Hello everyone ! Welcome to this second Quick Breakdown Video about Soul Calibur VI characters. Today I will talk about a brand new character. Groh. First of all, I want to say my thanks to Keysona for the technical help. Like in my previous video, I will be using gameplay footage from exhibition matches and also exclusive footage that Kayane recorded. Let’s see what’s on today’s menu. Since this is a new character, I will be talking in the first part about my first impressions, his basic moves and those I believe to be important. In the second part, I will talk about his stance : Innocent Draw. Then, we’re going to figure out his playstyle, his strong points and weaknesses. You will have a reminder in the top right corner for the Soul Calibur Notation. Are you ready to discover Gr0h ? Let’s get started now. After seeing his first videos, he seems to have a very good range / speed ratio. Gr0h seems to close the gap quickly while having a good space control. Also the core of his gameplay force him to use his stance, which seems very complete and interesting to use.

Let’s start by identifying his basic pokes. These fast attacks, difficult to counter, will help you initiating your game plan. He has a standard AA with a good range that can be extended with a last A, which won’t combo. As for vertical attacks, his BB is pretty much the same, it also can be extended and the last hit won’t combo either. For his kicks, he has a fast 4K which is a tracking mid and can score a ring out. Finally he has several strings of pokes that serve as a transition, like his 6BB 6, but we will see it later. Let’s talk about moves with noticeable properties. First, he has a powerful low attack, 2A + B, which dodge high attacks. It’s also a Break Attack but maybe the opponent can react to it. His 66B + K is a good example of the strengths of the character. He goes far and fast and he can transition into his stance. Another important move is 66K. Gr0h moves forward and dodges high and low attacks after jumping. It also acts as a launcher for big damage while not taking BB attacks punishment on block.

He also seems to have a lot of side step properties built in his moves, such as his 66AA, 66BB and 4B, which have sidesteps integrated into their animation. As for defensive options, his 44A has an Auto-Guard-Impact property against linear mid attacks and will also Lethal Hit! Gr0h can get into Innocent Draw stance by pressing B + K but using his transitions is much more practical. We have seen more than 15 transitions. This highlights the importance of his stance in his core gameplay. Most of the time, you will only need to hold 6, to interrupt a string and enter in stance, like after his 6BB by holding 6 or after 6A by holding 6 too. The transitions can also be done from the crouch position with his WS B then holding 6. It is also noted that once in the stance he can loop back into it after small pokes transitions that we will now be listing. Innocent Draw has 5 different options. It covers most of the opponent’s choices. First, there are 2 pokes that also serve as transitions: ID BB, which will allow to pressure with middle attacks, and ID K, which will do the same but with a low kick attack.

Then, we have ID A, which you can use for its tracking and to hit the opponent with a damaging low attack. ID A + B will also track sidestep with a powerful mid attack, thanks to its integrated throw animation on hit. Finally ID B + K is a linear middle attack but with a Break Attack property and seems to hit grounded. But that’s not all, in Soul Charge he acquires 3 other attacks. All allow Gr0h to teleport. ID 6B teleports into the air and flips to the ground, ID 6K teleports ahead while jumping, while ID 6A is a tracking Break Attack that allows you to loop back into stance.

Important Note: The stance can be canceled quickly by a side step and therefore by any moving attack. It allows him to use many more moves from his stance. On paper, the stance seems quite complete, with good tracking moves that also serve as mixups, and with quick pokes which allow him to remain in stance. After analyzing his attacks, Gr0h seems to be a mid-range offensive character. Thanks to his good range combined to his speed, velocity, and all of his dodges.

He can launch the opponent from afar with a very mobile forward moving attack. In close range, he can follow his basic attacks to enter in stance and pressure the opponent with a low / mid mixups. In Soul Charge, he seems to have the best mobility in the game so far. Many of his attacks are powered up with his impressive teleports which travel across the stage, allowing him to appear in the back of the opponent, aerial dodge or do break attacks.

In this state, it seems difficult to keep Gr0h away. This may prove to be quite difficult for characters whose gameplay is based on their defensive spacing. Gr0h’s main strength is his ability to attack from afar. He can deal with the opponent’s spacing with relative ease, especially in the Soul Charge. But he has his weaknesses. Currently, his Block Punishment doesn’t seem that good. Also, his mixup game relies on his stance too much. We can worry about the viability of it, especially if an opponent figures out a defensive answer which covers several options. Without his stance, his mixups are limited to his launcher, and for now his post 3B combo is laughable. I hope you enjoyed this little overview of Gr0h. On my end, I like that the character is reminiscent of ZWEI’s design, while he has an offensive mobility comparable to Lars in Tekken. Also he could be an excellent counter pick against characters who space and stay away very well, like IVY.

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