Hello everyone! Welcome to this new character guide video for Soul Calibur VI. Today I’m going to talk about one of the iconic female character in SoulCalibur, the Demon Hunter Ninja: Taki. The french players who helped me doing this were Sgt-Jason and R0ck. Let’s see the menu of the day. As usual, first I will talk about the changes we’ve seen on the character. In the second part, I will show her new attacks and new mechanics. Finally, I will explain her game plan, her strengths and weaknesses in this Soul Calibur VI.

The classic Soul Calibur notation will be used. You will have a reminder at the top right of your screen. Feel free to pause if needed. But now, let’s get into the shadows of the FU-MA clan. Taki, the Ninja of the FU-MA Clan, is a short-range offensive character with a lot of fast and evasive moves. She is also characterized by her Possession stance, which help her harass her opponent in close range. Despite having moves with good mobility, they have very short range. She usually had a hard time dealing with good-range characters who recover quickly. Let’s go into the detail of Taki’s move list and start with what she does not have anymore. The biggest loss is without a doubt her usual 66BA which was her best whiff punishing attack. This move is now only available in Possession stance, so it becomes hard to use in this purpose.

She also loses, AB Possession, which was an excellent transition for her stance, 8A which was her most useful while jumping attack, 11A which was one of her best low attack to finish a round. And like other character, she no longer has a low attack in her Possession stance In exchange, some moves returns from older iteration. From Soul Calibur III, her Possession stance A which is a quick attack to stay in the stance, and her Possession 2_8A which allows Taki to dodge on the side of her choice while attacking.

From Soul Calibur II, she recovers her 66AA and her Stalker stance K, both will help her reducing the gap between the opponent.. Her jump A also recovers the animation of her former While Landing A, a very strong low attack which can lead to good damage. Throw in Possession Stance are also back. Taki has received a good number of new attacks, as for the other characters. First, her 44B is a new powerfull blow. She lays an explosive scroll that will explode and becomes a Break Attack. Then, her new 6B+K, which is a new middle attack and prevents sidestepping. She now has new interesting transitions to her Possession Stance, which are 4A4 and 4A K4.

Also, her new 6A+B, allows her to launch a projectile, like a kunaï with energy, which is a high attack that crosses the ring and tracks the opponent. Like many characters she also acquires new follow-up attacks on her close range strings like 6BB, 6AA and 6KK. In Soul Calibur 6, Taki has also an unique mechanic. When she use her dagger named Mekki Maru which is z the lower one behind her, she is now doing damage even if the opponent block the attack ! The damage is pretty low but if used repeatedly can force a passive opponent to adopt an aggressive game plan and thus expose himself to counter-attack damage. Also, her new Critical Edge is completely invincible to attacks, between the beginning of the animation and the strike. This unique feature will make it possible to pass through certain attacks impossible to punish otherwise. Let’s see how these two new mechanics will help Taki in her gameplan. So, how do you play Taki in this SoulCalibur VI? Being a close range character, Taki will have to get close to her opponent to benefit from her incredible offensive game.

For example at long range, she has good moves to close the gap like her 66K, her Wind Rolling stance, and her Jumping Stalker Stance. When you get close, her speed coupled with her many Possession Stance options will allow her to keep the momentum over the opponent. Her new damage mechanic with her dagger Mekki Maru will force the opponent to not remain passive and to take risks. She may then either directly hit them in Counter-Attack or dodge and punish with her A:6 Lethal Hit Combo. Finally, if the opponent uses defensive tools like the Reversal Edge or the Guard Impact, she will be able to counter with her Break Attack Bomb. And the Invulnerability on her Critical Edge should also help her get through a solid defense. In Soul Charge, Taki will be improved on 3 points: – First her close range offensive game will put even more pressure with the enhanced version of Soul Charge Possession B and also Soul Charge 4A+B which will become a Break Attack. – Then, her mobility is going to be improved with her Soul Charge 6A+B which goes further and seems to become invulnerable.

– Finally, she gets enhanced on her chain attacks with additional attacks after 3B, 6A BBB, Possession 6BA and 66AA A+B Let’s sum up the strengths and weaknesses of Taki in this Soul Calibur VI. As we have seen, the strongs points of Taki are : – the melee range, thanks to the speed of her pokes among the fastest in the game – the pressure she will put to counter a defensive strategy, thanks to the damage on block that will push the opponent to make mistakes – and her Counter-Attack and her whiff punishment at close range that will cause heavy damage These strengths come with some Weaknesses that are : – poor ability to mixups low/mid/throw. Taki has few low attacks and does not really force the opponent to crouch while guarding. Only her throws will compensate a little in this point.

– Taki’s range being quite short, she will lose the advantage as soon as she is no longer at close range. – Therefore, she will waste some time by guessing and reducing the gap. – Finally, even if she has some counters to Guard Impacts, she will be very exposed to it. As a conclusion, Taki is for creative player who like pressuring their opponent with top speed attacks and evasive moves at close range. I hope you enjoyed this Quick Guide on Taki. For my part, I loved working on it and I thank again Sgt Jason and R0ck who helped me to understand in depth the character. Taki has a lot of tools in her Possession Stance in Soul Calibur VI and this will help her being very creative. But still, Taki will also take some time to be strong in the competitive scene. If you liked this video and would like to see others, please leave me a thumb up and share or subscribe to my channel to support me! Also feel free to use the comments to tell me how I can improve the content for you and suggest the characters you would like to see.

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