To complete the Judge’s Gaze Tomb in the Peruvian Jungle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider first you need to get past the statue. Climb the rocks on the right and jump over to the weight to raise the statue. Follow the path until you get to the Judge’s Gaze tomb. Move the cart on the left out from under the weight and push the cart towards the ladder.

Pull the other cart under the weight you have just raised. Attach the left side of the ladder to the lowered statue using a rope arrow. Climb up to the weight on the left and jump over to it to lower it into the cart. Move the other cart under the still raised weight. Use a rope arrow to attach the right side of the ladder to the statue in the air. Walk up the ladder and climb up to the raised weight and jump over to it. Climb up the ladder to complete the Judge’s Gaze tomb.


As found on Youtube