To complete the howling caves tomb in Kuwaq Yaku in Shadow of the Tomb Raider jump to the spiky weight, climb around it and jump to the ledge. Use the lever to let the wind in. Go across to the other side of the cave and use a rope arrow on the spiky weight to clear the bridge. Go back to the lever and turn off the wind. Go across the now cleared bridge and jump over to the left wall. Climb up the wall and across the spiky weight and drop down. Use a rope arrow to connect the nearby free handing weight to the stuck weight. Use the rope to get back to the nearby ledge and follow the bridges all the way back to the lever. Turn it to free the stuck weight and the turn the wind off again.

Go back to the ledge near which the weight was stuck and turn the lever to clear the remaining fire. Now you can go to the end to complete the howling caves tomb. .

As found on Youtube