Hello everyone! And welcome to this 4th Character Quick BreakDown of Soul Calibur VI. Today I’m going to talk about one of the most creative character ever : Maxi. I tested the character during my invitation to Bandai Namco. In this video, I will be helped by someone I have known for 17 years now also my team captain who has won several title in the SoulCalibur Competitive Scene : Saitoh. He has played Maxi a lot in SoulCalibur V and analyzed the character in SoulCalibur VI videos. Hello everyone. Just as all videos in this series, we will first see the changes we have noticed. In the second part, we will talk about the new attacks but also his new mechanics which concerns his stances shifting. Finally, we will try to define his gamelan, his strengths & weaknesses. You will have a reminder on the top right corner of your screen, it’s the Soul Calibur notation.

Feel free to pause if needed. But now, let’s get into the Dragon’s lair. For you, Saitoh, who played Maxi a lot, how would you usually define him? Maxi, the violent nunchunk of the East, is one of the most entertaining character to play in any fighting games, thanks to the endless and creative potential of his stances transitions It’s a very offensive character which can rely on his feints and transitions. It causes problems for both beginners, who will struggle to get rid of his unstoppable sequences that will cause counter-attacks, and experienced players, even if they are more patient and cautious. By analyzing all the attacks we have seen so far in this Soul Calibur VI, we can notice that as for the other characters, Maxi gets a better Command List than in previous Soulcalibur.

It is rich and a mix of old SoulCalibur games. However, our biggest regret will be the absence of Pure Soul Loop 3, which allowed Maxi to transition from Right Outer to Left Outer stances. Apart from that, there are some missing moves such as the low attack follow up after the Right Outer K, as well as other low attacks which are missing in some stances. But a lot of good attacks are back to compensate and Saitoh will make you a list. Indeed, many attacks were missing in SoulCalibur V, making Maxi more basic and much less fun to play Fortunately a lot of them are back this time.

First, the Wavering Lights stance, introduced in Soul Calibur IV, which allows Maxi to access an AutoGI against verticals from any of his other 5 stances. Moreover, he has an additional option since he can do his Critical Edge now! Then, we saw the return of several attacks to reinforce his approach gameplan, like the 44A B from SoulCalibur II, fast tracking move that let him go to his Right Outer stance, 236B which represents a good option to close the gap while jumping and especially the 33bA from SoulCalibur IV, which is the best option to attack from mid range and setup his stance game. Finally, we can also mention his low poke, the former 3B + K, the command is now 1B. More surprisingly, his old Soul Calibur 2 6A + B come back, and should be WS A + B now.’ But we’ve also seen some interesting new things, let’s check that in the next part. Like other characters, Maxi has been rewarded with some new attacks.

His universal Break Attack A + B allows him to make a direct punch with positive frame advantage on block and let him in the Right Outer stance. We also noticed two other promising attacks. His new AA in the Right Cross stance are two middle attacks that prevents sidestepping, plus a Break Attack in the second one, but it also allows Counter-Attack combo with a heavy punch. The other attack is his new 66A+B which helps to approach while preventing sidestepping and end in stance. In addition to the return of the Wavering Light that we mentioned in the previous part, the developers have offered him two new mechanics to improve his stance game and we will see that right away with Saitoh. One of Maxi’s biggest challenge in the previous games was that at a competitive level you often have to play without his Pure Soul Loop transitions because it was risky and easily punishable. So players were often forced to play a “solid” game, with few stances.

To help with that, two new mechanics appear in this Soul Calibur. Firstly, Maxi gets an AutoGI against horizontal attacks when he executes a Pure Soul Loop, completed with his Wavering Lights stance which AutoGI vertical attacks. He is now better armed to protect his transition game. Secondly, when Maxi succeeds in a Pure Soul Loop the next attack has improved properties, which gives a better reward for the the risk taken by using these feints. For example, after a Pure Soul Loop transition to Behind Lower, B option will acquire the Lethal Hit property and open on a combo.

So how do you play him? Maxi can still be played with his very solid poke game, mainly with his BA, A and 4B. At mid range you will have to close the gap with his tools like 33bA or 66A+B. Once in melee, Maxi has to condition the opponent to make him respect his strings. Then he can deploy his stance shifting game. This will allow you to harass your opponent while damaging his guard bar and eventually cause mistakes that will lead in Counter Hit or Lethal Hits thanks to its new Pure Soul Loop mechanics. In Soul Charge, Maxi also has boosted attacks that will initiate his stance game. For example the 6A + B, which is already a very good attack will have a better range in Soul Charge and allow to transition to the stance Behind Lower. He will still have the advantage for a mixup. The Soul Charge also allows Maxi to increase his damage conversions from stance. We have seen in the reveal trailer that Soul Charge unlocks a follow up punch after his Right Outer A.

But also in Behind Lower, his favorite stance to mixup low and middle attack, Soul Charge will unlock a followup to his low kick with a Dragon Kick. To conclude, Saitoh, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this Maxi? Maxi keeps a good range and safe moves to close the gap with good pokes. He still has significant damages combos in Counter Hits. Finally thanks to his new mechanics, his Pure Soul Loop seems even more unpredictable.

On the side of the weaknesses : He has an average punishment game, but his Soul Charge 6A+B can help him. He remains a character with very few tools to zone or create space. It makes him very dependent on his offense. Even if it’s safer than before, each feints and stance shiftings keep some risks. It will also be necessary to see if there are no universal answers to it and if the Critical Edge will not be too efficient against his stances. In conclusion, Maxi is a character made for you if you like to harass the opponent in close range with your creativity. I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the changes and new mechanics for Maxi.

The character seems to be very rewarding for creative players. It really makes me want to play it! And for you, Saitoh? The battle Director of the game is a big Maxi player. That explains how he found the mechanics to overcome his weaknesses while encouraging players to use more his Stance Shifting mechanic, Maxi’s particularity. If you’ve liked my Quick Breakdown and would like to see others, please leave me a blue thumbs, share with your friends who might be interested in this character, and subscribe to my channel to support me. Also do not hesitate to use the comment section to tell me how I can improve the content for you, and suggest me the characters you would like to see next. I also have other type of video for Soul Calibur VI, but it will comes next days! Take care of you my friends and see you next time! Ciao everyone!

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