Hello everyone! How are you doing? It’s been a while since I did my last video. I had a lot of personal business to do. I decided to release this quick video of my favorite character since Soul Calibur 2 : Kilik. In this one, I will use some gameplay video, exhibition match and exclusive footage that Kayane did record and give to me with the agreement of Namco. In the first part, we will see the changes compared to previous Soulcalibur. Then in the next part, his new moves and mechanics. And for the last part, I will give my thoughts about his new play style in Soulcalibur VI. I will use classic notation, you will have a reminder in the top right corner of the screen. For beginner, don’t worry, I plan to do some video to explain all of the Soulcalibur Mechanics and Notations. Kilik has always been a polyvalent character. With his decent range, speed, and evasive moves, his only weakness was his punishment and moderate mixups.

However in Soul Calibur VI, he seems to change significantly without losing his strong tools for mid a range warrior. Unfortunately, Kilik lose some of his SCIV best moves : Asura Dance and the special throw Festival of the Damned. These two moves has made him one of the best character in this game. Asura Dance is still in SCVI but has no more his mid auto-gi window. It has to be done for combo or follow-up purpose. Festival of the Damned is no more available without going in Soul Charge mode, and it can’t Ring Out like before. Only the B version of the throw has kept the Ring Out, while the A version now send the opponent at the back. In exchange, Kilik has become more solid, especially in his close range defense. He now have a standard AAA, BBB, and 2A, fast enough to better deal in close range. Some moves are now also easier to do like his 4B (was 46B before) and a very good move 6A (was aA before). He also has recovered some mixups tools with his moves 236A B K from SC3 and also his powerful Legend Rush Unblockable from SC2.

He can also switch to Back Parry stance from Monument stance, opening some new possibility in his stance mixups. Talking to stance and Auto-GI in his defensive ability, these stances have been buffed somehow : the success of his Monument A Auto-GI and Backparry A will cause a Lethal Hit. And he also get a new auto-Gi from his BT K, which launch on hit. But the most interesting part comes with his new moves and mechanics, so let’s jump to the second part of this video. The most important tool Kilik was lacking in previous Soulcalibur games was a fast mid launcher. In Soulcalibur VI, he got gifted with a fresh new 3B which have a decent range and speed, also launching and causing lethal hit. This will buff a lot his offense and mixup potential, also being a very good ranged tool and in some case even a good punisher. You can see here that this launcher can be followed by a good combo. So this new move will be a major improvement for Kilik.

But what changes Kilik the most is his new evil form in SoulCharge. In this state, Kilik’s lose his life quickly but becomes an extremely aggressive character. The most dangerous tool he earn is his free CriticalEdge attempt which his a fast unblockable. You might be able to crouch it on reaction but the range is so good he will be able to whiff or even blockpunish for a heavy amount of damage. The CE is also the only way for Kilik to get out of his Evil form. So it will make him predictable but he also get a lots of good tool if people try to keep him away. In this form, his FOTD can be done only by pressing A+G or 4A+G. If people step, duck or stay on the ground, he will have an heavy and damaging string with Guard Crush property. With all these changes, Kilik seems to be stronger in defense. And with SoulCharge mode he becomes one of the most dangerous character in offense. So let’s try to summarize his new playstyle. Besides the loss of the Auto-GuardImpact Asura Dance and the ring out potential of FOTD.

He still will able to deal at close range with easier and quick command. In addition, his 3B gives him a good mixup and damaging tool which he was lacking previously. However, I don’t think his block punishment has improved, since he still don’t have any heavy and very fast punisher. So in normal mode, his playstyle will not change that much : he will still be able to be very good at close and midrange. His offense and defense still rely a lot on faking and evading moves. It seems that Namco wanted to make him more easier to control, so people may find him stronger at first, but in reality only his 3B is his real improvement. The big change comes with the Malfested form. You will be able to switch his playstyle and strategy. In that form, his playstyle becomes way more predictable because he lose his life very quickly, so you can’t afford wasting your time but your options will also be very rewarding.

That why he might have hard time in that form, dealing with character that are good to keep him away. In other match-ups, he will make his opponent sweat a lot because he will be polyvalent enough in normal mode and becomes a bull if needed in this SoulCharge mode. So in conclusion, Kilik seems very interesting and fun to play in this new Soul Calibur game. He is still a solid mid range character, but now have the ability to becomes a high risk / high reward rushdown character. Using his Soulcharge is not that obvious than other character because it’s not only a buff for him but also radical switch in playstyle and risks. Also you will have to check your life left and round left before going or not in SoulCharge mode. Because you are basically killing yourself at the same time. It is a very interesting mechanic that Namco dared to introduce here. I hope you enjoyed this quick overview. Kilik will be probably my main character and I plan to do a lot of detailed video about him, from beginner to expert level.

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