Hi guys ! How are you doing ? Finally here is my new video,l Where I will review returning & new mechanics, and talk more about reversal edge Let’s quickly review old ones : As we saw you get counter hit when you were running. Also the Chain Stun system seems back. Like in SC6 you can Wall Splat an opponent. And Stage have barricade that you can break to open rings. The old clash system is still here. You can still press a button to wake up quickly. Maybe tech traps will also be there. In certain conditions you can still break armor part like SC4. And like SC5 you can completely break enemies guard with a Guard Burst. You can still cancel your basic attacks with G Like in previous games you can taunt and immediately cancel it with a move. Both Mitsurugi and Sophitia seem to have just frame input moves. The Guard Impact System is back and is meterless but now parry all level of attacks. When you are one round from losing you still get one meter free. And finaly, Critical Edge is back and is way easier to do because it’s mapped on one button.

If you kill your ennemy with it, you get a special pose. With one button press it seems very effective to whiff punish or counter any move. But you can still interrupt it at the starting frame. It also seems weak to Side Step. A lot of moves seem to track less and are weak to Sidestepping. Some people belive that While Landing moves are back but I think it’s a regular Jump.

Now let focus at the new mechanics in Soul Calibur 6. First one is Break Attack : it’s also in one button and does guard damage and can break armor parts. It seems very effective versus Reversal Edge that we will talk later. We saw that each characters have other break attacks. The 2nd new mechanic is SoulCharge and is done by pressing CE+back. For a duration your attacks will be boosted in damage and properties. It does cheap damage even on guard. It also let you access to new follow-ups like Break Attack. On activation it push back everything even Attacks.

The 3rd new mechanic is Lethal Hit. It will stun and break armor part. It seems to only apply on some move under certains conditions. But seems to happens quite often with some moves. Now let’s talk about the last and the biggest new mechanic : the Reversal Edge Pressing one button will do a parry animation followed by an attack. It will parry all attacks even throws and you will enter in slow-motion cinematics phase. It seems easier than Guard Impacts but timing can still fail. In Slow Motion, Players have choose one of 3attacks.

However they will clash is the choose the same. Instead of doing an attack you have also access to five defensive options which Which are : Crouch, Backstep, Guard, Sidestep, and Guard Impact. The Guard Impact will give you advantage over every attacks. An on the other hand, the Guard is the safest option. But will terribly lose versus B attacks. Let’s summarize all of this. You have 3 offensive options which are a A, B, K attacks.

You also have 5 defensive options. Sidestep Crouch, Backstep, Guard & Guard Impact. Each option can win, lose or end in an even situation. An attack will always beats one other one and two defensive options. But all will lose vs Guard Impact. The defensive options will win versus Guard Impact & will give you advantage over each one attack. However don’t forget that in certain condition. Some option can kill you with a ring out. That the end of this video. I hope you learned some new things and had an Happy New Year.

If you have some questions, please use the comments below. If you enjoyed please like & subscribe. Also I wanna say that Namco gives me an invitation to test Soulcalibur 6 in January so I’m preparing a list of questions to give them. If you wanna participate please use the comments below. In the meantime see you at my next video which will focus on characters and story mode. See you for a next time and keep your soul burning. .

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