Mobs Locations for Map 3(Adellia)

Mob Locations Map 3

These is a full map for all locations of mobs Map 3

The list is as follows…

1. Primonium High Class Warrior
2. Primonium Low Class Warrior
3. Primonium Deputy Commander
4. Primonium Squad Leader
5. Bigeye Tatoramo
6. Branch Horn Big Larva
7. Aquilus Tor Viper
8. Aquilus Tor Succubus
9. Aquilus Tor Beholder
10. Aquilus Tor Iron Golem
11. Lipiluss Patroler
12. Lipiluss Low Class Warrior
13. Lipiluss High Class Warrior
14. Lipiluss Squad Leader
15. Barren Ground Arachne Watcher
16. Barren Ground Arachne Captor
17. Nightmare Beetle Hunter
18. Barren Ground Arachne Fighter
19. Barren Ground Arachne Warrior
20. Dead Field Guard
21. Dead Field Soul Watcher
22. Dead Field Wyvern
23. WarEdge Orc Legionary Soldier
24. WarEdge Orc Squad Leader
25. WarEdge Orc Patroler
26. Black Breath Chaser
27. Black Breath Assasin
28. Burning Stone Dwarf Nightguard
29. Burning Stone Dwarf Worker
30. Burning Stone Skilled Dwarf Master
31. Burning Stone Dwarf Supervisor
32. BlackMaul Dwarf Nightguard
33. BlackMaul Dwarf Worker
34. BlackMaul Skilled Dwarf Master
35. BlackMaul Dwarf Supervisor
36. Harpy Guard
37. Harpy Wind Wizard
38. Black Breath Blackmarket Dealer
39. Black Breath Loot
40. West Wind Harpy
41. Northeasterly Wind Harpy
42. South Wind Harpy
43. Small Eye Tatoramo
44. Sumatra Sealkel Chaser
45. Edged Blade Wind Harpy Warrior
46. Edged Blade Wind Harpy Summoner
47. WarEdge Orc Nightguard
48. WarEdge Orc Archer
49. WarEdge Orc Shaman
50. WarEdge Orc Warrior
51. BlackMaul Dwarf Digger
52. BlackMaul Dwarf Explorer
53. BurningStone Dwarf Digger
54. Burning Stone Dwarf Explorer
55. Sumatra Sealkel Priest
56. Sumatra Sealkel Shaman
57. Sumatra Sealkel Hunter(Greater)
58. Sumatra Sealkel Strong Fighter
59. Sumatra Sealkel Summoner
60. Sumatra Sealkel Hunter(Lesser)
61. Sumatra Sealkel Watcher
62. CopperPeg Goblin Watcher
63. CarperPeg Goblin Stonethrower
64. CopperPeg Goblin Priest
65. CopperPeg Goblin Watcher
66. Adellia Lander
67. Adellia Stone Golem
68. CopperPeg Goblin Looter
69. CopperPeg Goblin Warrior
70. Black Breath Thief
71. Black Breath Pickpocketer
72. Black Breath Robber(Lesser)
73. Black Breath Gravedigger
74. Black Breath Mountain Guard
75. Black Breath Bandit
76. Black Breath Robber(Greater)
77. Black Breath Subforeman

A. Commander Crotum
B. Moraz
C. Nightrunner
D. Proll Burning Stone
E. Serin Burning Stone
F. Master Wesler
G. KibaTul
H. Spisus
I. Chief of Clan Moraishi
J. Steel Forearm
K. Speedy Hand Mec
L. Boss Turnid
M. Scorching Rock
N. Priest Pero
Credits go to Cartographer for putting this together!