, which spawned a meme. So when it came to popping in gamer tags in the game, Rare decided to give Griffin his own, with his name engraved on a rock next to a skeleton eating a banana, all to commemorate him starting the meme. You can find it on the South East Beach of Marauders Arch, before the entrance of the cave. There we have it friends! Now there’s no word as to whether these Easter Eggs will still exist in the final released game, but it seems likely they will, so let the hunting begin! There’s also a lot of speculation as to whether other famous Rare game icons will be making an easter egg appearance.

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